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Hinafuda Seisaku Iinkai

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The Hinafuda Seisaku Iinkai (雛札製作委員会, lit. "Hina Card Making Committee") or Hinafuda for short, is a doujin game circle known to develop analog Touhou card games and board games.


Hina Card Making Committee logo

Hina Card Making Committee
雛札製作委員会 official website

Game Productions

  • 狂ふ。 (2005) (Non-Touhou game.)
  • 幻想ノ宴 (2006)
  • ちるのい! (2007)
  • 文花盤 (2008)
  • 騒がしい大図書館 (2009)
  • Nの検索 (2010)