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Fshrurururu! Good evening, this is NKZ, of the thin presence. Every single thing that could possibly break in my machine finally broke, and became a proper recording environment, but the original parts are all from the original.
This is the first time I've created a physical music CD, so it's full of poorly done pieces, but I will devote myself from here on. Below are short arrangements of IaMP's music, made longer.
●東方妖恋談 弐符アレンジ
Eastern Mystical Love Consultation (2nd Card Arrangement)
When I tried to re-record this one and recreate it, it ended up being pretty different. I was only trying to make the original long version again, but I guess I drew it even further away from the Japanese feel.
●恋色マジック 弐符アレンジ
Love-Colored Magic (2nd Card Arrangement)
I wanted to make this song calm, as it's the first battle in Reimu's scenario. Spamming Master Spark early in the morning might be something Marisa likes to do, but it ended up being more orchestrated and became something I don't really understand what it is.
●メイドと血の懐中時計 弐符アレンジ
The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood (2nd Card Arrange)
Individually, this has the image of the second card, Soul Sculpture. This is my own judgement and bias speaking. I only like the beginning and end parts (wha-)
●ブクレシュティの人形師 弐符アレンジ
The Doll Maker of Bucresti (2nd Card Arrange)
I tried to put a part of Plastic Mind into the the interlude, but I played with it too much and it's unrecognizable. The latter part was me selfishly doing whatever I wanted(´﹁`;)
●ラクトガール 弐符アレンジ
Locked Girl (2nd Card Arrange)
It's just a normal long version. The original didn't have the second part of the song, so I included it here. I only intended to re-record the original, but I added pianos and stuff (though within the scope of the original) so it got classified here.
●広有射怪鳥事 弐符アレンジ
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird (2nd Card Arrange)
This song's image is a space of nothingness, and I worked hard and it might not fit at all. This is how it ended up, but I kind of like the original arrangement better.
●亡き王女の為のセプテット 弐符アレンジ
サビの部分はギターソロでファイナルスペル状態というイメージが強くて、前半に戻りたくなくて、後半のそこだけ疾走(?)ループしていました(ぉ ほとんどレッドマジック用ですょ。
Septette for the Dead Princess (2nd Card Arrange)
The quiet part, using guitar solo, has a strong image of her final spell, and not wanting to return to the first half of the song, I made it sprinting(?) loop into just the latter half (wha-) It's pretty much all red magic.
|))ミ ササッ
Anyway, this is the bonus disc. Please also enjoy disc 2.
|))ミ ササッ