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毛玉 (けだま)

More Alternative Spellings
Sprite of kedama in Mountain of Faith



Various parts of Gensokyo

Official Games

The Kedama (毛玉, lit. "hairball") are presumably a type of youkai kesaran-pasaran, appearing as stage enemies in the Windows games of the Touhou Project. At first glance, they appear more like spirals rather than hairballs, as proved by their sprites. Very little is known about them.

Background Information

Technically, the name "Kedama" isn't entirely official; the term was used in an e-mail sent to ZUN by a fan, who asked if these and the generic fairies can talk. ZUN doesn't directly answer the question in relation to the Kedama, but instead uses spirits (精霊), saying that they've got no personalities and that they never speak because they're nature itself, but apparently these seem to do so.

Kedama's Appearances

Windows Games

Perfect Cherry Blossom

The Kedama first made their début in Perfect Cherry Blossom as stage enemies on Stage 1. They'll mostly come in lines and shoot rather simple danmaku at the player, or shoot none at all. They'll also do the same on Stage 2 and 3. They do not appear on later stages, and thus were basically replaced by spinning enemies.

Imperishable Night

The Kedame re-appear in Imperishable Night, only appearing on stages 1 to 3. They'll mostly come in lines and shoot rather simple danmaku.

Mountain of Faith

The Kedama makes its latest appearance on Mountain of Faith, appearing on stages 2-3, 5-6 and the Extra. They now come in 4 separate colours: blue, red, green and yellow. Each colour corresponds to the type of item they drop when the player defeats one.

It appears that from Subterranean Animism onwards, the Kedama were replaced with flying yin-yangs.

Additional Information


Official Sources