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純狐 (じゅんこ)

Divine spirit


Purify anything

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Junko (純狐 Junko) is the main antagonist of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. She's a sagacious spirit and sworn enemy of Lunarians who orchestrated the invasion to the Moon for the sole purpose of killing Chang'e.

General Information[edit]

Junko appeared as the Final Boss and Extra Boss helper in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.


Ability to purify anything

Junko's power to purify anything, not to be confused with the Lunarian and Shinto concept of purity, refers to the refining of substances to remove impurities, such as in the refinement of metals. She used this power on her own grudge, strengthening it such that she became the embodiment of her resentment as a divine spirit, without even a need for an identity anymore, and on Clownpiece and other hell fairies, transforming them into beings of pure lifeforce that would threaten the Lunar Capital. She also claims to be able to kill the heroines unconditionally if they didn't use Eirin's drug and got hit at least once before facing Junko.[1] Moreover, Hecatia hypothesizes that Junko could turn fairies into stone cherries.[2]

The terms used to refer to Junko's ability, junka (純化) or junsui (純粋), differs from the terms for the Shinto concept of kegare (穢れ) referred to as "impurity", and kiyome (清め), its "purification". So, they can be understood to mean two different things. In fact, Junko refining the hell fairies into pure embodiments of life supercharged their capacity to spread impurity[3].

According to ZUN, Junko's power of purification is actually an ability to bring things back to their godly nature, before they had names, so it could be almost considered an ability to give birth to gods.[4] The nature of nameless objects and how giving names to gods makes them manifest only one of their aspects was previously described by Rinnosuke in Chapter 15 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia.


Junko describes herself as a Sagacious Spirit (仙霊 Senrei), Reimu indicates that she is a more pure soul than a Lunarian or youkai[5] and ZUN mentions in his interview[4] that she is a type of divine spirit, however it's difficult to make a distinction between the two so at most, she's a Spirit.

Background Information[edit]


Her known name is Junko (純狐), which is spelled with the characters for jun (, lit. "pure, clean") and ko (, "Fox"). Her name meaning "pure fox" fits with the seven tail-like flames behind her and her ability to purify anything. According to her profile, she doesn't have an identity nor she desires to know what exactly she is.


Junko may be based on Chún Hú (纯狐), a Chinese legendary figure mentioned in the Zuǒ Zhuàn historical narrative and Tiānwèn poems. Chún Hú, also known as "Xuán Qī" (玄妻, lit. "dark lady"), was the wife of a Xia Dynasty ruler. Hòu Yì (后羿) usurped the previous ruler (Chún Hú's former husband) and married Chún Hú, later killing her son Bó Fēng (伯封). Chún Hú then conspired with Yi's minister to kill him as revenge. This account seems to line up with statements about Junko's past from Reisen's ending in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.

Despite sharing a name, the Hou Yi of the Xia Dynasty was not necessarily the same one who married Chang'e and shot down the ten suns in legend. The conflation of various historical figures named "Hou Yi" has been the subject of at least one contemporary academic paper. Within the Touhou Project however, the disparate Hou Yis appear to be treated as a single person.


Junko wears a Chinese outfit of a red and yellow tabard with a red sash over a wide-sleeved black dress and a black traditional Chinese crown called a dalachi (大拉翅). She has long, orange hair and red eyes. Behind her are seven light-purple flame-like tails. Although not visible in her in-game appearance, Junko's portrayal in Visionary Fairies in Shrine shows her wearing dark-colored shoes and legwear.

Junko's sprite in LoLK

Junko's Appearances[edit]


Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Junko's appearance in Visionary Fairies in Shrine

Junko plotted the invasion to the Moon in order to get revenge on Chang'e. She filled the Near Side of the Moon with fairies, and thus life, forcing the Lunarians to escape so she could use that moment to kill Chang'e. Knowing the Lunarians would likely flee to the Dream World, she sent Hecatia to trap them there. Over half a year the Lunarians took no action against her, causing a stagnation in Junko's plan and a steady appease of her anger, growing bored every time. It was at that time when the protagonist appears before her, clean of all impurity much to her surprise. Because her anger was already appeased, she saw no goal in continuing the invasion and admitted defeat before the battle.


Visionary Fairies in Shrine

In chapter 2 she makes an appearance when Clownpiece talks about why wasn't she born in the Earth instead of Hell.
Again, in chapter 5, she's mentioned by Eirin because she didn't know Junko was working alongside a Goddess of Hell.

Wild and Horned Hermit

Junko makes an appearance when Kasen and Marisa talk about how the urban legend and Lunarian invasion incidents never got proper resolutions.


Hecatia Lapislazuli

Junko and Hecatia are friends. Because Hecatia sympathized with Junko, she accompanied her in her plot against the Lunar Capital, lending Junko her powers, as well as fairies like Clownpiece.


Hecatia loaned Clownpiece to Junko to use as she wished. Clownpiece was purified into pure lifeforce and simply told to do what fairies do and play around near the Lunar Capital, at the Sea of Tranquility.


Junko has a grudge against Chang'e, because Chang'e's husband was responsible for killing Junko's son. So, she plotted against the Lunar Capital and staged an invasion to get to Chang'e.




Spell Cards[edit]

Junko's spell cards contain some of the most simplistic patterns ever for a final boss of the Touhou Project. Her spell cards are designed "purely" to do just that rather than showing off various kinds of patterns. Most of her spell cards use circle danmaku shapes, which is significant as circles[6] are widely viewed as "pure shapes".

Her spell cards violate the spirit of the spell card rules. While the rules were in part designed to prevent bloodshed, Junko has multiple spell cards made to kill.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Junko is the first Windows era character with an official profile who does not have a proper title. This is likely because she purified herself of identifying information. Koakuma and Daiyousei also do not have titles, but they also do not have official profiles.
    • She is also notable for being the first final boss in the Windows era not to have a last name.
  • A silhouette of Junko occupies the front of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom's jewel case.


Official Profiles[edit]

Official Sources[edit]


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