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庭渡 (にわたり) 久侘歌 (くたか)
Kutaka Niwatari
niwataɾi kɯtaka
Kutaka Niwatari
Kutaka Niwatari in Touhou Gouyoku Ibun
Clerical God of Hell's Checkpoint
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God of chickens (Yaoyorozu no Kami)


Healing throat illnesses


Gatekeeper of Hell


Youkai Mountain, Higan

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Strange Creators of Outer World (Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo - Everlasting Edition)

Kutaka Niwatari (庭渡 久侘歌 Niwatari Kutaka) is a god of chickens and a guard of Hell. She lives in a spring atop the Youkai Mountain but goes to Higan for her job of overseeing the gateway to otherworlds such as Hell under the yama's oversight.

General Information[edit]

Kutaka first appeared as the stage 3 midboss and boss in Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, attempting to dissuade the protagonist from entering Hell. She also appears as the extra stage midboss.


Kutaka has called herself birdbrained. When she was told not to put too much trust in the animals spirits, she states she forgot the details when asked. She also tells the protagonists that, to her, it wouldn't really matter what would happen to them, as she would've forgotten all about them by that point anyway. She speaks in a polite, somewhat refined manner, and despite already being authorized to let the protagonists through, she takes extra care to test the protagonists' strength out of concern for their well-being.


Healing throat illnesses

Character Design[edit]


Kutaka is based on Niwatarijin (ニワタリ神), a god based in rural folklore who is worshiped in many shrines throughout northeastern Japan. Niwatarijin is typically depicted as a god of agriculture, fertility, irrigation and/or safe passage, and is at times associated with chickens (niwatori) and the sacrifice thereof. One of the god's notable blessings is to cure children's whooping cough, which was associated with birds and locally referred to as tori-shabiki.

Wide variation exists in the name of the god and its shrines, both in terms of spelling and pronunciation. Variants include Niwatari/Niwatashi (庭渡, 二渡, 二羽渡, 仁和多利, 荷渡), Oniwatari/Oniwatashi (鬼渡), Newatari (根渡, 子渡), and Miwatari/Miwatashi (水渡, 新渡, 見渡, 美渡, 御渡). Various theories exist regarding which name or meaning came first, though no conclusive answer has been reached. Some shrines were originally referred to with the Buddhist terms Myoujin and Gongen, and were renamed to "jinja" in the Meiji era. Many of the shrines were also dedicated to gods from Japanese mythology at this time in addition to Niwatarijin, including water gods such as Ame no Mikumari no Kami (天水分神) or Kuni no Mikumari no Kami (国水分神).

Kutaka's role as a gatekeeper of Hell is likely drawn from the "Oniwatari" name variant. The characters "鬼渡" (oniwatari) mean "passage through oni", or "battle with oni" as in the verb "watari-au" (渡り合う, "to do combat with").


Her full name is Kutaka Niwatari (庭渡 久侘歌). Kutaka is spelled with the characters ku (久), meaning "a long time", ta (侘), which means "proud" in Chinese and "lonesome" in Japanese, and ka (歌), meaning "song". The name may be derived from "kutakake", an archaic word for "chicken". Though it was originally a derisive term, with "kake" meaning "chicken" and "kuta" meaning "rotten", it eventually came to be viewed as a refined term owing to its archaic nature. (Incidentally, "kutaka" is also Swahili for "wanting".)

Niwatari is taken directly from one of several names for Niwatarijin's shrines, spelled with the characters niwa (庭), meaning "courtyard", and watari (渡), meaning "to pass through". Relatedly, the word "niwatori" (chicken) is derived from "niwatsu-torikake" (庭つ鳥かけ), meaning "domestic kake kept in the courtyard".


Kutaka wears a brown dress under a short white jacket. Her jacket has an orange Puritan collar, over which she wears a red ribbon that resembles a rooster's wattle. She wears long brown boots. She has fluffy yellow wings and a bushy, feathery tail. She has red eyes and a light tan. Her hair is cut short and light yellow in color. On top of her head is a red nest-like extension, which is apparently host to a tiny chick. Her pose in her portrait art is a reference to a statue of Mekhila in the Buddhist temple Shin-Yakushi-ji of Nara, Japan. Mekhila is one of the Heavenly Generals and guardians of the Buddha Bhaisajyaguru. The Heavenly Generals representing the 12 Chinese Zodiacs and Mekhila is the Rooster, just like Kutaka is the chicken god.



Kutaka's sprite in WBaWC
Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

Kutaka approaches the protagonist as she enters the gateway to Hell, claiming that she has heard of her from the Yama. Although given permission to let the outsider in, she defends the gate anyway to test whether they can really survive Hell. She relents and lets them through upon being defeated, though not without a warning about the trustworthiness of their beast spirit partner.

She later returns in the Extra stage, once again trying to dissuade the protagonist from entering hell due to the coastal operations being carried out to contain Saki Kurokoma from attacking the surface.


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Touhou Gouyoku Ibun


Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu

Kutaka mentions receiving orders from a yama, which Marisa confirms is Eiki.




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