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Labyrinth of Touhou/Dungeons/28F

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28F: The Cave Where Forgotten Heroes Lie

When you follow the first path on this floor, you'll soon reach a blue symbol that is reminiscent to those on 10-12F and the main gimmick of this floor. They warp you one space ahead in the direction you were facing when you entered them. Because of so many of those teleporters, navigating this floor can be a bit confusing, possibly even more than 27F. If you want to explore in a certain direction, it is best to look at the map and track the way from that point back to the start. There are also a lot of one-way-passages that often lead you back near the start of the maze. It will take you a lot of time to explore this floor, but the treasure is worth it (especially the Rhododendron Dress near the actual exit to 29F). The stairs to the next floor are actually very close to the starting point (right east of it), but the maze leads you all over the place until you finally get there. There is no boss on this floor or any other special events.

Notable Enemies

The jump in difficulty from 27F to this floor is quite big. The most dangerous encounter on this floor are 3x Victorious Little Tengu. These enemies have 1500 Speed and have very strong Multi-target attacks. In fact, if you do not have anyone faster than them in your active party, their attacks, most notable the powerful God Press, are likely to take out anyone but your tanks. Unless you have someone fast enough already, you should grind on lower floors until you start exploring here.

If you encounter a single Golden Massive Kedama, don't be fooled: It is actually 4 of those enemies (by SkillPts 49600 (all)/12400 (one) = 4) stacked on top of each other. Not only do they have a lot of HP (about 2 million) and strong attacks, only the one ATB of the enemies that is fullest is visible. If you want to fight them, use someone who can paralyze with Multi-target-attacks, like Mystia, Komachi or Yukari. It's ok to beat it with full power with attacks like Marisa's Asteroid Belt or Kaguya's Hourai Barrage. Together with other single or multi target attacks you should beat it before it get chance to move.

Magical Mediators seem to have extremely good defenses. However, they really only have extremely high resistances against all elements. Use non-elemental attacks to defeat them. They're the only source of Seraphim Diamond in the game.

Kedama Goddesses are a bit like Magical Mediators with even higher defenses, high resistances (except against NTR, which it's neutral to), but much less HP. Non-elemental attacks work well once more, but the best attack to use is probably Kaguya's Swallow's Courie Shell, which will handily wipe all the Kedama Goddesses on the other side in one hit.

The line of strategists continue to evolve into Super Strategists into this floor. They're slower than the Victorious Little Tengus (though still quite fast, sitting at a speed of 1400), but if you let them get a turn, they can either grants a buff to all offensive and defensive stats of all enemies, or allow them to all act immediately and add a speed buff to boot. If Prayer of Supremacy from Famous Strategists were bothering you, these guys have a much higher chance to use their "ATB to full" spell, which stresses the importance of the need to outspeed them.



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