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11F is fairly simple in terms of navigation. There's a blue orb on the left side you have to activate in order to get access to the second half of the area, and there's a small section that can only be accessed from 10F. Be sure to explore this area thoroughly, as there are some good items, including one of the two postgame-exclusive Stones of Awakening.

The real challenge here is the enemies. Though their level range is 100-110, don't expect to do well if you head in here right after beating the game. The enemies here are fast and hard-hitting. They're mostly higher-level versions of enemies from the main section of 11F, with some new ones thrown in. These new enemies are worth noting for their tendency to have very high defenses, making them hard to kill in addition to hard-hitting, so you'll want defense-ignoring attackers such as Rumia and Utsuho. Try to have levels in at least the 130s before heading into this area, and make sure you've raised your sweepers' SPD. You'll need speed in the 400s to act before most enemies here (don't bother trying to outpace the Helix Weathercocks), though you'll probably be alright if most of your sweepers have SPD in the 300s. Many enemies here can be paralyzed, so it may also be worth bringing in a SPD-focused Cirno or Mystia to try and disable them before they can act.


Again, navigating this floor is easy. The only thing of note is three rocks about halfway through. Right in front of the rocks is a staircase up to 11F that leads to a small room with three switches. Each switch corresponds to a rock, and activating the switch (which will make it disappear until a different switch is activated) allows you to move past the rock. Only one switch can be active at a time, but there's no real complexity to the areas beyond. The stairs down to 9F are behind the rightmost rock; the others just have items. It is, however, very important to make a thorough sweep of the floor for items, as they include the final Stone of Awakening. If you've found all 12, you receive the Jewel of Greater Awakening as an achievement reward, allowing you to assign subclasses to every character.

The enemies here are mostly the same as 11F, though fortunately the Helix Weathercocks no longer appear. Defense-ignoring attacks continue to be important, though you may be reaching a point where your stronger attackers are starting to get through. It's definitely worth fighting if you can, as battles here give very good EXP. Not as good as the enemies in 20F Depths, perhaps, but you can still expect to gain several levels as you explore.


Once again, navigation is not likely to be an issue on this floor; there are no real obstacles to exploration. It is, however, quite large, so be prepared to spend a fair amount of time working your way through it. Take note of the relay point on the left side; just past it is The Great 'C', one of the post-game bosses.

As you may be noticing, the challenge in these extra areas comes from the enemies. You'll be seeing higher-leveled 9F enemies now, once again with some new ones in the mix. Of particular note are the Jungle Ooze and Emerald Nut. Jungle Oozes regenerate about 79K HP per turn, so you'll need to hit them hard before or between their turns. Emerald Nuts, meanwhile, have low HP but extremely high defenses. Nothing short of complete defense-ignoring attacks will do the job here; even Kaguya's People of the Moon skill or Utsuho's Giga Flare won't be enough to get through.


Things are still simple here. This floor is divided into two sections, with a teleporter connecting them. In addition, the first section has a rock requiring 48 party members to get past.

The enemies here aren't much different than the last floor's, though it's worth noting that you'll start seeing Daphnids again, and they still heal the entire enemy party every turn. These should be priority targets. Overall, though, if you made it down here without much difficulty, you'll continue to do fine.


This is where the extra areas start to get a bit more complex. The first section of this floor is simple, but you'll soon find a rock that requiring having defeated 2 enhanced bosses, and past it things become more complicated. Though the temperature gimmick from the main game doesn't return, 14F's holes do make a repeat appearance in 14F's extra section, taking you to new areas on 13F, so expect to switch between the two floors frequently.

The enemies here will likely be too much for a party just entering the extra areas, but if you can handle 8F's extra section you'll do fine. You'll be up against high-level 13F enemies now, again with a few new varieties, so you should more or less know what to expect.