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(かそ) (だに)   (きょう) ()
Kyouko Kasodani
kasodanʲi kʲoːko (♫)
Kyouko Kasodani
Kyouko Kasodani in Ten Desires
Sutra Chanting Yamabiko
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Reflection of sound


Reciting Buddhist sutras from mountains


Youkai Mountain[1], Myouren Temple[1]

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"An echo spirit, huh?
So all you do is parrot things back?"
"That is all I do, so don't tease me about it."
Marisa Kirisame and Kyouko Kasodani (Ten Desires Stage 2)

Kyouko Kasodani (幽谷 響子 Kasodani Kyouko) is yamabiko youkai that embodies mountain echoes and is able to reflect sound waves. She is a recent arrival to Myouren Temple; with mountain echoes no longer seen as a strange, inexplicable phenomenon, she decided to enter the Buddhist discipline. She now serves the Temple as a priest in-training, and is also responsible for cleaning duties and confronting trespassers.

General Information

Kyouko first appeared as the second stage midboss and boss in Ten Desires.


Kyouko is a cheerful, dutiful, and energetic girl who reminds the heroines of the rules before attacking them. Her ability to scream out her remarks cheerfully is perceived as either unnerving or unsurprising in Gensokyo. However, she is somewhat timid, and when she runs into a mountain climber she'll flee before shouting anything out. Sometimes she can be spotted mumbling sutras to herself, so despite her well-behaved appearance, she may be under some stress.


Reflection of sound

This ability comes from her species as a Yamabiko and is very compatible with reciting Buddhist sutras, but it can also be used offensively: by reflecting sound several times, Kyouko can completely save it up and is able to create danmaku made of compressed air, which can then be loudly scattered around with lethal force.[2] In-game, this ability is represented by visible barriers that reflect and then release Kyouko's danmaku. The barriers themselves are harmless, but she can trap her bullets inside the field and increase the density of the danmaku, where unfortunately for her some bullets are directed away from the player. The reflection itself alters the trajectory of bullets so that they lead to sudden and unexpected attacks. In her sprite's motion when she attacks, she places one hand close to her mouth as if she was about to shout.


Kyouko is currently a Buddhist priest-in-training at the Myouren Temple. Her current training is apparently to sweep the main gate every morning. She also recites sutras as the other priests do, but because she's inexperienced, it is loud and difficult to listen to. It may also be because she doesn't actually know what they mean – she's only repeating what she hears other priests say.

Her daily activities at the Myouren Temple, however, leave her quite bored, and as a result of her dissatisfaction with her training, she has formed a punk rock band with Mystia Lorelei called Choujuu Gigaku. Byakuren Hijiri is not pleased with this development, and in Symposium of Post-mysticism promises to punish Mystia for being a bad influence.

Character Design


She is known as Kyouko Kasodani (幽谷 響子). The characters for Kasodani (幽谷) literally mean "Ghost Valley", and Kyouko (響子) means "resonance/echo child". Her name would appear to be a reference to her abilities as a yamabiko, since all of her attacks are based on reflective boundaries. The two kanji characters for her surname are separated from the two characters for her name, but if you put them all together minus the last kanji, you will get an alternative wording for "yamabiko" (幽谷響) - the name of her species, which is also written as やまびこ or 山彦.[3] [4]

Her surname was incorrectly written as "Kasoya" (another possible reading of 幽谷) in both the demo and the first release of Ten Desires, but this was later fixed in version 1.00b.


In Ten Desires' official art, Kyouko has teal colored hair and eyes along with yamabiko ears. She wears a long pale pink shirt with teal flower-shaped buttons and a white dress below it with black trim. It is stated in Symposium of Post-mysticism that she has a short tail. She also carries a bamboo broom.



Ten Desires
Kyouko's sprite in TD

During the events of Ten Desires, Kyouko welcomes every heroine that comes to the Myouren Temple with Danmaku in attempt to drive off the intruders. However, she is unsuccessful and allows them to investigate the graveyard behind the temple.


Hopeless Masquerade
Kyouko in HM

Kyouko made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Myouren Temple stage. She is seen sweeping on the stairs.

Impossible Spell Card

Presumably from hearing or seeing a wanted sign about the mischief-making amanojaku Seija Kijin, Kyouko appears to be one of the many youkai that tries to capture her on day 2. She uses spell cards that are considered impossible to dodge.


Wild and Horned Hermit

Kyouko was depicted as one of the youkai at the Myouren Temple that was attacked by a strange "black mist", later revealed to be Suika Ibuki.

Later on, she helped Mystia run her Lamprey stall during the Tori-no-Ichi festival.

Symposium of Post-mysticism

Aya Shameimaru covers the concerts at the middle of the night of a group called "Choujuu Gigaku", formed by Kyouko and Mystia Lorelei. From her point of view, they are concerts where they "perform off-key music while shouting rebellious lyrics" known as new genre called "punk". When she asked Kyouko about what she thought about the people who complains about their music and the volume, she only responded asking why people can shout "Hello" at the top of the mountain but she can't do it in a concert. Aya, after investing the lyrics of the songs, says that maybe they are just venting about what annoys them, but she hopes there are no real incidents.


Among the others at the Myouren Temple, she is fond of Mamizou Futatsuiwa, whom she says will listen to any of her concerns. Other information is quite sparse, but it is assumed that she knows the others living at the temple.

Mystia Lorelei

Together with Mystia they have a band called "Choujuu Gigaku".





Spell Cards

Spell cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 11
響符「マウンテンエコー」 Echo Sign "Mountain Echo" TD St. 2: E/N
響符「マウンテンエコースクランブル」 Echo Sign "Mountain Echo Scramble" TD St. 2: H/L
響符「パワーレゾナンス」 Echo Sign "Power Resonance" TD St. 2: E/N/H/L
山彦「ロングレンジエコー」 Mountain Echo "Long-Range Echo" TD St. 2: E/N
山彦「アンプリファイエコー」 Mountain Echo "Amplify Echo" TD St. 2: H/L
大声「チャージドクライ」 Great Voice "Charged Cry" TD St. 2: E/N
大声「チャージドヤッホー」 Great Voice "Charged Yahoo!" TD
St. 2: H/L
山彦「ヤマビコの本領発揮エコー」 Mountain Echo "Yamabiko's Specialty Echo Demonstration" TD Ov
叫喚「プライマルスクリーム」 Scream "Primal Scream" ISC St. 2
劈音「ピアッシングサークル」」 Piercing Sound "Piercing Circle" ISC St. 2
御経「無限念仏」 Sutra "Infinite Nianfo" ISC St. 2

Additional Information

  • When Kyouko is ready to launch her next wave of attacks, her sprite is animated to make a shouting motion. Her ears vibrate extremely fast, almost like a blur.
  • Kyouko was featured on the official demo CD of Ten Desires.
  • Both of the sayings on her sprites, "gya-te-gya-te-" and "ze-mu-to-do-shu-" are from the latter part of the Japanese version of the Heart Sutra, a very common sutra in Mahāyāna Buddhism.


Official Profiles

Ten Desires - キャラ設定とエキストラストーリー.txt
Kyouko Kasodani TD  ○2面ボス  読経するヤマビコ

  幽谷 響子(かそだに きょうこ)
  Kasodani Kyouko







 ○2nd stage boss Sutra Chanting Yamabiko

Kyouko Kasodani

Species: Yamabiko
Ability: Reflecting sound

You may have loudly shouted "Yahoo-!" when climbing a mountain. If you hear a "Yahoo-!" in response, then it's a yamabiko at work.

She lives in the mountains, and when she hears a joyous voice, she replies back with a loud yell. A youkai that loves to join in on the fun.

But these days, superstitions like "Yamabiko (mountain echoes) are just sound waves being reflected back to you-" have become commonly held. Realizing the emptiness of secularism, she decided to enter the Buddhist discipline.

Her ability works well with reciting Buddhist sutras. It is her everyday work in the mountains.

And by doing so, she now inspires fear as "a sutra-reciting voice coming from a mountain where no one is present", so she was able to retain her place as a youkai.

Official Sources

Official sources