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() () (づか)   () (まち)
Komachi Onozuka
o̞no̞zɯᵝka̠ ko̞ma̠t͡ɕi (♫)
Komachi Onoduka
Komachi Onozuka
Komachi Onozuka in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Guide of the Sanzu River
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Manipulation of distance


Carries dead spirits to the yama (Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu)


Sanzu River, Hell

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Komachi Onozuka (小野塚 小町 Onozuka Komachi) is widely known in Gensokyo for being a slacker shinigami and a slow worker. She is Eiki Shiki's subordinate. Her conversation topics often revolve around death, suicide, the afterlife, and other related horror, but considering the nature of her job, this is perhaps not surprising. In general, she's a rather carefree individual.

General Information[edit]

Komachi first appeared in Phantasmagoria of Flower View as a boss and playable character, later reprising both roles in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. She was also a target on the final stage of Shoot the Bullet and appeared in the background of Hopeless Masquerade.


Komachi is known for being a slacker. She has a lazy, carefree personality and loves to talk, especially to the departed spirits she ferries across the Sanzu River. As a shinigami, Komachi is mildly antagonistic to people who outlive the regular life span (hermits and celestials for instance) and very antagonistic to those who destroy souls, phantoms, and other spirits.

Since Komachi is just a shinigami ferryman, it is not in her jurisdiction to take another person’s life. However, she won’t hesitate to threaten them with her scythe while issuing a warning, as seen in her interactions with Kasen Ibaraki and Tenshi Hinanawi.


Manipulating distance

It is literally the ability to manipulate the space between her present location and the destination she's heading. She uses this ability to carry out her duty of ferrying spirits of the dead across the Sanzu River (although it is unknown whether other shinigami ferrymen also possess this power or not). This ability may be used to affect both literal distance (for example, changing the physical distance that exists between two points) and apparent distance (for example, making it seem like you never get any closer to, or farther away from, a location). The effects of this ability can be seen in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, where Komachi uses it to restrict the enemies' movements.[1]

Although Komachi's official profile in Phantasmagoria of Flower View says that the width of the Sanzu River changes depending on her mood (which is presumably dictating how she uses her power), it is also mentioned in parts of the game's dialog (especially between Eiki and Sakuya Izayoi) that the width of the river is at least partially dependent upon the actual ghost being ferried.[2]

Manipulating ghosts

Probably because of her status as a shinigami, Komachi is able to control departed spirits, and even talk with them.[3][4]



Komachi posesses a scythe, which, aside from being a weapon, serves another, more subtle purpose. When the spirit of a recently deceased person arrives on the shores of the Sanzu, one of the first sights they behold is a figure carrying a large scythe. The spirit realizes, thanks to that tool, that they are looking at a shinigami; somehow, realizing that shinigami really do match their traditional image seems to reassure them, put them at ease, and come to terms with their fate more easily.[5]


A liberal use of coinage is the hallmark of Komachi's danmaku. This money comes from the spirits of the dead, who pay the shinigami a toll to ferry them across it into Higan. The money for this toll comes about due to the connections they had with others while they were alive. More specifically, the toll is the total sum of the money used by others for one's sake during one's lifetime.


The boat that Komachi uses (which she calls the Titanic[6]) to ferry souls is a special rowboat that can cross the Sanzu River, and is provided to her by Hell in order to carry out her duties. It is old and worn, but she is perhaps unable to procure a new one due to Hell's current poor financial situation.[7] Yet, a few of her spell cards in Touhou Hisoutensoku make use of this boat on land.

Character Design[edit]

Komachi's portrait in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense


Her full name is Komachi Onozuka (小野塚 小町). Komachi (小町) contains the characters that means "small" and "town," an uncommonly used term that is roughly equivalent to "the town beauty". Onozuka (小野塚) is written to contain the characters "small", "field", and "mound". Komachi's name is extremely similar to that of Ono no Komachi, a famous Heian-era waka poet, with the main difference being that the poet's name lacks the kanji zuka (). There is a famous legend regarding Ono no Komachi's grandfather, Ono no Takamura, which claimed that at night, he would descend into Hell via a well, and aid the Yama in passing judgement.


In both Phantasmagoria of Flower View's and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's official art, Komachi has red eyes and short pinkish-red hair with two ponytails tied by two double hair beads. She wears a white dress underneath a blue vest, and has an obi with a large coin tied in the center. She also carries a scythe with a wispy ripple at the end of its blade.

Her alternative outfit in Phantasmagoria of Flower View is the same as her usual outfit, except her hair beads are yellow, and her vest is green. Her alternative outfit in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is the same as her usual outfit, except her dress is red instead of blue, and she has pink hair.



Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Komachi's sprite in PoFV
Komachi's back sprite in PoFV

When the "flower incident" first occurred, she wasn't particularly bothered or worried about it. Instead, she simply carried on at her usual pace, occasionally even running away from work at times. Because of this, the huge quantity of spirits that arrived on the banks of the Sanzu River were not brought across the river to stand before the Yama. This in turn led to flowers of every season blooming as they became possessed by these unjudged souls.

She is the penultimate boss for most of the Story Mode scenarios in the game, and is an unlockable playable character. Unlike most of the other playable characters' scenarios, however, Komachi's scenario is set up as an Extra stage, where she starts with 0 extra lives and all fights are deathmatches; both her and the opponent have half a health dot to start with.


Shoot the Bullet

In Shoot the Bullet, Aya Shameimaru encountered Komachi on the final stage and took photos of her danmaku.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Komachi is on her "free time" as she wonders about the sudden changes in weather until Youmu informs her that someone is killing ghosts in order to manipulate the temperaments. She begins her "work" at the Bamboo Forest of the Lost before she goes to investigate the Hakurei Shrine's condition, where Tenshi Hinanawi appears to keep her promise to Reimu Hakurei of rebuilding the Shrine. She calls out Tenshi's immortality as a sham and states that her lifespan is already over before challenging her to a battle. Although Tenshi was defeated in the battle, Komachi is unable to send her to the Netherworld as she is simply a ferry guide shinigami rather than a reaper.

Hopeless Masquerade
Komachi in HM

Komachi make a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Divine Spirit Mausoleum stage. She is seen sleeping.


Komachi appearance in Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 12
Wild and Horned Hermit

In Wild and Horned Hermit Komachi often visits Kasen Ibara in her mansion to chat about various topics, as the arrival of a problematic hermit, lifespans, of any other event that is happening at the moment, as the Setsubun. At the end, she helps Tenshi Hinanawi to enter Kasen's house so that Tenshi could enter Avici and rescue Reimu Hakurei.

Strange and Bright Nature Deity

In chapter 4 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity Komachi is in Muenzuka taking a break when she spots the three fairies and chats with them about the decreasing number of ghosts that year.

Symposium of Post-mysticism

Komachi makes a cameo in the third part of Symposium of Post-mysticism, where Minamitsu Murasa was pouring water into her ferry. Kanako Yasaka makes note of this during the symposium.

Lotus Eaters


Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu

She is Eiki's subordinate and is often scolded for her laid-back lifestyle and work ethic.

Tenshi Hinanawi

Komachi may have a grudge against Tenshi for how Tenshi flaunts her status of celestial, which Komachi feels is undeserved. The extent of this isn't known as no other game or manga touch upon this besides Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Wild and Horned Hermit.

Kasen Ibaraki

Their interactions when Komachi visits Kasen are mildly antagonistic, but this doesn't stop Komachi from trying to give Kasen advice or information, including info on the Kishin, who are actually sent after those that live too long.

Other Relationships

She is also seen chatting with the souls of the departed as she ferries them across the Sanzu River.









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Additional Information[edit]

  • The Last Word theme in Imperishable Night, Touhou Youkai Komachi (東方妖怪小町), contains the exact kanji (小町) used in her name.
  • In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she mentions the idea of having a notebook that brought death to anyone whose name was written in it. This is an unsubtle reference to the titular possession of shinigami in the manga Death Note.
  • One of Komachi's win quotes in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody has her saying that her eyes allow her to see how long someone will live. She goes on to offer to trade her eye for half her opponent's remaining lifespan.[8] This is a blatant Death Note reference. Furthermore, it is directly contradicted in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, which states that there are shinigami in the Ministry of Right and Wrong whose specific job is measuring and calculating lifespans.


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