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ISO is a renowned Japanese scorer. He operates under various different aliases, among which: GFA2-ISO, ZNA or ZNA会長 (Japanese: ZNA-kaichō, lit. "Chairman ZNA"), ZNA@ISO, かがみん (Japanese: Kagamin), 真白 (Japanese: Masshiro), わっち (Japanese: Wacchi), 9WP, T.B, and possibly some others. We will continue referring to this player as "ISO" on this page, since that is the alias he's best known for on the Japanese shooting game scene.

ISO has held numerous score records in modern arcade shoot-'em-ups (including those by Treasure, Cave, 8ing/Raizing, Takumi, and Psikyo). Thanks to that, he has been featured on several superplay DVDs released by Japanese publishers, including "Appreciate" DVD for Ikaruga. His most recent superplay feature is DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Black Label DVD published by Cave themselves, on which ISO gets over a trillion points with Bomb style.

ISO also contributes to popular doujin games, including most of Windows Touhou games.

Touhou contributions[edit]

ISO's scope in regards to Touhou scoring is quite wide, as he has held (and in many cases, is still holding) top ranks in various categories of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Imperishable Night, Mountain of Faith, Subterranean Animism, and Undefined Fantastic Object. He has actively competed since 2003, being one of the most productive contributors to the Touhou scoreboards over nearly the entire time of their existence. It is further supported by the fact that ISO is often among the first to attain reference scores in selected categories, which remain near the top even after the scoring routes are perfected by other players.

ISO has usually opted to maintain the attained rank within each category he's been competing in, but, due to inactivity or lack of dedication, many of his scores are now beaten by more active players. Among those who have most frequently been competing with his scores are HS参謀, SET, Atu, MATSU, OOSAKA, st, wakaba, and a few others.

In June 2008, ISO passed 1000 hours of playtime in Perfect Cherry Blossom; in the comments for his 2.77 billion Sakuya-B submission (as かがみん), he jokingly refers to himself as 廃人 ("disabled person").

There have also been a few occurances of some player submitting high level Touhou scores to Royalflare under the name かがみんの妹 (Kagamin no imōto, lit. "Kagamin's younger sister"). There is no indication if this person really is a relative of ISO. Another time someone submitted a score under the name かがみんのFan ("Kagamin's fan").

Name confusion[edit]

ISO has used several aliases during his scoreing career, and in case with many of them, he did it simultaneously. This has confused score trackers around the world; especially Western ones, as there is no direct possibility of talking to him in person. Another person notable for doing so is Yusemi-SWY or Clover-TAC, one of the most famous arcade STG scorer.

In regards to Touhou scoring, ISO has mainly been known as ZNA会長 (while the internal replay names read "GFA2-ISO") until 2008. In 2008, there was only one contribution under said name: a 2.4 billion PCB Lunatic/Marisa-A run. Somewhere in mid-2007, he switched to かがみん (the internal replay names read "Kagamin") and continued on with this nickname, erasing "ZNA会長" entries whenever "かがみん" would appear on the same scoreboard.

Notable player records[edit]

Game Mode Character Score Date Name used
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Easy Reimu-A 140,754,130 (#2) 2009/05/06 かがみん
Reimu-B 156,088,180 (#2) 2009/04/27 かがみん
Marisa-A 145,691,760 (#2) 2009/02/23 かがみん
Marisa-B 149,562,600 (#2) 2009/03/07 かがみん
Normal Reimu-A 269,002,470 (WR) 2009/04/02 かがみん
Reimu-B 307,671,690 (WR) 2009/04/10 かがみん
Marisa-A 265,520,980 (#2) 2009/03/02 かがみん
Marisa-B 284,515,660 (WR) 2009/04/11 かがみん
Hard Reimu-A 370,809,610 (WR) 2009/03/29 かがみん
Reimu-B 423,405,520 (#2) 2009/04/24 かがみん
Marisa-A 359,054,110 (#2) 2009/03/14 かがみん
Marisa-B 384,476,260 (#2) 2009/03/19 かがみん
Lunatic Reimu-A 427,066,250 (#2) 2009/03/18 かがみん
Reimu-B 494,633,680 (#2) 2006/04/02 ZNA会長
Marisa-A 415,235,680 (#2) 2006/05/07 ZNA会長
Marisa-B 475,470,630 (#2) 2006/05/12 ZNA会長
Extra Reimu-A 521,987,940 (#3) 2008/07/25 かがみん
Reimu-B 565,070,680 (#3) 2008/07/22 かがみん
Marisa-A 541,740,150 (#3) 2008/07/26 かがみん
Marisa-B 575,153,530 (#7) 2006/03/xx ZNA会長
Perfect Cherry Blossom Easy Marisa-A 1,591,052,490 (#4) 2009/06/12 かがみん
Normal Sakuya-A 1,538,070,500 (#3) 2005/09/08 ZNA会長
Hard Reimu-B 2,279,915,090 (#2) 2009/05/03 かがみん
Marisa-A 2,115,940,730 (#3) 2006/10/27 ZNA会長
Sakuya-B 2,568,028,600 (#2) 2008/07/18 かがみん
Lunatic Reimu-B 2,461,525,870 (#2) 2008/05/06 かがみん
Marisa-A 2,463,915,080 (#2) 2009/05/22 かがみん
Marisa-B 2,401,054,050 (#2) 2009/07/06 かがみん
Sakuya-A 2,287,594,630 (#2) 2009/05/28 かがみん
Sakuya-B 2,807,532,900 (#4) 2008/07/28 かがみん
Extra Reimu-A 1,262,325,720 (WR) 2009/01/08 かがみん
Reimu-B 1,372,163,550 (#2) 2008/12/11 かがみん
Marisa-A 1,234,089,110 (WR) 2008/12/14 かがみん
Marisa-B 1,216,258,280 (WR) 2008/12/10 かがみん
Sakuya-A 1,264,549,750 (WR) 2009/01/14 かがみん
Sakuya-B 1,351,758,420 (WR) 2008/12/05 かがみん
Phantasm Reimu-A 1,423,740,600 (#2) 2008/11/28 かがみん
Reimu-B 1,577,122,810 (#2) 2006/10/11 ZNA会長
Marisa-A 1,390,900,080 (#2) 2006/09/20 ZNA会長
Marisa-B 1,321,815,630 (#2) 2006/09/08 ZNA会長
Sakuya-A 1,376,465,930 (#2) 2006/09/11 ZNA会長
Sakuya-B 1,514,564,150 (#2) 2007/03/16 ZNA会長
Imperishable Night Easy-B Youmu 2,935,444,470 (#7) 2004/10/09 かがみん
Normal-B Ym & Yy 3,335,631,050 (#4) 2004/10/01 かがみん
Hard-B Sk & Rr 4,391,916,170 (#3) 2005/05/27 かがみん
Mountain of Faith Easy Reimu-A 1,478,545,250 (#4) 2007/10/11 かがみん
Normal Reimu-A 1,578,236,750 (#5) 2007/10/11 かがみん
Hard Reimu-A 1,791,599,770 (#6) 2007/09/25 かがみん
Subterranean Animism Easy Marisa-A 633,057,180 (#5) 2008/09/30 かがみん
Marisa-B 613,962,490 (#6) 2008/09/12 かがみん
Normal Reimu-A 935,550,190 (#6) 2008/09/22 かがみん
Marisa-A 926,568,560 (#4) 2008/10/03 かがみん
Marisa-B 1,032,338,600 (#4) 2008/09/29 かがみん
Marisa-C 776,103,520 (#4) 2008/09/18 かがみん
Lunatic Marisa-C 1,818,496,650 (#2) 2008/10/16 かがみん
Undefined Fantastic Object Normal Reimu-A 1,744,458,710 (#2) 2009/09/10 かがみん
Sanae-A 1,857,350,690 (#2) 2009/09/19 かがみん
Sanae-B 2,122,083,390 (#2) 2009/09/15 かがみん

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