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Jiang Shi

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In Chinese folklore, jiang shi (Japanese: キョンシー, Kyonshii; simplified Chinese: 僵尸; traditional Chinese: 殭屍; Mandarin Pinyin: Jiāngshī; Jyutping: Goeng1 Si1; literally "stiff corpse") are reanimated corpses that moves around by hopping with the arms outstreched. (It should be noted they have extremely limited movement due to rigor mortis.) They are often compared to vampires because jiang shi attempt to suck qi, life energy, from the living, though they're actually more similar to zombies. Their weakness is unknown, and it is unknown how to properly exterminate one, though it is said that a person could hide his presence from a jiang shi by holding his breath. Jiang shi may be controlled by attaching a seal to the corpse.

In appearance, they have extremely pale white skin. They may look like someone who has died recently, or someone who has been deceased for a long time (rotting flesh, corpse decay).

Jiang Shi in Touhou

Jiang Shi are first mentioned in Touhou Hisoutensoku by Hong Meiling asking whether Yuyuko Saigyouji, a ghost, is different from a jiang shi.[1]

Jiang shi are youkai of reanimated corpses and come in various varieties. When many Jiang Shi are seen at once, it means that they are humans who were bitten and transformed into them by another Jiang Shi. If a human does not receive life threating injuries when bitten, the zombification is only temporary; however fatal wounds will cause the victim to remain as a Jiang Shi.[2]

Unlike the jiang shi from Chinese folklore, the Touhou version is much like the Western zombie. In Yoshika Miyako's profile it is known that they are a type of zombie which are reanimated corpses of another organism. Yoshika herself has self-proclaimed herself as a zombie in each scenerio.[3][4]

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