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鍵山 (かぎやま)   (ひな)
Hina Kagiyama
kaɡʲijama çina (♫)
Hina Kagiyama
Hina Kagiyama in Mountain of Faith
Nagashi-bina of the Hidden God
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Pestilence God


Stockpiling misfortune


Chasing away lost humans, gathering the misfortune of humans


The Great Youkai Forest, near a river

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Hina Kagiyama (鍵山 雛 Kagiyama Hina) is a pestilence god and the leader of the Nagashi-bina doll army. Her job is to gather the misfortune of humans, as well as scare off lost humans who get too near to the Youkai Mountain at the Great Youkai Forest.

General Information[edit]

Hina first appeared as the Stage 2 boss in Mountain of Faith, but had no relation to the story of the game. She was later a target on stage 2 of Double Spoiler and was in the background of Hopeless Masquerade.

Hina is a pestilence god, but as they don't collect faith or have any shrines dedicated to them, they are more gods in name rather than nature.


Hina's personality is unclear, but according to those who have come in contact with her, she appears to be friendly and sociable.


Stockpiling misfortune

Hina possesses the ability to store and manage misfortune inside herself. By people's exorcism, she collects misfortune, and is able to stockpile it in her surroundings. Misfortune in her surroundings possesses power to make any kind of human or youkai misfortune, in which causes misfortune to humans and youkai that come near her. However, this does not mean she stockpiles the misfortune in herself, and since it is always in the "surroundings" that she stockpiles the misfortune, she definitely does not become misfortune herself.

The misfortune that she takes up from humans is given over to other gods. She holds no ill will towards humans, however, and amasses misfortune merely as a way of preventing it from befalling others. The negative energy of misfortune is what gives Hina her power. As one that stores the misfortune, it can be said that from a certain point of view, she also possesses good fortune.

In order to amass this misfortune, she collects the Nagashi-bina dolls that human use to put their own misfortune in and float downstream. Perhaps as a performance of her stockpiling of misfortune in danmaku, her spinning may be a reference to her ability to store up curses. This is because the kanji for "curse" ( yaku) looks somewhat like a swirl, just like the one on her dress. It can be seen that something like misfortune flies in Hina's surroundings, developing into danmaku as a spiral. It seems like she throws them as bullets in the form of amulets. Additionally, a purple-blue-ish fog can be seen swarming around her when she casts a spell card.


In addition to scaring off humans from the Youkai Mountain and amassing fortune, she has apparently begun selling the Nagashi-bina dolls that she collects as a form of recycling. However, as it is generally a taboo to pay any attention to a misfortune god, her stand is probably ignored.

Character Basis[edit]

Hina, as illustrated in Symposium of Post-mysticism.

Hina is a misfortune goddess (厄神 yakujin). By utilizing the Japanese ritual nagashi-bina (流し雛) – a custom which people transfer their impurity (穢れ kegare) and misfortune ( yaku) on to a hina doll (雛人形 hina ningyou) and then putting it into a river to be carried away – she collects the misfortune by gathering the hina dolls at the downstream.[1]


Her name is Hina Kagiyama (鍵山雛). The characters for Kagiyama (鍵山) literally mean "key mountain". Hina () usually means "(bird) chick", but in her case, it's highly likely that it came from the event of nagashi-bina (流し).


In Mountain of Faith's official art, Hina has aquamarine hair and eyes. Her hair is decorated with red bows and white frills. Part of her hair is tied under her chin with a bow as a sort front ponytail. She wears a red dress which is darker around her middle and lighter on the bottom. The dress also has white frills on the bottom and an enormous white kerchief on top. The bottom of her dress is decorated with a similar aquamarine swirl resembling the "" (misfortune) kanji at the bottom. As footwear she has knee-length black cross-laced boots similar to Alice Margatroid's.

At the fight Hina is spinning during all her spell card attacks. And apparently it is her speciality, as explained in The Grimoire of Marisa. This is also seen in Double Spoiler.


Mountain of Faith
Hina's sprite in MoF

Depending on who you choose as a playable character, Hina will either face Reimu Hakurei or Marisa Kirisame in the stage 2 fight of Mountain of Faith at the Great Youkai Forest near a river.

Hina tries to chase Reimu away during the midboss fight, as she explains that it's her job to chase away lost humans. But Reimu claims she isn't lost and just want to go to the Youkai Mountain and then starts to fight as she thinks Hina is a youkai. Hina once again tries to stop Reimu, but fails.

Marisa says it takes so long to enter the mountain that she could "recite all the digits of pi" before she gets there. Hina then enters and is wondering what Marisa is talking about. Hina does not want Marisa, or any other human, to enter the mountain as it could be dangerous. Hina is trying to protect them from the mountain, but Marisa wants to enter the mountain anyway and starts fighting with Hina.


Double Spoiler

In Double Spoiler, Hina appeared as a stage 2 target, where she uses a few spell cards and had Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou take photos of her and her danmaku.

Hopeless Masquerade
Hina in HM

Hina made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Genbu Ravine and Youkai Tanuki Forest stage. She is seen standing waving her hand.


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