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() () (ひめ)
Princess Dreaming of Beauty in Danmaku
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Princess, Police officer

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"Hey, that was no big deal. Is the next one the last? And she's a shrine maiden, too."
Kotohime (Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream)

Kotohime (小兎姫) is a PC-98 character who supposed to be a princess, but has an odd personality. Everyone who meets her thinks there's something slightly weird about her, even if those people are strange themselves. She also calls herself a police officer, is a collector of things only she thinks are interesting and doesn't go out much. She's one of the many playable characters in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

Character Design


Her full name is Kotohime (小兎姫), which means "little rabbit princess".


Kotohime's design shows that she has red hair and eyes, a purple kimono with red flower markings, and has a yellow bow in her hair. Her alternate outfit is the same, except her hair and eyes are purple, and her kimono is red with purple flower markings.


Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

In Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, should she be the victor and recipient of Yumemi Okazaki's wish, she locks Reimu Hakurei in a jail cell under the pretense of being a police officer.




Additional Information

  • Kotohime appears on the cover of Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream along with all the other characters in that game.
  • Kotohime is one of the few PC-98 characters who has a full in-game portrait. Her portrait appears when she is casting a special attack.


Official Profiles

KotohimeAlternate outfit ★ 弾幕に美を夢みる姫  ・・・ 小兎姫




★ A princess dreaming of beauty in danmaku ... Kotohime.

A princess who's always a little bit "off". Since her personality is something of failure, she doesn't get out to meet people often, so no one really knows what she's like. Except that, as a proprietor of feelings most people don't have, she's something of a collector of things normal people don't find interesting.

In other words, she's a (genuine) collection freak.

I wonder why she's going to the ruins this time. (Could be just on a whim.)

Official Sources

Official sources