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Sprite of Kikuri in Highly Responsive to Prayers
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Kikuri is a large bronze disc with an image of a girl engraved into it that Reimu Hakurei meets and must defeat, in which she's the Stage 15 boss on the Hell route of Highly Responsive to Prayers. However, since she has no profile and exchanges no dialogue with Reimu, nothing else is known about this enemy.

Background Information

Her name is Kikuri, but there's no official kana of the name like the rest of the Highly Responsive to Prayers cast. Her name can be written as "菊理" that can be a female given name or forename however, where kiku () means "Chrysanthemum", a symbolic flower and interactively associates with lamentation at death, while ri () can mean "reason", "logic" and "general principle" in Buddhism.

Kikuri is probably a reference to Kikurihime, who mediated the dispute between the two Shinto creator gods Izanagi and Izanami. In Japanese mythology, she's the dragon goddess worshipped at Mount Haku and is considered the Shinto goddess of negotiation and mediation. She is also said to bring the rains to the farmlands. Chrysanthemum also symbolises her.

Seen in her sprite in Highly Responsive to Prayers, Kikuri is a large bronze disc surrounded by a sickly purple aura and engraved with the image of a young girl with long hair, closed eyes, a content expression on her face, and a glowing light-blue orb hovering between her hands in front of her chest. She appears to be wearing a suit and tie of some sort, and a small Christian cross can be seen on her shirt. In Highly Responsive to Prayers Good Ending #2, Kikuri is shown to be in a different position. This proves that she's independent of moving around/out of her bronze disk.

Additional Information

  • Elis and Kikuri share the same theme called "Magic Mirror".


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