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The Tri Stars

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トリア, イリア, フェリア
to̞ɾia̠, iɾia̠, ɸe̞ɾia̠
Tolia, Ilia, Felia
Tolia (Left), Ilia (Middle) and Felia (Right) in Banshiryuu

All three are Human


Felia: Able to see the future?


All three: Earth Federation Special forces soldiers
Ilia: Scientist


Seihou World (Earth)

Music Themes

Only for Tolia

For all three

Official Games
  • Banshiryuu
    • C67 (Stage 3 Boss)
    • C74 (Stage 3 Boss)
    • v3.000 (Stage 3 Boss)
Note: This article is part of the Seihou Project by the Doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?".

The Tri Stars are a group of sisters called Tolia (トリア toria), Ilia (イリア iria) and Felia (フェリア feria) and are the third stage boss of Banshiryuu. It's unknown who's the older and younger one between Tolia and Ilia, but Felia is the youngest among them. Tolia is smart (but a coward if she isn't protected), Ilia is a scientist and Felia bluffs when she says she can see the future.

During the scenario, they have a warp device that allows people to teleport them. The heroine wishes to use this in order to easily get to Mars, but they won't allow them unless they rented, so they end up fighting. After their defeat, they send them to an unusual place, where they meet VIVIT-r or Hirano Sakurasaki, depending on the player's character. On the later versions of the game, the battle ends with a huge explosion.

Character Basis


Their names are Tolia (トリア), Ilia (イリア) and Felia (フェリア). Tolia could be Polish that can mean "worthy of praise", Ilia could be Russia that can mean "The Lord is God" and Felia could be a variant of Ophelia, which derived from Greek word opheleia meaning "assistance". If playing as VIVIT-r, Tolia's name will be replaced with Green (みどり Midori), Ilia's name will be replaced with Red (あか Aka), and Felia's name will be replaced with either Blue (あお Ao) or Loli (ろり Rori).



Tolia's design shows that she has purple eyes and short green hair with two small red clips on the side of her hair. She has a button up white shirt with a small red ribbon, a dark gray straight skirt and a mint coat with white cuffs over her shirt. She also wears circular glasses.





This relation only applies to Ilia. It is stated in Ilia's official profile that "she looks up to Morgan as her mentor", meaning Morgan has has been giving Ilia some lessons about something at some point.

Additional Information

  • Felia says the speech "I'm the strongest" (私が最強) during the C74 version of Banshiryuu. This is very similar to how Cirno says "I'm the strongest!" (最強だし! or あたいったら最強ね!) in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.


Official Profiles

Banshiryuu - C74 Manual



Though she's smart, her cowardice gets the best of her when she doesn't have something to protect her.

Despite her appearance, she's actually a scientist. She looks up to Morgan as her mentor.

As she says, she can see the future, which is just a BIG lie. In other words, and simply put, she's bluffing.

Official Sources

Official sources