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Notable from

the Len'en Project, PC-98 remakes


Trick Nostalgie


Programmer, Game Director, Game Producer, Character Designer, Illustrator, Game Designer, Music Composer

Art Example

RMI title
Title screen of Reactivate majestical imperial.

Music Example

Arranged Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream from Lotus Land Story


JynX is a Japanese game developer who has become well known for their remakes of stages from the PC-98 Touhou Project games although these stages are usually only shown as teaser videos and never actually released to the public. They are also the creator of the Len'en Project, a series of games inspired from the Touhou Project, which they have released to the public for free download.


PC-98 teaser videos

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Len'en Games

Touhou Fangames

Doujin Touhou Albums

Additional Information

  • JynX has a reputation of using an underscore rather than an ordinary space when writing English words (compare Brilliant_pagoda_or_haze_castle to the correct Brilliant pagoda or haze castle on their blog).

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