Infinite Blade Pavilion/Story/Youmu's Good Ending

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A quiet mansion located in the Netherworld.
幽々子「まさか、太古の大陸の王と大怨霊が楼観剣の手入れをしてくれるなんてね~。」 Yuyuko: "Oh, my! To think that an ancient king from the mainland and a great vengeful spirit would repair your Roukanken~."
妖夢「はい、お二方とも製鉄と鍛冶に長けている方で助かりました。」 Youmu: "Yes, their skill in steelmaking and blacksmithing was a tremendous help."
Shuuu, the former demon god of steelmaking, and the great vengeful spirit, Kikyou.
They'd both simmered down after autumn's return, and had become very interested at the sight of Youmu's sword. Now, they were hard at work tending to Roukanken.
桔梗「できたぞー。しかし、見れば見るほど美しい刀よ。この反り・・・たまらんな。」 Kikyou: "Fini~shed. I must say, this blade really does seem more beautiful every time I look upon it. The curve... just exquisite."
秋雨「まさか我が生きた時代の遠い未来でこのように洗練された剣があるとはな。まさに機能美の最先端・・・。」 Shuuu: "I never imagined there'd be such a finely-honed sword in the far future of my era. Truly the cutting edge of beauty and utility..."
妖夢「ありがとうございます、お茶淹れてきますね。」 Youmu: "Thank you very much. I'll pour the two of you some tea."
Shuuu and Kikyou hailed from different eras and countries, but had both been kings who protected their tribes of metalworkers.
They were defeated in battle against their countries' statesmen, robbed of both the metalworking techniques and people they'd tried to protect...
But perhaps in this land of Gensokyo, they'll be able to gradually
build up strength as symbols of power meant to protect.
幽々子「職人気質って皆あんななのかしらね。河童もあんな感じよね。」 Yuyuko: "I wonder if all craftsman types are like that. The kappa are the same way, too."
妖夢「あ、そういえば幽々子様。桔梗様が、刀の礼はいらないから友人二人を呼んでここで飲み会していいかと聞いてきまして。」 Youmu: "Oh, speaking of which, Lady Yuyuko. Lady Kikyou said that she requires no payment for the sword, but she'd like to call two of her friends here for a drinking party."
幽々子「いいんじゃない?紫達も呼びましょうよ。賑やかでいいわ~。」 Yuyuko: "Sure, why not? I'll call Yukari and the others too. The more bustling, the better~."
妖夢「ただ、その友人というのがどうも天神様と大天狗・・・」 Youmu: "However, it seems that the friends in question are Tenjin-sama and the Great Tengu..."
幽々子「待ちなさい妖夢、それってここに集まるの?三大怨ゴニョゴニョが?」 Yuyuko: "Wait, Youmu, what? That's who's going to meet up here? The Three Great Vengeful Such-and-Suches?"
???「こんにちはー、いやー後輩の桔梗くんが飲みに誘ってくれるとは思いませんでしたよ。はいこれ大宰府の梅酒。」 ???: "Hello~! My, I didn't expect our underclassman Kikyou to invite us over for drinks. Here, have this plum wine from Dazaifu."
???「久々に3人揃うんじゃのう・・・はいこれ、シメの香川讃岐うどん。」 ???: "It's been so long since we three got together...! Here, have this udon from Kagawa, Sanuki to go with it."
幽々子「ようむー!!きいてないわー!!ようむー!!」 Yuyuko: "YOUMUUU!! I didn't agree to this part!! Youmuuuuu!!"
Beings whose names were passed down as evil gods and vengeful spirits.
They may have been deemed evil by those who recorded history, but perhaps they too had once had things to protect in the name of their own justice.
お嬢様の消え入るような悲鳴の口元を押えながら、妖夢は、酒の席で桔梗たちにもう一度聞いてみようと思った。 While using a hand to stifle the gradually petering-out screams of her mistress, Youmu decided to ask Kikyou and her friends once more during the celebration.
魂魄妖夢  GOOD END 『三大ナントカ 冥界最大の決戦』 Youmu Konpaku - GOOD END: "The Three Great Whatsits and the Netherworld's Ultimate Battle"