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Highly Responsive to Prayers/Translation/Prologue

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Touhou Reiiden Backstory



A small shrine resting in a country far to the east, the "Hakurei Shrine".
Many out-of-the-ordinary events transpire here, causing normal people to almost never draw close to the shrine.
On the other hand, there is also a reason that "things that aren't human" never descend to terrorize the Human Village:
because shrine maidens, females with the power to channel the gods, have lived at this shrine for many generations, guarding the gates to other realms such as Hell and Makai where those "things that aren't human" reside.
その昔、ここから現れる妖怪、悪魔などを封印するために、全国各地の力のある修験者、調伏師、などが集まり封印に成功した。 が、そのときの反動は非常に大きく、集まった者も全滅した。 Long ago, powerful mountaineering ascetics[1], exorcists, and spiritual leaders from all areas of the country gathered in order to seal away youkai, demons, and other creatures from their land. Despite their great success, the recoil from performing the ceremonies was so tremendous that it annihilated everyone gathered there.
Much time passed after that — so much time that the effectiveness of the seal began to fade.
The shrine maiden currently living at this shrine has trained her body and mind intensely in order to fight these unstoppable enemies, these "things that aren't human", and prevent them from reaching the Human Village. Even though she knew it was a futile effort, even though she knew her life would be forfeit, she made her way to one of the gates.
う ・ そ ...Actually, it's not really that serious.


The truth is that this shrine maiden is Reimu Hakurei, who always gets caught up in strange things. One of the "things that isn't human" destroyed her shrine, and she flew into a rage. There is only one thing that will quell her anger: the total annihilation of all "things that aren't human"!!
って、半分うそ ...Well, that's half wrong too.
The real truth is that Reimu Hakurei is actually quite the optimist.
Acting on her whims as always, she figured she'd go and enter one of the gates.
After a while, she realized that only the Hakurei Shrine's greatest treasure, the Yin-Yang Orb, was effective against these non-human creatures.


Reimu "Well, whatever. Things will turn out just fine as long as I use the yin-yang orb skillfully!"

どうなることやら・・・・ What sort of fate awaits this shrine maiden?


  • 靈異伝.TXT, included with the game


  1. The word used in the original is 修験者 (shugenja, lit. "people of trial and practice"). Shugendo is a practice focused on the development of spiritual power. Shugenja usually make pilgrimages in the mountains, which is why they are also known as "mountaineering ascetics".