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小悪魔 (こあくま)
koakɯma (♫)
Illustration of Koakuma in Strange Creators of Outer World



Library Assistant


Library of Scarlet Devil Mansion

Official Games
Print Works

Koakuma (小悪魔 Koakuma) is a devil where she's seen around the library of Scarlet Devil Mansion where she apparently lives in the mansion. Her sole game appearance is as the fourth stage midboss of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and little is known about her. In an interview with ZUN there was an implication that she was summoned as a familiar. In addition to this, its been stated that Vampires are capable of summoning lesser devils or familiars.

General Information


ZUN stated that she has a capricious, mischievous, and without second thoughts personality. [1]


Her exact role is difficult to tell, but she is believed to be an assistant in Patchouli Knowledge's library. She is seen carrying books in the library in all the print works she appears in.

Character Design

Sprite of Koakuma in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil


Koakuma has no official name; this was confirmed by ZUN very early on [2]. The commonly used name in the fanbase is Koakuma (小悪魔), meaning "Little Devil" or "Imp". ZUN used this term in an answer of the response to the question from the fans, while again stating at the same time that she was unnamed, though he did have rough sketches for a face sprite as well as plans to give her spell cards.[2]


The sprite of Koakuma in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil shows that she wears a black dress with white sleeves. She has a small pair of black, bat-like wings on the sides of her head and long red hair.


Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

The heroine first looks through a dim library. Koakuma ambushes the heroine, but she is quickly defeated.


Patchouli Knowledge

Assumed to be Patchouli Knowledge's assistant.




Additional Information

Koakuma's modified sprite
  • In one of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's sprite sheets, it shows Koakuma had an appearance in the Extra Stage sprites. It's just because the same image was taken from the stage 4 sprites, with a color overlay on the whole image.
  • Koakuma is one of the few characters that doesn't appear in Hopeless Masquerade as a background character. The reason is unknown.


Official Profiles

Response of questions by ZUN
  • In response to questions from fans, ZUN revealed some hints of her profile[3]:
    • Devils are a mighty race, like magicians or vampires. But Koakuma is far weaker. (It should be noted that ZUN is using "Little Devil" as a generic term for some weak devils. Regardless of that fact, it is usually used as a personal name of the midboss of EoSD stage 4 in the fan community though).
    • Like Daiyousei, she is carefree and mischievous, often behaves thoughtlessly.
    • She settles in Scarlet Devil Mansion.
    • She is one of normal-enemy class (not boss-class) characters. There are many such characters, and they are not given any special role in the story.

Official Sources

Official sources


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