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Hirano Sakurasaki

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桜崎 (さくらさき)  比良野 (ひらの)
sa̠kɯᵝɾ̠a̠sa̠ki çiɾ̠a̠no̞
Hirano Sakurasaki
桜崎 (さくらさき) 比良乃 (ひらの)

More Alternative Spellings
Hirano Sakurasaki
Hirano Sakurasaki in Banshiryuu



Spiritual Power


Shrine maiden


Seihou World (Earth)

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Note: This article is part of the Seihou Project by the Doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?".

Hirano Sakurasaki (桜崎 比良野 Sakurasaki Hirano) is a Shrine Maiden who is another main character, only appearing in Seihou Project's third work Banshiryuu. She appeared as the fourth stage boss when VIVIT-r is chosen as the player character. She fights using arrows, flames, and Gyoku in her danmaku. Her themes are "Exorcism Din" (first half battle) and "Duel in Another Dimension" (latter half battle).

General Information

Hirano actually has her own shrine, but the name to it is unknown. In the C67 version, she was an orthodox miko who set adrift a strange atmosphere, but in the C74 version, conforming to the tsundere template, to Gyoku, she has such dialogue as "so noisy", but she became a miko who did not "dere". However, she is generally cool. As VIVIT says "How would you breathe in outer space?" Hirano is able to fly through outer space and stay composed. She is of course one of the few characters who doesn't need a Spaceship to attack in battle. The others are VIVIT, Muse, VIVIT-r, Yuitia and Icarus.

Background Information

Her official art in Banshiryuu shows that she has blue eyes and long black hair with a blue ribbon attached. She wears a typical fairly traditional red and white shaman outfit, and around her body is something like a long and narrow cloth. This shows that she is extremely similar to – or is influenced by – Reimu Hakurei, right down to the point that her main shooting option is a homing type. This origin of character is very likely since (a) stage 4 has either Hirano or VIVIT-r as the boss, referencing stage 4 of Lotus Land Story, and (b) her Yin-Yang orbs Gyoku is a god that's got supernatural powers, itself apparently based on Reimu's Yin-Yang Orb.


Her full name is Hirano Sakurasaki (桜崎 比良野). Her last name Sakurasaki (桜崎) literally means "Cherry Blossom Qi" and her first name Hirano (比良野) can separately mean "ratio", "good" and "field". Her given and surname are actual names in Japanese, so they could have no intentional meaning. Her given name was written as 比良乃 in the C67 version of the game, where the last kanji could mean an archaic possessive particle like no ().

Hirano's Appearances


Hirano knew from the start that the cause of the rampage of the RedStorm machines was Yuitia, and performed sorties to stop her. She wanted to talk to Erich about her, but he misunderstood her for VIVIT-r, so he attached her. After, Yuuta Kirishima tried to get in her way over a city, but was defeated. She wanted to meet with The Tri Stars so she can use their warp device in order to easily get to Mars, but they won't allow her unless she rented, so they end up fighting. They overrided the device and tricked her by sending her to the wrong and mysterious place, which has her fighting VIVIT-r. The fight allowed them to escape and VIVIT-r insisted on following Hirano. She was then stopped by Lagunas who wanted nobody going near his sister, who was defeated. As she got to Mars, she finds Yuitia going insane and fused to the RedStorm. After she was freed, she tells her to "rest in peace".

The extra stage has her fighting "evil beings" for an unknown reason, them been Marie, Milia, Mei & Mai, Gates, Morgan, Muse and Icarus.

Her first attack in the C67 version has a number of Yin-yangs. The first 8 are small grey-white ones, then they get larger to 4 blue-white ones, then 2 red-whites one then finally a large black-white one. If each one is destroyed within the time limit of the attack, a bomb appears.



Gyoku is one of Hirano's Yin Yang orbs, as well been her god. She does things like taking Gyoku along with her in incidents, but in the manual, it seems like Hirano is Gyoku's servant. She can use Gyoku as weapons.


Hirano Sakurasaki sees VIVIT-r to have "strange power". She doesn't like VIVIT-r to be near her, but is more than happy for her to leave. She believed that VIVIT-r was the "key" to the incident of Banshiryuu. When Hirano says she can feel free to leave, VIVIT-r stands down and gets angry, then she attacks Hirano.

After they battle each other however, they appear to be friendly with each other. In gameplay after Stage 4, VIVIT-r will follow and help Hirano and vice verse. Hirano was the one who told VIVIT-r that she has "a heart".


Official Profiles

Banshiryuu - C74 Manual


A shrine maiden to the god Gyoku, who lives in one of her yin-yang orbs, currently in her left.

Her personality conforms with the tsundere template.

Official Sources

Official sources