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() (めい) ()  こいし
Koishi Komeiji
komeːd͡ʑi koiɕi (♫)
Koishi Komeiji
Koishi Komeiji in Antinomy of Common Flowers
The Closed Eyes of Love
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Manipulation of the Unconscious Mind

Reading Minds (Lost)




Palace of the Earth Spirits, Myouren Temple

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"Read your mind? I've already closed my satori eye. Reading people's minds only makes you depressed, there's nothing good about it."Koishi Komeiji to Reimu Hakurei (Subterranean Animism Extra Stage)

Koishi Komeiji (古明地 こいし Komeiji Koishi) is a satori, and Satori Komeiji's younger sister. She initially appeared as the Extra stage boss of Subterranean Animism, later as a playable character in Hopeless Masquerade, Urban Legend in Limbo, and Antimony of Common Flowers.

General Information


Koishi is generally playful and free-spirited, not unlike a child. While her ability to manipulate the unconscious makes her presence unsettling to many people, she seems unconcerned with appearing scary, and does whatever feels right in the moment. She does not seem to go out of her way to harm others out of malice or spite, although she has occasionally caused issues for other characters due to a lack of self-awareness, such as in her accidentally stealing Hata no Kokoro's mask in Hopeless Masquerade, or Sumireko Usami's smartphone in Urban Legend in Limbo.

In Urban Legend in Limbo, she takes on the urban legend of Mary-san,[1] a legend similar to the western Bloody Mary myth. Rather than wanting to be truly menacing, however, Koishi appeared to "join in on the fun" with the other characters also performing urban legends, eventually having to receive advice from Marisa Kirisame on how to make her urban legend scarier. She seemed genuinely happy that she was able to use her urban legend effectively, even if it was only on a single person.

Having purged herself of "worldly attachments," she's viewed as having achieved something akin to enlightenment by the Buddhists of the Myouren Temple, although they question whether or not the price she paid was in her best interests.[clarification needed]


Taking actions unconsciously

As her actions are controlled entirely by her unconscious, Koishi's presence cannot be noticed by other beings unless she allows it, even while standing in plain view because she's closed her mind, or her Third Eye. Likewise, her older sister's ability to read minds has no effect on her, as she does not technically have a mind to read, which is why she said "my sister can't win against me." Even someone who manages to communicate with Koishi will forget about her after she leaves, unless they already knew of her as Satori's sister.

Some children are immune to this effect due to their still-developing minds, leading Koishi to become their "imaginary friend", though they will forget about her when they grow up.[2] Other than making others unable to perceive her existence, it also makes the act of doing so difficult to perceive. Practically, without being noticed by tengu or the other youkai, she climbed Youkai Mountain. However, as Satori's presence has been made generally known among the youkai of Gensokyo, Koishi has begun to be recognized by other residents as of late.

The youkai satori, on whom she and her older sister are based, by the actions of the humans' unconscious, they saw painful experiences. Due to this it is also not known if this ability was spoken of cynically in the past. However, since she closed her third eye which can read minds, she became unable to read others' minds. As she said herself, "reading people's minds is depressing, there's nothing good about it."

Manipulation of the Unconscious

Koishi's presence cannot be "felt" by anyone unless she has entered their direct field of vision and is forgotten by most people as soon as she leaves it. She can manipulate the unconsciousness of every living thing around her, allowing her to make them see everything she desires [3] and make them confront their own weaknesses hidden inside their hearts, as seen in lot of her Spell Cards.


Koishi currently resides at the Palace of the Earth Spirits, but she is also a laywoman in regards to the Myouren Temple as a recent convert to Buddhism, at Byakuren Hijiri's request.


Koishi wanted to receive the blessing of Kanako Yasaka so she could give her own pets power as Satori's pets were, so Koishi does apparently have pets. During and after the events of Hopeless Masquerade, Koishi now possesses the original Mask of Hope that once belonged to Hata no Kokoro before she lost it. Koishi found it while wandering around Gensokyo, and because of this, she temporarily obtained the emotion of hope.


To escape the fear and hatred which other beings feel towards the satori species, she attempted to destroy her mind-reading ability by closing her Third Eye. However, this had the side effect of sealing away her own conscious mind, causing her to lose all thoughts and motives; she could no longer be hated, but neither could she be loved, or even remembered by people who saw her.

Character Design


Koishi Komeiji (古明地 こいし) is her full name. Her surname Komeiji (古明地, lit. "ancient-bright earth") is an actual Japanese surname, seen mainly in the Yamanashi prefecture. There are two common ways to interpret her given name Koishi, based on which kanji are used. The kanji in "恋思", though not a Japanese word as a compound, mean "will/thought of love." The second writing, "小石", means "little rock." This could be connected to her ability, indicating her lack of presence, as she is often compared to a little rock sitting on the side of the road in official texts.

The ending of Koishi's storyline in Hopeless Masquerade suggests the origin for the name of Koishi. "Once hope is lost no one will be able to see her (Koishi) again, just like a small rock (小石, pronounced koishi as well) on the roadside."


In Subterranean Animism, Koishi has wavy, green or greyish, short hair and dark green eyes, wears a black hat with a yellow ribbon around it. A closed, blue-purplish "third eye" is positioned over her heart, with cords wrapped around her torso and attached to each of her ankles. She wears a yellow shirt with diamond-like blue buttons and dark green collar. The skirt is also green with a faint flowery pattern, but is lighter. Her socks are black. As of Hopeless Masquerade, she has bright green hair and dark green eyes. Her "third eye" is also towards a purple colour.

Satori and Koishi's design may have been inspired by the 1939 painting by Frida Kahlo titled "The Two Fridas". The subject is essentially two identical women (sisters/clones/twins...) with visible hearts and external arteries that seem to connect and wrap around their shoulders and arms, where one of them has a cut artery and a pair of scissors in hands (resembling Koishi, who has closed her third eye).



Subterranean Animism
Koishi's sprite in SA

During the main events of the main scenario, it's said that Koishi was present the whole time the heroine was in the Underworld, but they never noticed her. After the events of the main story in Subterranean Animism, Koishi heard that her sister and pets fought a human from above ground, and also heard about Utsuho Reiuji's new power. Desiring that kind of power for her own pets, she decided to go to Gensokyo to pray for divine blessings. Thanks to her unconscious ability, she managed to reach the Moriya Shrine atop of Youkai Mountain around the same time the Heroine decides to pay a visit to the Gods in the Mountain in the game's Extra Stage. Koishi provokes a fight, and is defeated. After this encounter, however, Koishi somewhat regretted having closed her third eye and became curious enough to want to start actually meeting people.

Hopeless Masquerade

Koishi tumbles across Hata no Kokoro's lost Mask of Hope and picks it up. This bit of hope added to her otherwise emotionless state allows her to gather popularity when she would otherwise be invisible. She ends up so attached to the mask (unconsciously) that she refuses to return it to Kokoro and ends up keeping it after the conclusion of the story.

Urban Legend in Limbo

Unlike other characters from the cast, Koishi holds little interest for Occult Balls. She instead tries to scare people with her own urban legend, based on Miss Mary. However, it doesn't work very well, which is not really surprising as the story is based on phone calls, and Gensokyo inhabitants are unfamiliar with such an event, due to the rarity of phones to be found. Koishi eventually ends up near the Hakurei Shrine, exactly when Sumireko Usami arrives in Gensokyo. As the latter comes from the Outside World, she has a cellphone and knows the legend, and Koishi manages to scare her off Gensokyo this time.

Antinomy of Common Flowers

In Antinomy of Common Flowers, Koishi suddenly finds herself possessing Marisa Kirisame. Although neither seems to know how it happened, the duo decides to stick together and have fun with Perfect Possession. They wind up meeting the culprits of the incident, Joon and Shion Yorigami. The disastrous sisters use their magic to exchange teammates and Koishi is stolen away and forced to fight against Marisa.

Koishi has a tendency to forcibly possess other characters and having no consciousness, she herself is easy to forcibly possess.


Symposium of Post-mysticism

While talking about the underground youkai, Byakuren Hijiri becomes interested in Koishi, as she thinks her state of mind – one of emptiness – is quite close to enlightenment. At the monk's request, Koishi converted to the Buddhist faith.


Satori Komeiji

Koishi's most important relationship is her older sister, Satori Komeiji. Despite Koishi closing her mind and seemingly whimsical wandering, as well as the fact that even Satori has trouble "seeing" her, Satori does worry about her.

Minor Characters

Reimu Hakurei & Marisa Kirisame

In Koishi's profile, it is said that she met a human at the Moriya Shrine at the top of the Youkai Mountain who made her regret closing her third eye and want to learn more about this human. Though it may seem like this was talking about Sanae Kochiya, once put in to context by the extra stage of Subterranean Animism, it is clear that the human it was talking about is either Reimu or Marisa.

Rin Kaenbyou & Utsuho Reiuji

Koishi is also acquainted with Satori's pets, which include Rin Kaenbyou and Utsuho Reiuji.

Byakuren Hijiri

Byakuren has an optimistic view of Koishi's condition, believing that she is close to enlightenment, and invited her to attend Myouren Temple from time to time. Koishi accepted.[4]

Hata no Kokoro

Considered a nemesis by Kokoro due to Koishi stealing the Mask of Hope.







Name Translated Comments Games Usage
Total: 8
コンディションドテレポート Conditioned Teleport Taoism-aligned HM Equippable
フィゲッティスナッチャー Fidgety Snatcher Buddhism-aligned HM
グローイングペイン Growing Pain Shinto-aligned
Not named in ULiL or AoCF
Charged B attack
Charged B attack
キャッチアンドローズ Catch and Rose Buddhism-aligned HM
リフレクスレーダー Reflex Radar Shinto-aligned HM
スティンギングマインド Stinging Mind Taoism-aligned HM
アンアンサードラブ Unanswered Love Buddhism-aligned HM
今から貴方の所に行くね I'm Coming to You Right Now Aided by Occult Ball ULiL
A+B with Occult Ball
A+B with Occult gauge

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 26
表象「夢枕にご先祖総立ち」 Representation "All Ancestors Standing Beside Your Bed" SA
St. Ex
表象「弾幕パラノイア」 Representation "Danmaku Paranoia" SA
St. Ex
本能「イドの開放」 Instinct "Release of the Id" SA
St. Ex

抑制「スーパーエゴ」 Suppression "Super-Ego" SA
St. Ex

反応「妖怪ポリグラフ」 Response "Youkai Polygraph" SA
St. Ex
無意識「弾幕のロールシャッハ」 Unconscious "Rorschach in Danmaku" SA
St. Ex
復燃「恋の埋火」 Rekindled "The Embers of Love" SA St. Ex
深層「無意識の遺伝子」 Depths "Genetics of the Unconscious" SA St. Ex
「嫌われ者のフィロソフィ」 "Philosophy of the Despised" SA
St. Ex
「サブタレイニアンローズ」 "Subterranean Rose" SA St. Ex
心符「没我の愛」 Heart Sign "Selfless Love" DS St. 9
記憶「DNAの瑕」 Memory "DNA's Flaw" DS
St. 9
「胎児の夢」 "Embryo's Dream" DS
St. 9
「ローズ地獄」 "Rose Hell" DS St. 9
夢符「ご先祖様が見ているぞ」 Dream Sign "Ancestors are Watching You" HM
「ブランブリーローズガーデン」 "Brambly Rose Garden" HM Use-LW
本能「フロウディアン」 Instinct "Freudian" HM Story
茨符「コンファインドイノセント」 Thorn Sign "Confined Innocent" HM Story
*今から電話をするから出てね* *I'm Going to Call You Now, So Answer the Phone!* ULiL
*呪われたワン切り電話* *Cursed Dial-and-Drop Phone* ULiL Story
星恋符「スプリンクルスター&ハート」 Star Love Sign "Sprinkle Star & Heart" Co-owner with Marisa AoCF Story
恋拳符「ローズカプリチオ怪雲拳」 Love Fist Sign "Rose Capriccio's Strange Cloud Fist" Co-owner with Ichirin AoCF Story
槌恋符「大判小判ザックザクハート」 Mallet Love Sign "Rolling-in-Riches Heart" Co-owner with Shinmyoumaru AoCF Story
地妖符「イドの式神」 Earth Ghostly Sign "Shikigami of the Id" Co-owner with Ran VD Nightmare Wednesday - 2
「パーフェクトマインドコントロール」 "Perfect Mind Control" Co-owner with Satori VD Nightmare Wednesday - 3
地霊符「マインドステラリリーフ」 Earth Spirit Sign "Mind Stellar Relief" Co-owner with Utsuho VD Nightmare Wednesday - 6

Additional Information

  • Koishi's musical theme, Hartmann's Youkai Girl, may refer to Eduard von Hartmann (whose most famous work is entitled The Philosophy of the Unconscious) or Heinz Hartmann (as many of Koishi's spell cards seem to make references to ego psychology.) The track itself is also arranged so that it has symmetrical parts, making it sound remarkably similar to itself even when played reversed, possibly as a reference to the practice of backmasking.
  • If her color scheme is inverted, she will somewhat resemble her sister Satori, and vice versa.


Official Profiles

Subterranean Animism - おまけ.txt
Koishi Komeiji SA   ○EX面ボス 閉じた恋の瞳

  古明地こいし(こめいじ こいし)
  Komeiji Koishi














Extra Stage boss The Closed Eyes of Love

Komeiji Koishi

Species: Satori
Ability: Manipulating the Unconscious

Satori Komeiji's younger sister.
Like Satori, she was a youkai who has the ability to read others' minds.
However, knowing that people don't like having their minds read, Koishi closed her mind-reading third eye.

As a result, she lost her ability to read others' minds, but in return she gained the ability to take action unconsciously.
The denizens of the underground no longer hated her, but at the same time, they never feared her and animals no longer loved her.

The ability to read people's mind is the strength of one's own mind.
Closing off that ability because it's hated is just running away, and is no different from closing off one's own mind. It's effectively pushing away others' feelings and shutting down.

She became a youkai who wandered to and fro aimlessly. Personally, she thought it was fun, so it wasn't really a problem. People around her felt a little sorry for her.

Even her older sister, Satori, is unable to read Koishi's sealed-away mind, and doesn't really know where she goes or what she does there.
Just like a pet cat, she leaves and returns and leaves again according to her own whims.

Satori took pity on Koishi, ordering her pets to play with her and giving her some pets to keep as her own. She thought that taking care of the pets might give her a purpose, and it might enable her to begin opening her mind to others again. Indeed, it seemed that Koishi began to change, ever so slightly, after she began to raise her pets.

She heard that a human had come from above ground and had fought with her sister, Okuu, and the other pets, and was amazed at the incredible power-up Okuu had gotten, so she decided to go see the above ground world herself.

Because she could act unconsciously, she remained unnoticed. She could go above ground, sneak past sleeping shrine maidens, or go into the mountain the tengu guarded, and nobody would take notice of her.

In a way, it was convenient, but she was also lonely.
However, she had no mind capable of feeling this loneliness.

At her destination, the shrine atop the mountain, she happened to meet a human. Her meeting with this stranger changed her mental state ever so slightly.
She thought, how amazing it is to meet such an interesting person, and wanted to know more about her. For the first time, she regretted having closed her third eye.

 I'll start by inviting her underground to the Palace of the Earth Spirits.
 I wonder what kind of fight she had with my sister, Okuu, and Orin.
 I wonder what kind of youkai she's fought with.
 I want to hear her endless stories.

When she thought this, Koishi felt the lid of her third eye begin to shift a little.

Koishi Komeiji HM 空想上の人格保持者 古明地こいし

彼女 の日常を僅かに変化させた。

特技 超反応センス

ポーズを取ると同時に 攻撃がセットされ、
それぞれ一つずつで、 攻撃をセットすると

ラストワード ブランブリーローズガーデン


Imaginary Personality Holder, Komeiji Koishi

She remembered nothing.
When she came to, she was blended into the crowd.
Not a soul noticed it.
Every day, she lived like that - without dreams, and without hopes.
But after unexpectedly being challenged to a fight,
her daily life changed, just a little bit.

Special skill: Super-Responsive Senses

When you input a heavy melee, heavy ranged, or a special attack,
she strikes a pose while setting an attack,
and depending on certain conditions like where the opponent is or how much time has elapsed,
they will forcibly activate.
Attacks that can be set are heavy melee, heavy ranged, and special attacks.
One by one as you set the different attacks,
the reactive icon in the gauge will light up.

Last Word: Brambly Rose Garden

Draws the opponent in to a sea of random danmaku and captures them.
They cannot guard against the random danmaku,
and because touching it draws the opponent slowly towards you,
even if there is a bit of distance, it will ensnare the opponent without question.

Koishi Komeiji ULiL 本怖!貴方の後ろにいるよ


オカルト名 「メリーさんの電話」



True Horror! Standing Right Behind You

Koishi Komeiji

Occult Name "Mary's phone"

With her attacks being prepared unconsciously and then executed at her own will, she’s a character with unprecedented specialization. Without a plan you’ll shoot yourself in the foot, but by making the most of the circumstances it’s also possible to counterattack with immense power.

With that, her Occult Attack is “I’m Coming to Get You Now”.

Koishi makes a call to the character near her, and when it hits, she moves to attack them from behind.

Each time you make a call its range increases until there’s finally no escape.

Koishi Komeiji AoCF 意図せずに心を閉ざしたサトリ






Satori who Unintentionally Closed Her Heart

Koishi Komeiji

"Aw, man! I really wanted to wail
on 'er two-against-one!"

A satori who lost her mind-reading abilities by closing her third eye.

With Perfect Possession, she can possess and take over other people's bodies.
Even today, this empty-hearted satori is out there casually possessing someone.

A surprising character who interrupts with moves that differ from the player's inputs.
Her super-reflexes surpass human limitations, but whether they'll blow up in your face is up to the player who uses her.

Official Sources

Official sources

See Also


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