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Hopeless Masquerade/Spell Cards

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There are 4 types of cards in Hopeless Masquerade: Items, Skills, and Spell Cards.

  • Items bestow beneficial effects on the player that uses them, granting health regeneration or affecting approval ratings.
  • Skills are special moves that a character can use during battle. They are considered items in game, and are on each character's respective second item page.
  • Spell Cards are powerful attacks, much like super moves in fighting games. They have a bold outline in yellow.
  • Last Word is the most powerful attack every character has. You need 100% approval to use it. Activated by pressing A+B+X+Y (or C+Z shortcuts). Not visible in the Profile menu.

In the full version, every character has 7 skills, 3 spell cards and a Last Word, as well as 12 items that all characters have access to.

Each character page contains a character's Skills and Spell Cards.