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Irreligion (無宗教 mushuukyou) is the practice of ignoring or rejecting religion. It includes atheism (無神論 mushinron) (disbelief in the existence of gods, or of supernatural beings in general), misotheism (belief that gods are not worthy of worship), anti-theism (belief that religion is harmful or destructive) and apatheism (lack of interest in religious matters). Irreligious views are increasingly common in developed countries due to the advancement of science. Many youkai are depicted as irreligious, rejecting the values of humans or actively attempting to damage their faith.

Irreligion in Touhou

As gods and youkai can easily be met and interacted with in Gensokyo, atheism is almost unheard of, though other forms of irreligion exist.

Magicians, being the magical equivalent of scientists, generally hold little interest in religion beyond its uses for magic. Likewise the kappa and tengu, while known to worship gods, do not seem to place much value in religion as a whole[1], with their leaders using the offer of faith as a negotiation tool.

Faith in the supernatural has been steadily dropping in the Outside World.

Characters relevant to irreligion

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