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Humanoids (人間型, ningengata; ヒューマノイド, hyuumanoido) is a general term used to describe anything that is human-like anatomically. This would range from sister species like Homo neanderthalensis to mythological creatures like the Western vampires. Robots that are based off of humans are also referred to as humanoid machines.

Humanoids in Touhou

While this term has never been mentioned in the Touhou Project, many youkai who do not possess a human-like body in the original folklore are given such qualities. While it cannot be said that this is a species in the Touhou Project, it can be said that the term "human-like" has been used to describe species like magicians and tengu, with the latter mimicking the humans of the outside world.

Characters under this Bestiary

This category refers to characters who are human-like in appearance but not given any other species identification. Most named characters are human-like in appearance.

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