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LORD of VERMILION, or LoV for short, is an online trading duel card arcade game, developed by Think Garage and distributed by Square Enix.

Touhou Characters in LORD of VERMILION[edit]

Reimu Hakurei and Yuyuko Saigyouji were introduced in version Re:2~再征~ as playable guest characters. ZUN confirmed on his tweet[1] in twitter that he wrote the flavor texts for them.

Cards' Info[edit]

Reimu and Yuyuko's card information, quoted from the LORD of VERMILION wiki and the card-trading site Yuyu-tei.


Species Weakness No. Rarity Name Cost HP ATK DEF Speed Type Target
Human Beasts Flame 096 Super Rare Reimu Hakurei 15 420 50 40 4 Thunder Single
Special Move Category Special Move Name Special Move (Target) Field Skill Support Skill Illustrator
Recovery Great Hakurei Barrier
Recover the HP of all allies within the range. Also, the defence power will increase for certain time [Time: Late]
Multiple W Gate W Regenerate Choko Fuzi (藤ちょこ)
職業:巫女さん Occupation: Miko-san
出身地:幻想郷 Birthplace: Gensokyo
住処:博麗神社 Residence: Hakurei Shrine
能力:空を飛ぶ程度の能力 Ability: The Ability to Float
趣味:宴会 Hobby: Feasts
最近の夢:妖怪の殲滅 Recent Dream: The Annihilation of Youkai
フレーバーテキスト Flavor Text

「え? 何これインタビュー?

何か言わないといけないの? というかあんた誰?」
It was there, within the mountain distance away from the human village, in the far off country in the East—Gensokyo. It has been a while since it was separated from the outside world by the Barrier, which the youkai have made.

Things that were forgotten from this world, things that were no longer needed, have been gathered around at the place. Due to such nature, Gensokyo should have become a paradise for the youkai.
Reimu Hakurei is too, one of the people residing in Gensokyo, who makes her living by exterminating youkai.
"Huh? What's this, an interview?

Do I have to say something? I mean, who are you anyway?"


Species Weakness No. Rarity Name Cost HP ATK DEF Speed Type Target
Immortal Light 093 Super Rare Yuyuko Saigyouji 25 460 55 50 3 Thunder Multiple
Special Move Category Special Move Name Special Move (Target) Field Skill Support Skill Illustrator
Weaken The Perfect Ink-black Cherry Blossom
Decrease the defense power of all enemies within the range for certain time. Also, erases the attack type [Time: Quick]
Multiple Shield Search - Yuki Hiiro (緋色雪)
職業:亡霊 Occupation: Ghost
出身地?:冥界 Birthplace?: Netherworld
住処:白玉楼 Residence: Hakugyokurou
能力:死を操る程度の能力 Ability: The Ability to Manipulate death
趣味:アンチエイジング Hobby: Anti-aging
生前の夢:安らかな死 Dream When Alive: Peaceful Death
フレーバーテキスト Flavor Text


「いくら何でも盛りすぎじゃないですか? 幽々子様」
How many times has she seen this cherry blossom flowering since she died?

She got bored by the time she counted nine, and thought to stop there at one digit.
But then she regretted that she should have at least tried to count up to somewhere around 9999, and now counts a random number every year, as if to make up for the past she hadn't counted.
"Youmu, that will be the 5,873rd cherry blossom flowering by this year. Isn't it beautiful?"

"Don't you think that's exaggerating too much, Lady Yuyuko?"

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