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どうも、あきやまうにです。私は音楽と絵とで、あきやまうに/U2と名前表記を変えているのですが、その理由は他の音楽の二名と並ぶと一人だけ平仮名で長くて落ち着かない、という理由だったりします。 Hello, I'm Akiyama Uni. For music and pictures, I've been changing my name between Akiyama Uni and U2, but the reason for that is, when you put a first and last name next to other music names, and only one is hiragana, it's too long and gets on my nerves. At least, that's how I feel about it.
さてそんなどうでも良いことは置いといて今回の曲についてですが、今回はゲームのための音楽ではないので、やや落ち着いた感じにしてみました。アレンジした曲は4曲と少なめではありますが、その分曲の密度は濃いと思ってます。それでは曲ごとに少しコメントを。 Anyway, enough with the stupid stuff. These songs weren't created to be placed in a game, so I tried making them a bit more "calmed down". I only arranged four of the songs in total, but I think the quality makes up for the low quantity. Here are my short comments on each of the tracks.
■ Demystify Feast
Demystify Feast
In the original song, the intro part was long, so I worried about what to do. In the end I just made it in the style I'm most used to.
■ 夜が降りてくる ~ Evening Star
Night Falls ~ Evening Star
A short-ish arragnement using the accordion, one of my favorites. Because of that, I like it, but since the other three songs I arranged were very orchestra-ish, it may have been better had I done the same with this song.
■ 御伽の国の鬼が島
Oni's Island in the Fairyland
Suika's Theme... well, it doens't quite sound like it, but it is for the last boss, so.
■ 東方萃夢想
Eastern Memory of Foregathering Dream
Personally, I tried to include the other songs that had the Suimusou theme in it in this one. I created it with the thought of, if there wasn't a time restriction on the credits, I would have used this. So maybe you could say that this arranged song is the original version of the actual credits song.
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