Ibaraki-douji's Arm

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(いばら) () (どう) () () (うで)
Ibaraki-douji's Arm
Ibaraki-douji's Arm
Ibaraki-douji's Arm in Wild and Horned Hermit
The Inhuman Talent Embracing Wickedness
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General Information[edit]


Super Strength

As befitting an oni, Ibaraki-Douji's Arm is incredibly strong, able to rupture the entire floor of the area she attacked Reimu in and damaging and sending Reimu flying with just the shockwave from the aftermath of her punch, despite Reimu dodging the punch itself. She relies on sheer brute force, as Reimu notes there is no beauty in her attacks. Despite only using her right arm to do all the fighting, her strength is more than enough for Reimu to call her ridiculously powerful.


Background Information[edit]



This character looks almost exactly like Kasen Ibaraki, and has identical clothes. Notable differences are the visible horns on her head, her right arm being fully visible and with a matching shackle and chain, and the balls connected to both her legs with chains. She also seems to have more feral and sinister expressions compared to Kasen, and shows animalesque characteristics such as slit pupils, long nails exclusively on her right hand, and a noticeable fang when smirking.


Wild and Horned Hermit


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