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LYX, also known as LYX-TEST (エルワイエックス-テスト) and 迪拉克之海 (Dirac Sea), is a Chinese Touhou player. He has been active since 2004, who has extensively played most games of the series before Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. November and December of 2008 were very fruitful period for this player, bringing him five new world records. It's noteworthy that most of his greatest achievements are made with characters that are potentially best in terms of scoring, but at the same time hardest to master.

Aside from his native Chinese, LYX also speaks Japanese and English to a considerable extent.

Early Days

LYX recounts his 16th anniversary of being a Touhou fan in this post. In 2004, he was introduced by a high school friend to Imperishable Night, because that friend saw him playing Metal Slug 2 and thought he would be interested in a game considered to be "danmaku hell". He began recounting his opinions of each Touhou game in late 2020, translated here.

Mountain of Faith

LYX was a proficient Mountain of Faith player. As of July, 2010, he holds world records with Marisa-C in Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic, which are all highest scores in the respective difficulty modes. His Extra score of 981 million (made on 2007/10/16) had been a world record as well, until たろー beat it with 990 million on 2007/12/22. His Normal and Hard mode records were toppled by 水月 in a similar manner, but later reclaimed. In November 2010, his Easy mode score was toppled by his friend Z.Blade.

LYX has been among the first players to exceed 2 billion on Hard mode of the game, and the first to exceed an important landmark of 2.2 billion on Lunatic. His current Lunatic record is the highest score ever registered in Mountain of Faith; in his Royalflare submission comments he thanks minama the first player to break 2.1 billion on Lunatic, and HS参謀 of Perfect Cherry Blossom fame, who provided support in achieving this goal. LYX and minama estimate it to be possible to squeeze 4-5 million more with perfect play. Likewise, 2.05 billion should be attainable on Hard mode.

Subterranean Animism

LYX holds several notable records in Subterranean Animism, all made with Marisa-B. All of them were the highest in their respective difficulty modes registered at the time, proving the scoring potential of this character. The only exception was the Lunatic score which was less than 8 million away from then-current record by AM. The submitted replays were filled with advanced strategies lifted from UnKnown's landmark replays as well as LYX's own research on the subject.

As of November, 2010, his Hard record remains the highest overall Hard mode score, and his Lunatic score of 3.997 billion is the #2 Marisa-B score and the #9 highest overall. Easy and Normal records each stood for over a year before being toppled by にゃんこ in mid-2010 by a comparatively small margin.

Other Touhou efforts

LYX has an Imperishable Night Lunatic mode score of 5.52 billion, made with Sakuya and Remilia in 2007/07/06. In October 2010, he resumed playing, in order to forget the pain of his operation. Then he published a 5.68 billion replay in Royalflare, then deleted it and uploaded his old 5.52 billion replay, apologizing for using Vsync Patch. His current high score is 5.74 billion, also made using Vsync Patch.

He has also been one of the first players to research Undefined Fantastic Objects in-depth scoring routes, stumbling upon several early discoveries in doing so. Continued research and experimentation led LYX to the first 1.9 billion score set on the Easy mode, for which he used Marisa-A. Later on he achieved 2.66 billion in Normal mode, also made with Marisa-A. In that run, he missed in the last spell of Hiziri Byakuren, and said 2.7 billion is attainable, both with Marisa-A and Sanae-B.

Other games

Aside from Touhou series, LYX also plays arcade shoot-'em-ups. As reflected on his blog, the games he has been playing recently are DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu 1.5, in which he recently attained over 799 billion points with C-Power ship (and over 800 billion points but no-clear as well), and Espgaluda II, in which he recently attained over 897 million points with Ageha. He said he would target a clear score of 800 billion in DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu 1.5, and 900 million points in Espgaluda II.

Recent Years

In recent years (2016 onwards), he has not played official Touhou games as much, referring to Wily Beast and Weakest Creature as a "garbage game" when asked if he would play it[1]. Instead, his efforts have been focused on DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, and playtesting various fangames. He served as primary playtester for Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II, writing the game's official manual, Elegant Impermanence of Sakura, also writing that game's manual, and Blue Devil in the Belvedere.

Notable player scores

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Imperishable Night Lunatic Sk & Rr 5,747,873,040 (#3) 2010/11/09 0 miss 7 bomb sc 36/37 with v-patch
Mountain of Faith Easy Marisa-C 1,568,890,490 (#2) 2009/07/16
Normal Marisa-C 1,690,034,600 (WR) 2009/08/13
Hard Marisa-C 2,041,705,080 (WR) 2009/06/28
Lunatic Marisa-C 2,200,980,950 (WR) 2010/07/26
Extra Marisa-C 981,720,940 (#5) 2007/10/16
Subterranean Animism Easy Marisa-B 678,795,190 (#2) 2008/12/04 33184 graze points.
Normal Marisa-B 1,139,658,750 (#2) 2008/12/12 47761 graze points.
Hard Marisa-B 1,962,607,560 (WR) 2009/02/17 60396 graze points.
Lunatic Marisa-B 3,997,470,590 (#2) 2009/05/01 2 lives remaining, 86728 graze points.
Undefined Fantastic Object Easy Marisa-A 1,923,821,640 (WR) 2010/05/29 23254 graze points.
Normal Marisa-A 2,661,736,550 (WR) 2010/08/31 36834 graze points.

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  1. In the comments of this post