Immaterial and Missing Power OST/Alphes' Comments

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I don't really have anything to talk about, but, well, it's weird game, huh?
Making this game, well, I guess I definitely did put some heart into it, at least.
If that was the reason why, then I guess it makes sense.
Yeah, it was fun.
"Please think that your life will be over if you leak any of this to the outside

"I asked him about the chest sizes
"There's too many Touhou character parts
"The splatter is the best, the splatter is-
"I want to use the jinja-gust
"Did the Wily zabuton disappear
"I forgot about Alice again. For some reason she's the only one I forget about
"The one with the water coming out of their fingers, of course that would look like something
"Remilia could handle a normal fighting game
"Isn't the nukkoro-ball too strong
"The pillars are stronger
"Can we use Marisa's balls?
"Cannot unsee?
"Cannot unsee
"Yukari's ability should be more like this...
"That useless rock possessed me
"Don't think you can't pick something besides Missing Power
"If you throw you can use it, for regular chains anyway...
"I don't understand this game's target audience
"Warp kicks are way too strong
"What the hell is that 2P color
"I feel like I get exhausted beating the game once, guarding is too good
"Feels like Romancing Sekio
"Let's make there be 10 times more bullets
"Uh, she doesn't die after I beat her spell card...
"I thought she was kind of strong, but there's three Youmus here
"Kitchen fires are awesome
"She's the weakest, if she gets dashed at there's nothing you can do
"Wait, is this really the last boss?
"At least do an intro scene or something
"Stop it...! Just stop thinking about that patch...!
"Sorry, I'm gonna change it after all
"If Master Spark connects from the butt, how about we just make it come out her butt
We'll call it Butt Spark or something...
"Patchouli doesn't have any stripes dude
"The only one that thinks Patchouli doesn't have any stripes is ZUN
"How about having them be killed by a tea ceremony cloth. Since when you get hit you turn into one anyway
"Do something about the whites of their eyes please
"I'll fix it right away
"Do something about
"I'll fix it
"Do someth-

"I'll f-
「今度はうちが手伝いますよハハハ "This time I'll help out! Hahaha!
この話はフィクションだがフィクションでない部分もある This story is fictional, but some parts may not be fiction.