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Komakusa Gambling Den

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Komakusa Gambling Den
Komakusa Gambling Den
The Komakusa Gambling Den as depicted in chapter 29 of Lotus Eaters

Youkai Mountain (False Heaven Shelf)

Print Works

The Komakusa Gambling Den (駒草の賭場) is a casino owned by Sannyo Komakusa.

General Information

The gambling den is located on Youkai Mountain cliffs such as the False Heaven Shelf, and it only opens on specific days. The den constantly rotates locations among the various abandoned buildings found there, with its current location being signified by a dragon pipe hanging in front of it. [1] Regular patrons of the den are mountain youkai such as kappa, tengu, and yamawaro.

Sannyo constantly fills the place with smoke produced by 100-percent natural Youkai Mountain tobacco, in order to influence to behavior of its guests and prevent the kinds of frenzies that tend to break out in other gambling dens. It's because of this smoke that the den is considered a fine and gentlemanly recreational spot.[2]



Lotus Eaters

Mamizou Futatsuiwa heads to the den after having heard about it from Aya Shameimaru, once inside the den, dozens of Tengu, Kappa, and Yamawaro can be observed gambling via various games. Mamizou decides to play a game of Cee-lo with a group of yamawaro, she wins every round through cheating. Sannyo, suspecting this, invites Mamizou to play a game of Odds-or-evens, in which she ends up losing due to her being unable to cheat at that.



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