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Kosuzu Motoori

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本居 (もとおり)  小鈴 (こすず)
Kosuzu Motoori
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Kosuzu Motoori on the cover of CompAce
Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye
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The ability to decipher books by only touching them


Suzunaan in Human Village

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Kosuzu Motoori (本居 小鈴 Motoori Kosuzu) is a Human Village resident and a worker at the Suzunaan book renter. According to her, she's the No.1 collector of the demon books in Gensokyo. She is the main character of Forbidden Scrollery.

General Information


Kosuzu has a sweet personality, but is very confident in herself and her abilities. However, this has gotten her in trouble on one occasion already. She appears to be in an upbeat mood most of the time.


Ability to decipher books by only touching them

At the beginning of Forbidden Scrollery, Kosuzu had recently gained the ability to decipher any sort of text, no matter what language it is written in, just by touching it.

Ability to read youkai auras

By chapter 16 of Forbidden Scrollery, Kosuzu's deciphering ability had improved to the point where she could "read between the lines" by sensing the energies and emotions imprinted in writing, allowing her to detect demon books and helping her to distinguish real texts from forgeries. Hieda no Akyuu theorises that Kosuzu gained this ability from prolonged exposure to demon books.


Kosuzu is a part-timer that works at Suzunaan, a library specializing in books that appeared in Gensokyo from the outside world.


Kosuzu claims to have the largest collection of demon books in all of Gensokyo stored in the library she works at. It's essentially her pet project and hobby.


Not much is known about Kosuzu's past, but she appears to have known Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame for at least some time. At some point she started working part-time in the library Suzunaan.

Character Design


Her full name is Kosuzu Motoori (本居 小鈴). Her surname Motoori (本居) literally means "residing books" while her given name Kosuzu (小鈴) means "little bell".

She is very likely a reference to Norinaga Motoori, a prominent 18th century Japanese scholar in Kokugaku (ancient Japanese literature study) - his greatest achievement was deciphering the Kojiki. Norigana was also known to love old bells very much, which is called "kosuzu" (古鈴) in Japanese.


Kosuzu is a young girl with red eyes, light red hair and twintails adorned with bells. She wears a checkered kimono and apron with Kosuzu and 鈴奈庵 (Suzunaan) written on the front. She uses glasses to read. When she goes outdoors she'll wear a coat.




Kosuzu made her first game appearance in Hopeless Masquerade as a background character on the Human Village stage. She can be seen with a broom watching the fights that've happened in this game behind all the other humans.


Forbidden Scrollery

Kosuzu is the main character of Forbidden Scrollery. She recently gained the power to decipher all writing, though it hasn't yet been explained how. She was responsible for letting loose a smoke youkai called Enenra in an attempt to smoke out a word-eating worm youkai. Her reading of the Night Parade Picture Scroll caused objects around the village to transform into tsukumogami at night, though once this was traced to her she began restricting her reading to once per month to avoid suspicion. After attending Hata no Kokoro's performance at the Hakurei Shrine, an old scroll lead Kosuzu to deduce (correctly) that Kokoro is a youkai and (incorrectly) that Reimu was helping her steal emotions, though Mamizou managed to convince her that Reimu was being tricked and that the menreiki's next play would be under proper supervision.



Kosuzu is known to have an actual family. On several occasions, she'd talk or yell to her parents in the shop, but they were always off-panel. One example is the beginning of chapter 13 where she asks her mother if she knew where her shoes were. She also made reference to her grandfather, in which he was the one who taught Kosuzu about the "word-eating worm", but it's unknown if he's still alive.

Mamizou Futatsuiwa

A regular patron of the store in her human disguise, Mamizou Futatsuiwa speaks to Kosuzu in a friendly manner and offers her advice on supernatural matters. While Reimu frequently warns Kosuzu of the dangers of interacting with youkai artifacts, Mamizou has no such compunctions and merely advises her to keep her hobbies secret so that people like Reimu won't take her books away. Unaware of Mamizou's true nature, Kosuzu looks up to her as a role model, seemingly trusting her more than any other adult.

Hieda no Akyuu

Akyuu is Kosuzu's closest friend, and the two often meet to discuss books and strange happenings. Kosuzu is noticably more casual and outspoken around Akyuu than while speaking to her elders like Reimu and Marisa.

Minor Relationships

Reimu Hakurei

Kosuzu seems to know and respect Reimu very well, speaking to her in a friendly and polite manner. However, she has heard the rumours of the Hakurei Shrine being infested by youkai and it sometimes colours how she interprets Reimu's actions. Reimu addresses Kosuzu as "Kosuzu-chan".

Marisa Kirisame

Kosuzu is friendly with Marisa, but does not appear to know her as well as Reimu.


Additional Information

  • The logo of Suzuna'an, Kosuzu's shop is turnip (you can find it in 庵 on the graphic design of title logo of Forbidden Scrollery). It should be derived from the fact that a traditional name of turnip is suzuna (菘 / 鈴菜), which is also used these days when they celebrate new-year festival as one of the special seven vegetables of spring, but is normally called "kabu" (カブ / 蕪).
    • This vegetable also appears in the 恩頼図 ("onrai-zu" or "mitama-no fuyu-no e". It means "the graph of influence".), drawn by the adopted child of Norinaga. This turnip-like picture explains graphically the lineage of Norinaga's Japanese Study; Norinaga stands in the center, the upper part lists the names of people who affected Norinaga, and the lower does those who are affected by him.
  • Unlike the other human characters, there is no real sign as to her age is.
  • In chapter 10 and 11, Kosuzu uses a kimono with a hat that resembles the famous fictional Japanese detective Kosuke Kindaichi created by Seishi Yokomizo.


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