Immaterial and Missing Power OST/KuMA's Comments

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——果てを、見る。 ---To see the end.
高い、高い丘の上に、地に足をつけ立ち尽くす。日の昇る方角へと適当に中りを付け、世界とはどこまで広がっているのかを知ろうとした。 Above a tall, tall hill, I stood for a long time, with my feet planted in the ground. Guessing randomly at what direction the sun would rise from, I tried to learn how far the world stretched out.
There was, certainly, a beginning. Then, is there an end?
At what part, at what time am I standing now?
And one day, after we've arrived at that place, just where would we go?
To see the end.
I narrowed my eyes and raised my hands, as if glaring in front of me.
The path, which would lead me to what lied where the wind traveled. To a frayed spot,the borderline between the beginning and the end.
That is the final stop for this illusion that has no shape.
I thought that maybe there was no way for me, at this moment, in this place, to know where that is.
"You're stupid. If you just look down from the sky, you could tell."
"There are no seams in the sky. When I was running along the ground, I didn't even know that the world went on at all. I just thought that from here, I might be able to see the end of the world, too."
"I see. Then have you seen what you came here to look for?"
"Don't make fun of me. We've known all along that nothing like that exists."
There's no way there's an end to the world.
--Not so long as we continue walking.