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しかしひとつの謎が残る。外の世界の地層(しかも大陸の!!)に封印されて いた魔獣・まぐらが、なぜ幻想郷の地底で復活したのか? 博麗神社の巫女さん、博麗霊夢はちゃぶ台に突っ伏して唸っていた。

Gensokyo had safely regained its autumn.

However, one mystery remained. How had Magura, a demon beast sealed underground in the Outside World (and on the mainland!!) come to be resurrected in Gensokyo's underground?
Reimu Hakurei, the Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden, gave a low groan with her face pressed into the tea table.

霊夢 「うーーーーん・・・・・謎よ。不可思議すぎるわ。」 Reimu: "Mmmmmmmmmm..... total mystery. Yep, completely incomprehensible."
ちゃぶ台の上には古めかしい本が開かれていた。 An old-fashioned book lay open atop the table.


Marisa: "Doing some reading for once, are ya? What's this book? The Classic of Mountains and Seas? This from the Outside World?"
霊夢 「この前の秋を奪った連中のことについて書かれてるって、紫が


Reimu: "Yukari dropped it off. Said it's got information about those autumn thieves from a while ago in it."


Marisa flipped through the pages, but most of the book seemed to consist of rather unsettling illustrations.

    地底に封印されてたんだろ? なんで幻想郷の地底で復活したんだ?」

Marisa: "Speakin' of which, those two (*Shuuu and Magura) were sealed underground in the Outside World, right? And on the mainland, t' boot? Why'd they pop back up underneath Gensokyo?"
霊夢 「それがわからないのよ、紫曰く、『地層そのものがまるごと幻想郷に


Reimu: "That's what I don't get. According Yukari, the only thing she can think of is 'that entire stratum of the earth moved to Gensokyo altogether'."
魔理沙「なんだそりゃ。そんなことできるの、あいつか月の連中くらいだろ」 Marisa: "The heck? The only ones who could do that are her, or them moon people."
霊夢 「だから悩んでるのよ」 Reimu: "Thus my frustration."


As the two of them puzzled over this mystery, a new visitor came loudly barging in. It was Youmu Konpaku, the Netherworld's gardener.
妖夢 「大変ですよ二人共!!地下に新しく、巨大なトンネルが出来ている


Youmu: "You two! We have a huge problem!! It seems like a massive new tunnel suddenly appeared underground!!"
霊夢 「なんですってー!!」 Reimu: "Whaaaaaaat?!"
魔理沙「どうやら、まだ事態は収束してないようだな、ワクワクするぜ」 Marisa: "Looks like things haven't totally settled down yet. Sounds excitin'!"
3人の少女たちは、再度、地の底に潜ることとなるのだが・・・・・ The three girls once again dove beneath the earth's crust. But there...
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