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This article describes the story of Immaterial and Missing Power in detail.


After the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, even though the cherry-blossom viewing season has passed, the residents of Gensokyo are gathering for feasts that occur once every few days. Each time there is a feast, a restless, spiritual aura slowly awakens. Three days before the next feast is to start, the girls of Gensokyo decide to look for the source of the aura.

Main Story[edit]

This game is fantastic fighting game.
Girls do their best now and are preparing Please watch warmly until it is ready.
Greatest mesmeric mist of all time. This magic mist is missing power!

Reimu's Story[edit]

1st Day: In the Forest of Magic, Reimu goes to Marisa's house to see if Marisa is hiding anything suspicious about the upcoming feast day. Marisa says she isn't, though Reimu beats her up anyway to make sure. While going back to her shrine, Reimu gets lost in the forest when she bumps into Alice. Reimu accuses Alice of being the "criminal", but Alice denies it. Thus the two of them fight, and in the end it turns out Alice is indeed not the criminal.

2nd Day: Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu muses over the mysterious mist when Youmu, who is also investigating the mist, accuses Reimu of masterminding the mist. Reimu decides to accuse Youmu of the same thing, so they fight. After defeating Youmu, Reimu heads to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to confront Remilia since she is able to summon mist (like in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil). When she arrives at the mansion, Reimu is greeted by Sakuya, who is guarding Remilia. After defeating Sakuya, Reimu proceeds to trounce Remilia as well, but Remilia claims the mist isn't her doing.

Feast Day: Although she still hasn't found the person behind the mist, Reimu decides to wait until the feast and hopes the criminal will show up. Yukari arrives at the feast with some alcohol, even though Yukari wasn't invited (because of her reputation and the fact that no one knows where she lives). Suspicious, Reimu fights with Yukari. After their battle, Yukari takes her to see Suika. Suika admits she observed Reimu's activities and that she wanted to party after the flower viewing was delayed. Suika then lets Reimu witness the power of oni.

Marisa's Story[edit]

1st Day: In the Forest of Magic, Marisa decides to investigate the upcoming feast and sees if Alice is involved. Alice had nothing to do with it, and she suggests Marisa head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion or the Hakurei Shrine for clues. Later that night, Marisa goes to the shrine, where she meets Sakuya. Sakuya, who is conducting her own investigation, tells her that Reimu is not there. The two of them fight, and Marisa complains she has wasted her time.

2nd Day: Marisa heads over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She first goes to the library and asks Patchouli about the strange energy, but Patchouli claims the energy is nothing unusual. Marisa tries to get more info from Patchouli, but Patchouli doesn't say anything else. After they fight, Marisa meets Remilia, who Marisa assumes is the perpetrator. Marisa was mistaken, and Remilia says the strange energy is coming from the shrine.

Feast Day: Marisa arrives at the shrine a few hours before the feast begins and asks Reimu if she noticed anything strange. Reimu didn't sense anything unusual, which makes Marisa wonder if Reimu has anything to do with it. Later, Yukari, who heard about the feast from Ran, appears at the shrine. Yukari is apparently there to get her hands on Remilia's brandy while Marisa believes she is behind the incident. They fight, and Yukari points her toward the real culprit, Suika Ibuki. Marisa doesn't remember inviting Suika, but Suika claims she used her powers to get Marisa to gather everyone else to the feast. Suika also claims she wanted more parties to make up for the reduced number of flower-viewing parties (due to the late coming of spring), but Marisa fights her to put an end to it.

Sakuya's Story[edit]

1st Day: Sakuya starts her investigation at the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu, trying to persuade Sakuya to donate some money, doesn't seem to notice the strange energy, which made Sakuya suspicious, but she concludes Reimu isn't involved. Later that night, Sakuya wanders through the Forest of Magic. She wanted to go to Marisa's place, but ended up at Alice's instead. Alice calls her a fool for wandering the forest at night, and offers to escort her out of the forest. (Apparently, it is useless to simply fly out of the Forest of Magic.)

2nd Day: Sakuya returns to the Forest of Magic and successfully arrives at Marisa's house. She wanted to consult with Marisa about the strange energy, but Marisa proved to be unhelpful. Sakuya then goes to the Netherworld, where she is confronted by Youmu. After a short chat about ghosts, Youmu tries to stop Sakuya from proceeding further into the netherworld, but Sakuya goes ahead after determining Youmu is uninvolved. Sakuya then meets her main suspect, Yuyuko Saigyouji, and accuses her of masterminding the incident. Yuyuko denies it, and after their fight Sakuya believes her. Yuyuko then retires for the night.

Feast Day: Sakuya is attempting to track down her final suspect when said suspect, Yukari Yakumo, appears before her. Sakuya is convinced Yukari is the mastermind, but Yukari claims she is innocent (though the fact she has a history of lying and plotting doesn't help her case). After Sakuya defeats her, Yukari proves her innocence by presenting the real mastermind, Suika Ibuki. Suika explains she is is the source of the strange energy and that she used her powers to gather everyone to have feasts. She also claims to be an oni, but Sakuya doesn't believe her at first.

Alice's Story[edit]

1st Day: Alice heads over to Marisa's house to ask her why she and Reimu haven't done anything about the strange mist and the frequency of feasts. Marisa doesn't notice anything odd whereas Alice thinks it might be an incident afoot. So Alice heads over to the Hakurei Shrine and ask Reimu the same question. Reimu also doesn't find anything odd about the situation, though she is tired of hosting so many feasts.

2nd Day: Alice decides to look into the matter herself and heads to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Sakuya tells her that no one in the mansion is involved and that Patchouli may be able to answer Alice's questions. However, Patchouli tells Alice that the mist isn't really a mist at all and it is completely harmless. Alice finds that answer vaguely unhelpful.

Feast Day: Thinking that the mist might actually be a ghost, Alice goes to the Netherworld and asks Youmu if there's a ghost as big as Gensokyo. Youmu insists that such a ghost can't exist, so both of them conclude the mist isn't actually a ghost. Alice then heads to the feast where she meets Yukari. When asked about the mist, Yukari claims it's not her doing, but rather Suika's doing. Suika then tells Alice that she herself is the mist and that she just wanted to enjoy the various parties.

Patchouli's Story[edit]

1st Day: In the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Patchouli senses a "black rat" (Marisa Kirisame) has sneaked inside. Marisa insists she simply wants to look something up, but Patchouli claims Marisa isn't up to resolving the incident and drives her out. Later, Patchouli tells Sakuya she is going out of the mansion and asks her to watch over the mansion while she's away. Patchouli also wants Sakuya to take care of the increased number of rats. Sakuya suggests using a stronger poison, but Patchouli prefers to increase Sakuya's "catness", which is only 24 points out of 96.

2nd Day: Patchouli was about to head out when Alice comes by to ask her a few questions about the strange mist. Annoyed her "silver rat poison" (Sakuya) isn't working, Patchouli dismisses Alice by claiming the strange mist as nothing unusual. Later, Patchouli ends her journey in the Netherworld, where she plans to talk to Yuyuko. However, she is stopped by Youmu, who is guarding Yuyuko. Patchouli compares her to Meiling and threatens to use fire magic on her if she doesn't let her go. Youmu lets her through. Afterwards, Patchouli asks Yuyuko, who was sleeping when Patchouli arrived, if she recognizes the strange energy, whose power isn't mentioned in any of her books. Yuyuko says it is nostalgic, but insists that Patchouli should leave it alone. Patchouli tries to get more information out of her (even threatening to summon fire), but Yuyuko thinks Yukari would know more than she does.

Feast Day: After a long search, Patchouli meets Yukari and asks her about the origin of the strange power. Yukari claims that the person behind the strange power is an old friend of hers, but after growing tired of Patchouli's questioning she doesn't feel like letting Patchouli see her. After they fight, Yukari allows Patchouli to talk with her friend, Suika Ibuki. Upon meeting Suika, Patchouli realizes Suika is an oni with the power to manipulate density. She also remembers that oni are weak against boiled soybeans, but unfortunately she doesn't have any on hand.

Youmu's Story[edit]

1st Day: Youmu begins her investigation at the Hakurei Shrine, where the feasts have taken place. She considers Reimu the most likely culprit, but after slashing her she verifies that Reimu isn't involved. Later that night, Youmu is in the Forest of Magic looking for Marisa. Marisa claims to know nothing about the weird aura, and Youmu believes her after their fight.

2nd Day: At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Youmu starts her investigation in the library. Patchouli mistakes her for a vengeful ghost. Youmu dispatches her and concludes Patchouli is innocent. Youmu then goes after Sakuya. Sakuya knows about the spiritual aura, but thinks it's harmless. After determining Sakuya is not the source of the aura, Youmu confronts the master of the mansion, Remilia Scarlet. Remilia, who also thinks the aura is not a big deal, claims she is innocent; Youmu confirms she is telling the truth after slashing her with Hakurouken. Remilia assumes that Yuyuko is probably involved.

Feast Day: Having exhausted her list of suspects, Youmu wonders if Yuyuko is involved when Yukari shows up at the feast. Youmu guesses that Yukari is the source of the aura, but is puzzled when she is proven incorrect. Yukari then reveals the actual source, Suika Ibuki. Youmu notices that the aura disappeared when Suika materialized and concludes Suika is the criminal. She prepares to slash Suika with her swords, but Suika reveals she is an oni, something Youmu is unfamiliar with.

Remilia's Story[edit]

2nd Day: At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia plans to head out on "urgent business". Sakuya offers to come with her, but Remilia orders Sakuya to look after the mansion. Remilia first heads to the Forest of Magic, where she meets Marisa. She promptly beats up Marisa and proclaims she'll be the star of tomorrow's party. Remilia then goes to the Hakurei Shrine, where she beats up Reimu and tells her the same thing she told Marisa. Remilia heads toward the Netherworld and proceeds to defeat Youmu along the way. When Remilia reaches Hakugyokurou, she demands Yuyuko let her handle the feast proceedings, which she acquires after they fight.

Feast Day: Before the feast begins, Yukari, who wasn't invited to the feast, arrives at the shrine. Remilia, who is trying to find the plotter behind the feasts, becomes suspicious of Yukari. After the two of them battle it out, Yukari allows Remilia to meet said plotter, Suika Ibuki. Remilia relishes the opportunity to defeat the perpetrator, though Suika doubts that a vampire like her can defeat an oni. They then fight to see which is the stronger of the two.

Yuyuko's Story[edit]

1st Day: Yuyuko tells Youmu she is heading out of Hakugyokurou. Youmu offers to come with her, but Yuyuko reminds Youmu that as a guard she has to prevent Yuyuko from getting out of the mansion. Thus, the two of them battle, and Yuyuko wins the fight, while Youmu promises Yuyuko she'll not let anyone past her.

2nd Day: Yuyuko goes to the Hakurei Shrine, where she meets Marisa. Yuyuko gets Marisa to have a small battle with her; after their fight, Marisa tells Yuyuko Reimu is having tea. Reimu comes over complaining about the mess caused by the fight, and Yuyuko offers Reimu some tea, though Yuyuko makes Reimu fight with her first. Later, Yuyuko comes to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She meets Sakuya and has Sakuya fight with her. Then Yuyuko meets with Remilia. Yuyuko tells Remilia what her aims are (which seem to be along the lines of manipulating everyone else to reveal the person behind the incident). Yuyuko also mentions she found a new tea from the shrine.

Feast Day: Shortly before the feast, Yuyuko asks Reimu if she noticed anything strange when Yukari shows up and criticizes Yuyuko's handling of the incident. Yuyuko says she found a new tea, and Yukari also claims to have found a new tea. The two converse about the scent of fresh tea; the conversation ends with Yukari letting Yuyuko see Suika. Suika is disappointed Yuyuko discovered her, and Yuyuko seems disappointed that Suika is just an oni, though she seems satisfied in having discovered a new "tea".

Yukari's Story[edit]

2nd Day: At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia was going to sleep when Yukari appears asking for the brandy Remilia was going to take to the feast. Irritated, Remilia tries to drive Yukari away, but Yukari still ends up taking the brandy.

Feast Day: Yukari first visits the Forest of Magic to see Alice, who has some wine. Alice thought Yukari was acting like a drifter and fights her, but eventually Yukari takes the wine with her. She then decides to see Youmu. Youmu was planning to bring some unrefined sake to the feast, but Yukari ends up spiriting it away with her. Yukari then heads back to the Forest of Magic to visit Marisa. Marisa was surprised that Yukari is going to the feast since Marisa didn't know where she lived. The two fight, and Yukari takes Marisa's shochu. Yukari then goes to the Hakurei Shrine. She sees Reimu and tries to take some of the ginjoushu on the altar. Reimu says that it was for the feast and fights Yukari to prevent her from taking it, but Yukari defeats her. Shortly afterward, Yukari meets her old friend, Yuyuko. Yuyuko, who brought some vintage sake, feigns ignorance of Yukari's intentions, and Yukari ends up taking her sake. Finally, Yukari meets with Suika. Yukari tries to get Suika to show herself to everyone else by withholding all the alcohol she gathered and claim Suika drank all of it. Suika then fights with Yukari so she can put all the blame on Yukari.

Suika's Story[edit]

Feast Day: After spending days observing the inhabitants of Gensokyo, Suika is discovered by various people at the feast. The first is Sakuya Izayoi, who handles the cooking and cleaning duty at the feast. The second is Alice Margatroid, who spends most of her time socializing with humans. The third is Youmu Konpaku, who is teased by everyone at the feast and spent her time investigating the strange mist (which is Suika herself). The fourth is Patchouli Knowledge, who tends to say little at the feasts. The fifth is Marisa Kirisame, who is the (self-appointed) manager of the feast. The sixth is Remilia Scarlet, who noticed Suika's presence but hesitated to take action. The last person Suika fights is Reimu Hakurei. Suika laments that humans have forgotten about the oni, but since Reimu is very honest Suika decides to give her respects to her.

Meiling's Script[edit]


There are two bad endings, the first generally has the feasts go on without any clue as to who's behind it while the 2nd bad ending is similar but has Yukari joining in and hinting at Suika's involvement.

Suika's/Suimusou ending has Reimu talking about Suika's integration in Gensokyo society and thinking it's a good thing as for one Suika helps out with some grunt work. Suika appears as they talk about Oni and what she was up to with the ending saying at the end it was Reimu's power that ultimately prevented her scheme from succeeding fully. (Suika has no bad endings)

Yukari's ending has her showing off the Ibuki Gourd which she got off of Suika as things end up veering off into a tangent about the marble that's supposedly in it. It mentions how Suika and her Gourd weren't supposed to be in Gensokyo and as a side effect, it cannot pour more than a cup. It ends talking about Suika's power triggering its own failsafe (implying that the main incident is not resolved)

Reimu's has her and Suika at the shrine talking about feast Marisa organized as Reimu tries to get Suika to do clean up afterwards. Suika responds with a veer into talk of corpses, which affects the rest of the conversation and the message of the ending.

Marisa's has her at home wondering about oni myths when she pulls a small Suika out as she plans on studying her (after making a remark about how Rinnosuke would be willing to take care of her) and addintional information to her book.

Sakuya's has her at the mansion's library trying to find a book on Onis and failing. She then goes to Patchouli as they talk about oni, Patchouli warning her about the dangers of the books and then the incident. It ends with Patchouli asking for Coffee instead of tea.

Youmu's has her cleaning up Hakugyokuro as she ponders the incident's effect when Yuyuko comes up asking about it and what caused it (Not a zashiki-warashi) it ends with Youmu vowing to train harder so she can see the truth with her sword.

Alice's has her at the shrine talking with Reimu, noting that the weather affects the shrine the most thus Reimu can feel the changing of the seasons better. Alice's main topic of discussion with Reimu is how she feels the weather and how Alice couldn't tell the temperature changes. Reimu then asks about the mist which Alice gives a cryptic answer to as Suika appears. Reimu gets her to clean up though Suika complaints about finding nothing interesting. Her quick cleaning impresses both Reimu and Alice. It notes that Alice didn't fear Suika's strength but rather envied it and that it was something collectors want.

Patchouli's ending has her writing a magic book with Sakuya providing some coffee. She then asks for some roasted beans as the topic goes into the beans used in the coffee and the large amount of more regular beans around. It goes on to note that Patchouli plots to make anti-oni danmaku using beans and it notes how powerful creatures tend to have odd weaknesses, noting Remilia is similar.

Remilia's has her relaxing on a full moon night, noting that Sakuya is nearby but won't appear unless called. She notes Maids are troublesome in this sense and compares them to the Oni in the incident. She calls Sakuya and they talk about the composition of the tea she drinks, noting leaf quality, water quality and class. Sakuya goes on to say she increased it by adding more expensive leaves to it while it notes that it was actually Remilia drinking it that increases the class. All she needed was raw quality and it was the thing the Oni lacked.

Yuyuko's has her and Youmu at their home talking about the incident a bit and the difference between simple elegance and refined elegance as well as what happened when things are dispersed. It goes on to note the details of the incident and how its effects were a result of "No onis in Gensokyo" and how Gensokyo current were unused to the Oni's tricks. It then has Youmu vowing to train so she can destroy an Oni with her sword, resulting in a "complicated expression" on Yuyuko's face.