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Items are objects that appear throughout the Touhou series that bestow various benefits when collected. Some items are series mainstays that appear in many different games, while others only appear in a single game and contribute to that game's unique gameplay mechanics.

Items that appear throughout the series

Power Items Both sizes of power items

Power items are red squares with the letter "P" on them. They increase the player's firepower by a small amount. They come in two varieties, small and large, large ones being worth much more than small ones.

Full Power Items A full power item

Full power items are rare yellow squares with the letter "F" on them. They set the player's firepower to the maximum and sometimes also give score. They usually appear when the player loses their last spare life and chooses to continue, but they can be dropped by some midbosses too.

Point Items A typical point item

Point items are blue squares with the kanji "点", which means "point", on them. They increase the player's score. They generally are worth more the further up on the screen that they are collected, culminating around the point of collection. Several other factors can also affect a point item's value, depending on the game.

Green Point Items Green point items come in many sizes

As with standard blue point items, green point items are also adorned with the kanji "点", but are circular (or star-shaped) instead. They assumed their current form from Undefined Fantastic Object onwards. Conditions for their appearance vary from game to game, but they generally appear when bullets are destroyed. They are always auto-collected.

Star Items An average star item

Star items are grey squares with a star on them. They are the older forms of the green point items. Bullets may turn into star items at the end of any boss and midboss attack if it isn't timed out, and also during bombs. They increase the player's score, and they're always auto-collected.

Life and Bomb Items A life item on the left and a bomb item on the right

Life items are pink squares with the phrase "1up" on them, and bomb items are green squares with the letter "B" on them. They increase your life and bomb count, respectively.

Life and Bomb Fragments

Life fragments are pink outlines of hearts, and bomb fragments are green outlines of stars. Several of these must be collected in order for them to fulfill the role of a full life or bomb item, respectively.

Items that appear only in specific games

Cherry Items Both kinds of cherry items

Appearing only in Perfect Cherry Blossom, cherry items are the essence of Spring. They come in two varieties; The smaller variety is a pink petal, and the larger variety is a pink square containing a similar petal. They increase the player's cherry value and can ultimately activate a Supernatural Border. See here for more details.

Time Orbs A time orb, as you may expect 

Appearing only in Imperishable Night, time orbs are magical items capable of slowing the passing of night. They are small purple circles with the kanji "永", which means eternity, on them. They can be collected by shooting as a human during a stage portion, or by grazing as a youkai during boss battles. If enough are collected by the end of a stage, the boss will use her last spell, and time won't advance as far as usual. See here for more details.

Faith Items Both kinds of faith items

Appearing in Mountain of Faith and Subterranean Animism, faith items are the manifestation of faith. They come in two types, small green circles, and larger green stars. Both types have the kanji "点", which means "point", on them. Collecting them increases your faith value which acts as a multiplier to the value of point items and spell card bonuses. See here for more details.

UFOs All types of UFO items

UFOs only appear in Undefined Fantastic Object. They come in four types: red, green, blue, and a type that switches between colors. Collecting three of the same color, or one of each color, in a row, causes a bigger UFO to appear. The big UFO isn't an item, rather it absorbs all power- and point-items on screen, and will drop them at a higher value if defeated. It will also drop a special item, such as a life or bomb fragment, depending on it's color. If it absorbs enough items it may even drop a second special item. See here for more details.

Divine Spirits

Divine spirits are the manifestations of people's desires, and appear only in Ten Desires. They come in four varieties, blue, grey, pink, and green. The blue and grey spirits award the player points, while the pink and green spirits act as the game's life and bomb fragments, respectively. All spirits also fill the trance gauge, eventually allowing the player to enter trance mode. See here for more details.

Graze Items

Appearing only in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, these items are spawned when the player grazes a given bullet over an extended duration of time. They are auto-collected and increase the graze counter by 5.

Season Items All five (yes, five) seasons

Season items are all over the place in Hidden Star in Four Seasons, appearing when enemies are killed and bullets are grazed. Collecting them fills up the season gauge, adding up to six sub-season options shooting bullets in addition to the player's main options. The season can then be released for a mini-bomb that destroys any bullets it touches, offering yet another way of spawning season items.

Beast Spirit Items and Item Fish Spirits

Beast spirit items appear in Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, acting similarly to the UFOs in Undefined Fantastic Object. They come in three types: wolf, otter, and eagle. By collecting a combination of 5 of these, the player can enter Roaring Mode. There are also item fish spirits, which produce other items when Roaring Mode ends. See here for more details.