Interview on Nae Radio (September 2009)

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This is the web-radio (or podcast) that D.N.A. Softwares (makers of Touhou Unreal Mahjong, Touhou Soccer, etc) hosted, as reliable as the recorder's ears are.

Translator notes are in square brackets. The lines which the translator is not sure what they are talking about will have [?] behind them. The words in parenthesis are the recorder's guesswork.


Nae Radio 2009/09/21 19:30~22:40 

This is a record as accurate as I [the recorder] can hear, the long sentences may get summarized into manageable chunks. 
There are a lot of difficult vocabularies that I couldn't understand, so there may be irresponsible improvisations and paraphrasing. 

The Hakurei Kannushi [ZUN]'s dialogue is denoted by "Z>". Lines without that denotation Z> are spoken by someone else. 
Talks that ZUN did not participate in at all are omitted with a long string of tildes like so: 
Things that I couldn't catch are also denoted by tildes "~~". 

There are talks about the core aspects of Touhou where I couldn't catch and couldn't understand. 
There may be parts where it doesn't correspond with the summary on the thread [the web radio thread on 2ch], 
so please correct me if that happens. I want to make this report as relevant to Touhou as possible, so this will be a straightforward summary. 
E.g. Tenshi's original setting was done by ZUN, sketched by ~. colored by ~, peach added by ~. 
E.g. Wriggle and co. were originally planned to be added to Hisoutensoku, etc. 


Started around 19:35, as appropriate. 

The seating arrangements are, proceeding clockwise, Ruu, PlatineDispositif (in the 12 o'clock direction), ZUN, and DNA. 

Let's talk about the Team Shanghai Alice line. 

That was the longest line in Comiket history. 

Z> Make doujins and become accustomed to all fields and directions 

Z>(The staff) said they'd show me something good. 

The line length surpassed The Bamboo Broom's [Takashi Takeuchi and Kinoko Nasu of TypeMoon] and Mitsumi Miri's [Leaf's illustrator, ToHeart2, etc.]. 

Something got lost at the back of the line (at the shop) [?] 
Z>That's how the world works. 

Z>In the past doujin soft were only sold til noon. 
There weren't many discs that were freshly burned and brought to the Comiket in the past. 

Z>That sure was exciting. (when you open it?) [the cd/floppy case, I presume] 
(Sometimes the cases would be empty) 

Z>Though it's the beta, the first floppy disc would get mixed up with the second one. 

Z>I couldn't differentiate the ones that were burnt and the ones that weren't. 

Talk about released works. 
It's already being sold in shops, I see. 

UFO colors. 
No red ones in the later half. 
Z>You don't really need red ones in the later half, do you 
Z>Nhuhuhhuhuhuhu [ZUN's signature laugh] 
About MarisaB 
Z>That's the real ending 
 Because it connects with the extra stage (MarisaB) 

Laser Marisa is easy 

Talking about the bombs? 
Z>For the demo, there really is no use for that other than the first stage 

Z>SA is hard, I think. 
Oh, you realized. 
Z>I kinda messed up *embarrassed* (the difficulty) 

About the billion points bug. 
Z>That's a copy-paste error. 
Something wrong with the if statements. 
Talk about how it would become a new kind of game if the "> <" conditional statements were messed up 

Talk of the line arrangements. [at the Comiket] 
Z>That's....something like an event. 
Z>It's like a game. Is it like danmaku? I don't have an answer prepared for that... 

Talk and laughs about real-time strategy games 

Talk about Touhou Mahjong 

We've drank too much today 
Z> I've been doing that all the way here...(He went drinking at the beer festival) 
Z> Can I order something? (a glass of beer) 

Many instances of ZUNichiro Koizumi [reference to the mahjong manga "The Legend of Koizumi"] 

Z>Is this supposed to be broadcast? (laugh) Though it kinda became the usual drinking party. 

That's because we meant it to be a talkshow in a pub (laugh) 
We're kind of reconsidering that now (laugh) 

Don't know how many glasses (of beer) he drank when he was in the beer festival 
Z> (something about beer) 

ZUN has to return for something. 
Z> I have to make an announcement in advance, do I.... 
Z> I'll set it to be 9 o'clock. [I'm guessing that this is the time he intends to leave] 

Talk about PlatineDispositif?'s RPG 
Z>Wasn't there a lot of thing that you want to put in? 

Z>Was it fixed? 
It's not going to. 

Talk about the manual and the implementation 
That's a feature since the manual came first.... 

PlatineDispositif >I thought I'd do the ~~ in advance to (?) ~ 
Z> You're weird for thinking that's the easy thing to do (laugh) 

Z> Make an RPG and change its full meaning to... 
Z> (all eleven people together) "Real-time Programming!" (laugh) 

Make a Touhou Love Plus 
Touch pen? What to do with that? [doujin games on PCs don't have that DS touch pen] 
Z>Wouldn't it be okay to implement it with a LCD tablet? 
(everyone butts in) You mean the wacom ones... 

Talk about Love Plus 

Z>It won't do you don't go on Elders' Day, things like that 
Z>are pretty moe, don't you think? 

If you submit this proposal (to a company?), I'd be pretty happy. 

More additional orders 
Talk of mahjong 

Z>Is Warashi (a game company?) still around? 
Yes it is. It's still making~~ 

Talk about stage 4 music? (that pop-up message sound?) 
Z>The timing of that feels great 
Z>Music is that kind of thing. Happening at real time like that 
Z>Isn't it great? (the spontaneity of it all) 

~~~ Hisoutensoku's topic 
Z>I said, if you have time then let's do it. So it happened. 

Z>In the past I don't do unreasonable thing but recently we've been doing them (laugh 

Z>The catfish was supposed to be for SWR 

China, we didn't have time so she ended up in Hisoutensoku 
Z>That system is just no! But it's interesting~, I said. 
Z>So we ended up implementing that in Hisoutensoku (skirt's waving??) [I don't know what the recorder's trying to suggest here] 

8:34 Should we call someone? 

About Winter Comiket 
Z>Not going to the Comiket. I forgot to apply. 
Z>It's a chore to get ready (if he applied) 
Won't be in time for Winter Comiket 
Z>I'd go if I make it in time ~(applies to all in doujin) 

More importantly, what about Curiosities of Lotus Asia…? 
Z>That's not my fault! (immediate answer) 
it's the publishers's....(laugh) 

Mahjong talk 
Z>It'd be great if there are pentagonal tables.(said with gestures) 

(The Hakurei Kannushi talking to the sides) 

To sum up this time 
Z>I've been uneasy up until now, that's because I haven't been good at what I'm doing. 
Z>I've straightened up a bit last year (laugh) 

Talk about Bishamonten 
Z>That's the Hanshin....[baseball team] 
Unzan is the Giants and Shou is Hanshin (laugh) 
Z>Giants vs Hanshin vs Doala...[mascot for Chunichi Dragons] 

Z>But then, why Doala? Shouldn't it be a dragon.... 

Talk about drinking tomorrow at the hotel? 
Z>Other people (have events, but I) don't 

Development talk 
Z>In the end, the images are time-consuming 

Z>The sprites haven't changed 
Z>No reason to change them. There are other ways to spend (time). 
Z>The world setting changes if it changes. 
Z>Every time there are new things 
You'd need new sprites for new characters, don't you. 
Z>The sprites are not a big problem. The portraits take away my time.... 

Z>I'm a bit tired of effects 
The animation of the thunder effects is pretty fast 
It's hard to make it look like wind 
Z>It's hard to make it feel airy (with effects) 
Oh yeah, that was the Kannushi's specialty (at his previous company?) [Taito?] 

Effects are distracting for shooting games, aren't they? (laugh) 
Z>No, well ~~(light counterpoint) 
Z>I thought I'd do various kinds of thing, you know 
Talk about what happens if the effects make it harder to see the danmaku 
Z>It's not good if the effects affect the danmaku. 

Z>I've been influenced by Space Invaders. >Last boss (Byakuren?) 

Z>The extra stage at the end has UFOs acting the same as in Space Invaders (the score points with UFOs?) 
Z>Since it's a commemoration to Space Invader~~(laugh) 

Z>For the sixth stage, I've made the gap between Easy and Hard and Lunatic somewhat smaller. 
Z> The first stage in Lunatic was a climax from the beginning (laugh) 

Z>(MoF Sanae) has danmaku reminiscent of the PC-98 games. This time (th12? th12.3?) she's a complete joke. 

Shinki is of the "old" Makai, so... 
The Hakurei Shrine is actually just a name on the torii ~~ everyone laughs 

Failure to record~~~~~~ 

Talk of other circles 
Z>That became a one-time joke, so (laugh) 
How that became a laugh from the start... 
That's because our circle does nothing but laughs from the start 

Shooting and super real mahjong talk 

There's a Izumi Takemoto exhibition. (might be a topic to bait ZUN into talking) 
I never knew it existed (laugh) (but someone else responded) 

Uwabami Breakers 
Take "Tasogare" from the title already [Uwabami Breakers is named Tasogare Sakeba in Japanese] 
That has nothing to do with Tasofro, does it? (laugh) 
Z>We said it's okay if we put a "fake" around it but that didn't come out in the end (in the title) 

Let's call someone 

Z>"It's not dodging, it's beer-ing" [sakeru janaku te sakeru] you couldn't understand it if you said it out loud.... 

A Heiankyo Alien even though it's Space Invaders 
Z>As expected, everyone got that [reference] 

Someone's coming? ~~~~~~~ 

If you play Bomberman you should play Bomber King [Robowarrior] (talk about retro games)
Z>Clear the first stage and there's a karaoke (?) 
ZUN, don't sing (laugh) 

Z>It's a game that I'm happy to get hit in ...(the topic drags on to new games) 

Death Crimson [legendary shit game] 
What is this coin inserting game (laugh) 

And so, the time comes to 9 o'clock. 
ZUN signs off? 
That was the first part up until this point. 
From here on, the reflection party with Tasofro? (laugh) 

The first time meeting with ZUN 
Z>I said, "Bring on the beer!" but nobody moved... 
Z>Recently, they've started to meet with me. But I'm not making them drink, okay? (alcohol harassment) 

Z> (Udonge) Her medicine was weak in SWR. 
If that's the case then wait until ~~ (everyone laughs) 

About Suwako. We overdid it this time. 
Z>You don't have to do what I joked about (laugh) 
(everyone laughs) 
Z>Things like lower half being invincible when she's getting off the ground... 
Z>and make her able to swim in the sky 
We really did those as you said 

Z>The catfish didn't seem like a dream 
Z>Aren't catfish supposed to be all black? 
Z>Bring what I say into reality is doing too much 

Z>Suika's original (design) was too difficult so it was simplified (by Alphes) 

Offer from overseas [probably for distribution] 
Z>Is that okay to talk about? 
He dodged the question I was hoping to get definite answer on 
Z>To do that as he seemed fit...~~(incomprehensible) [real convenient place to miss hearing stuff, man....] 
Talk about the catfish, again 
Z>The last boss wasn't planned to be Tenko but the catfish 

Talk about display color changes, gradients 

Complaints about where the microphone is 

Make a Touhou Dream Club for me 

Z>Excuse me, I'll have a Canadian Club (said to waiter) 
He drank after all (laugh) 
What made you start thinking about making a miko shooting game? Though I think we've asked before... 
Z>I'll have a Rock please-- (didn't hear it) [?] 

Z>What's there in the derivatives should mostly be there in the (original source) already (?) 
(can't catch the meaning at all...) [ZUN is talking about how the fanwork portrayals are based on the original games] 
Z>The money-grubbing Reimu originated from her talking about donations in IaMP 
Z>China is also based in the manual. It said she is "Chinese-style" [or "China style"]. 
⑨ is also from PoFV's manual... 

The potential of having given cleaning detergents (from the previous podcast), and such [what? I couldn't understand this except knowing it's a pun] 

The finger in Saturday Night Fever...(incomprehensible) 

DNA> Since ZUN said so, all we did was make the mahjong game (laugh) 

Why Bishamonten this time? 
Z>Bishamonten is used in the setting for the temple... 
The brother? (Myouren) 
Z>The brother is from a famous story... (the Shagisan-engi?) 
Oh that! So it was that? (he understood something) 

The jokes from Arata's Udonge book? 
Z>I gave him rough instructions on the usuals and the conclusions 
Z>Which characters to show up, only those. 
(everyone sounds their agreement) 
Z>If I don't do that then he (the mangaka) cannot think of jokes. [too much instructions limit creativity] 

Mahjong talk 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ʍ 74;~ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ʍ 74;~ 

The Nue portrait in Touhou Mahjong? 
Z>I feel it's kinda wrong for her lower body to be half naked 

ZUN takes pictures (around his home?) 
Z>Instead of drawing pictures, real pictures are better. 
If ZUN draws, who's the most suitable? 
Z>Real pictures are okay. They're interesting. [I don't get this question and answer] 

Hisoutensoku at the beginning  
Z>Wriggle and Nitori and ~ Kaguya and Mokou…let's stick to stage 1 and 2s, so they got scrapped 

Z>Sanae was decided [to be added in] later 
Z>Anyhow, let's make it into a separate game (form SWR) 
Z>And have weaker characters comes out, that'd be great 
(Having weak characters go against strong ones in IaMP on even grounds gave it rounding approvals) 

If you made birthday settings~~ [for the characters] 
There's too many of them 
Bundle the characters with the month they're born in 
Z>Talk about games with birthdays and all I think of is Mind Seeker? [a crappy game that makes the player enhance their ESP powers to read covered cards -->downright impossible] 

ZUN, wait until next year before you start on your next project! 
Z>Well, I don't know about that, you know? 
Z>Churning games out like "bang bang"...have young people do this already...(bitter laugh) 
Z>Release one game and it shortens my lifespan by a year 
Z>I'm already making doujins (?) 
Z> (young people?) should aim for new genres, I'm starting to think 

Z>What everyone wants is not shitty games [shitty games, or kuso-ge, are a special genre of games made so badly that they become good for their camp factor] 
Z>Shitty games are shitty games 
Z>If they get released, they get recorded into videos (as they are played), then that's all well and good. But then that's the end of them. 

Z>Everyone is fed up with gaming... 
Z>Shitty games are sometimes brought to fame 
Z>Everyone talks of old things, but that's not interesting. If they don't talk of new things... [in gaming] 
Z>Being interesting is only a subjective opinion... 

Hoshi wo Miru Hito is a super shitty game 

Z>Almost all shooting games end with explosions of stars.... 
Even in Metroid, Samus destroys at the end 
Z>That's because she's a destroyer, right? 

Z>It's great if humans get annihilated already. 
Comments fill the room 

Z>Princess Peach....(led here rather forcefully) 
Peach bribed Bowser. 
Z>Mario is being made to clean things up 
Does everyone know about the live-action movie? 
Z>It's called "Mario Mario" 

The Mario figure makes his appearance 

Ordering beer~~~~~~~~ 

So is the Kannushi being debuted?(in the games) 
Z>What me? Am I in 2D? (laugh) 
In polygons... 
See, even Ryuukishi07 appeared in Higurashi. 

Why did the Umineko Marisa get popular? [Jessica?] 
Z>Even in Higurashi there were Touhou jokes scattered around... 

Z>I turned down Ryuukishi's idea of a derivative. That's my first time turning something [related to Touhou derivatives?] down. 
Z>I want Ryuukishi to do his own thing (laugh) 
Z>Even when I invite him (to drinking parties) he'd say he's busy.... 

Z>I'll go see the waterfall tomorrow. 

It's a reflection party. 
Z>I'm reflecting. I'm reflecting upon myself everyday. 
That you'd be better off if you hadn't drank beer? 
Z>Nah, that it'd be great if I had drunken more (laugh) 
(everyone laughs) 
To reflect....those are things that have already past, so... 
Z>Really, then it's better not to reflect 

Even reflections gets outsourced.... 
Z>It's a time where unrelated people will reflect upon themselves when it's uncalled for (laugh) 
Outsourcing (laugh) 
The critics are the same 
Z>The critics only grit their teeth and complain, so I anticipate the reflections will be facing forward. 
Even monkeys can reflect, they say. [but it's harder to act upon those reflections.] 
Z>If we say this, then maybe they won't complain again. 
Z>I want to say this. ~~ ~~(but I can't hear it?) 
Z>Then maybe even those at 2ch won't say things at me. 
Z> (For me) I'm someone who would mutter complaints while I'm playing games, so... 
Z>If I don't have complaints I'd try to make it so that I do have complaints. 

Z>So this time we're not reflecting like we should... 
Isn't that always the case (laugh) 

The original design for Tenshi hasn't been publicized, hasn't it. 
It was originally a line sketch. 
Z>I feel that it's been simplified somewhat. (The Alphes Tenshi) 
Z>I hadn't decided anything, so it ended up as a line sketch 
Z>The skirt's blue was made to be the sky's color (?). But that's stretching it, so it was covered with ~~ 
Z>It's empty if there's nothing on the hat so there are the peaches (ZUN said it as if he's the one who added it in the end) 
Z>The setting is unknown for what's in the skirt 
It's Schroedinger's lower body. (Everyone laughs) (ZUN probably didn't say this in the beginning) 

22:14 to 22:16 My browser froze================ 

Programming talk~~~ 

Famicon cartridge makes its appearance 

Introduction to the shop's wares 

Virtual Boy improves vision and such 
Tennis is really interesting 

Stereoscopic vision systems ought to be adopted in the future 
So how about Touhou? 
Stereoscopy hurts the eyes... 

PlatineDispositif? got a PC with Takabashi Meijin's autograph, he got it for 80000, I hear 

While ZUN was adjusting UFO, he corresponded with GIL by mail. 
He's on Twitter? 

Since there are 3 minutes left, the wrap-up. 

Since there are people not working for winter.... 
ZUN is gonna have to write songs 
So has it become a music circle recently? 
Z>It's a beer circle recently (laugh) 

Tora no Ana started a specialized Touhou website 

Beer talk They prepared 75 bottles? 

And so, the second meeting 
is finally coming to an end (laugh) 

Z> (To developers from here on) I'd like you to make things in a different direction (from Touhou) 

Please don't upload this. A bar talk is really inappropriate. 
If this got uploaded to Niconico, we'll phone Dwango [to take it off], okay? 
Z>But it's not interesting as a video so there's really no point, yeah. 
And don't record this personally and upload it somewhere without permission. 
Z>But that's a flag [trigger] for "please upload this", I think. 
ZUN stayed until the end. It's a "as expected~" feeling 

This is recorded with sound quality first 
Z>the camera stopped right in front of me 

Though the radio ended, the drinking continues. 
ZUN said he played board games until the morning then went home.