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Labyrinth of Touhou/Troubleshooting

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I have black screen with just New Game, Load Game, and quit. When I choose "New game", the game freezes. What should I do?

Make sure the file path has no Japanese characters in it.

The games crashes after a few seconds: I see the title screen, but the game closes right before the menu appears.

You need to install 2 font files : DFMincho-UB (dfminc.ttc) and HGSoeiKakupoptai (hgrpp1.ttc)

I can't find those fonts anywhere.

They're included with the English patch.

The game shows only a blank screen and flashes a few times before crashing and I get a notification saying my display driver failed.

The latest drivers for certain nVidia video cards (8400m ,8600m, 9600gt and GT120 (maybe all from Geforce 8 and higher?) are confirmed so far) are unable to run the game. You can fix this by installing an older version of the driver.
This can now be fixed easily. Simply go to Nvidia Control Panel/3D Settings, then Program Settings, add the Labyrinth of Touhou executable, and change the option "Antialiasing - Mode" to "Override any application setting." This has not been tested on all drivers or cards but should work. This also seems to work for other touhou fangames with similar problems, for example, Sanae Challenge!.

The text is floating randomly around the screen!

We don't have a solution yet. But the English Patch's creator said he'll MAYBE create a update.


They will get corrected in the next update of the English patch.
  • Tenshi's spell "State of Enlightenment" causes PAR and SIL, not PSN.

Some spells don't do the effect they say in their description, and you didn't put them as mistranslations.

The ones listed here are not mistranslations. The japanese version also says the same. We don't know if the creators are planning to correct them next time they release an update. The summaries won't get changed in any future update of the English patch unless the creators modify them first, so learn here the ones who have that error.
  • Nitori's Megawatt Linear Gun is said in the spell description to be FIR element. This was true in early versions of the game; in the patches/Plus Disk, when they changed it to be non-elemental, they forgot to change its description.
  • Yuyuko's Ghastly Dream has the additional effect of decreasing the enemy's active gauge.
  • Renko's Galaxy Stop does not decrease your party's active gauges.
  • Yuuka's Beauty of Nature is said to be a single-target attack on the first line. It is actually a multi-target attack.
  • Suwako's Mishaguji-sama decreases the enemy's DEF, instead of ATK.

The stairway or the path to the stairway to floor 21 won't appear.

This is a glitch in the game that english users will need a memory editor to deal with. The game uses a very simply xyz coordinates system. Go to floor 20, don't move and use the memory editor to move yourself to floor 21. Go into the teleporter and go straight up. You should activate a new floor event. Now go back to home and go to floor 18. Use the memory editor to move to floor 22. Touch the relay point.
I heard that by following these steps that you can unlock the stairs as normal without the need for a memory editor. (requires reinstalling the game since it's said to be caused by an installation error.); not quite fully confirmed (heard it from someone else, but it's worth trying)
  • Download a clean copy of the game (Not sure which parts or both)
  • Move the contents of the plus disk folder to the normal game folder
  • THEN patch it to 2.04 and finally apply the eng patch.

After collecting 100 items, the star won't appear.

Beat the last boss again for it to update.

Some spellcard animations (like Reimu's Evil Sealing Circle and Yuyuko's Ghostly Dream's Butterfly) play uncorrectly because of the RADEON videocard

When I upgrade to special disk, all my characters are level 0 and unupgradeable!

Ah, what you did was just move the contents inside (Save1,Save2,Save3 etc) the folder instead of moving the single Save folder. That should fix it.