Imperishable Night/Spell Cards

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Every enemy Spell Card in the game has been cataloged in this list. Each one contains a screenshot, the name in both English and Japanese, where you will see it, and unique comments from ZUN himself.

Notes :

  • In the Easy difficulty setting, the Spell Cards can be unlocked even with the Slow Mode turned on, except for stage 6B.
  • In the other difficulty settings, the Slow Mode must be turned off for the Spell Cards to be unlocked.
  • When accessing a Spell Card from the Spell Cards menu, the speed of the bullets will be the same no matter whether the Slow Mode is turned on or off.
  • The Last Word Spell Cards are special because they are accessible only from the Spell Practice menu, and are unlocked individually by meeting specific requirements. These requirements are also listed with their corresponding Spell Card.