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Makai, Misty Lake

Official Games

Ice ( Koori) is water that has been frozen to be turned into a solid state. Various indications in the Touhou Project shows elements of ice. One being the World of Ice and Snow in Makai in the PC-98 and the notable character Cirno is associated with ice, since she an ice fairy who can manipulate cold, and thus create ice. Her wings look ice-like, and one of her hobbies is freezing frogs in ice. Different forms of ice have also appeared as stage enemies on the occasion.

Ice's Appearances


PC-98 games

Mystic Square

Ice objects appear on Stage 2 of Mystic Square as stage enemies. At the start of the stage as the player flies through the border between Gensokyo and Makai, they'll immediately appear, and will fall down the screen from the top. No matter what difficulty you choose, they'll always act the same. After, there seems to also more ice objects that'll also fall down the screen like meteorites, which they appear to be something like purple fireballs. These types of stage enemies will leave white danmaku bullets behind. On Lunatic, they'll have extra two lines going in parallel next to the middle line of danmaku going downwards. After defeating the midboss Spirit Mirror, they'll somewhat repeat this until the boss Louise appears. It should be noted that it is not definite if these objects really are pieces of ice. Also, stage 4 in Makai is a land made of ice, called the "World of Ice and Snow".

Windows games

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Ice objects appear on Stage 2 of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil at the Misty Lake as stage enemies. They've got the same mannerisms from those of Mystic Square; after defeating the midboss Daiyousei, they'll fall down the screen from the top, and no matter what difficulty you choose, they'll always act the same. Again, it should be noted that it is not definite if these objects really are pieces of ice.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Cirno shooting bullets as a playable character are sharp icicles which are shot directly upwards from Cirno. Cirno's other attacks also make use icicles: "Icicle Attack" makes a circular formation of icicles appear around Cirno and expands outwards to kill stage enemies, and "Icicle Fall" has icicles fall on the opponent's screen.


Touhou Hisoutensoku

In Touhou Hisoutensoku, Cirno specialises in ice abilities, which is used in a lot of her attacks.

Fairy Wars
Sprites of ice used in FW

Cirno's main ability in Fairy Wars is ice power that's part of the game's mechanics. Once the percentage level when Cirno can use this hits over 30%, she can to freeze all nearby danmaku into ice. This can cause a chain reaction to other nearby bullets, and once they shatter, nearby stage enemies can be defeated. Although she can't freeze fire with this ability, they can be frozen by Cirno's bomb freeze, called the "perfect freeze", which from freeze all bullets on the screen.

Impossible Spell Cards

In Impossible Spell Card, Cirno makes use of four pieces of ice in her spell card Ice King "Frost King". According to the data files, these are classed as stage enemies. They'll spin in a circle and constantly shooting danmaku from both sides of the ice objects, which should make the spell card considered "impossible" to dodge.