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Congratulations, you've beaten the game! But you're still far from done. A number of things become available.

Boss Rush[edit]

After recruiting 46 characters, you can access the boss rush on the east side of the final boss' area on 20F. This will pit against the monster bosses back to back. Instead of each being it's own battle, the new boss will simply replace the fallen boss with 0 ATB, so use the early, easy bosses as a chance to buff up before the later bosses. Beware that during the fight with the 3 Golden Orbs, Golden of Canopy will be the only one that start with 0 ATB while the other two orbs start with 5000 ATB.

Once you have defeated the Boss Rush, you will gain a sub-equipment "Great Question's Mask." After that, Enhanced Boss Rush can be fought for another "Great Question's Mask" once you have beaten all 12 Enhanced Bosses.

Extra Areas[edit]

On 12F, there are two rocks that were previously impassible. Now, you can go beyond them to stairs leading up or down. These stairs lead to large extra areas with more enemies, more treasure, and more bosses. They go down to 8F and up to 16F. Most of these areas require to have beaten a certain number of Enhanced Bosses or recruit a certain number of characters. The bosses are:
9F: The Great "C" -Requires you to press a switch on 8F extra area
11F: The Second Sun -Requires you to have beaten all 12 Enhanced Bosses
14F: Desire-Eating Demon -Requires you to have collected at least 116 different pieces of sub-equipment
16F: Guardian of the Crystals -Doesn't require anything per se, but 16F extra can't be entered without having recruited all 48 characters

Once you've defeated all 4, you can go to 21F and activate the four events there. When you do, you can challenge the Enhanced version of Ame-no-Murakumo.

Enhanced Bosses[edit]

Unlocked after you have defeated the Boss Rush. All of the monster bosses return more powerful than before. They can found in the same locations as their mundane version.
1F: Malignut Eater's Shadow
3F: Poison Wasp's Shadow
4F: Paralyzing Wasp's Shadow
5F: Kraken's Shadow
6F: Orchid's Shadow
7F: Demonic Eye's Shadow
14F: Knowledge's Shadow
15F: Azure Giant's Shadow
16F: Black Goddess's Shadow
18F: Dark Orb of Reverse Time, Dark Orb of Forward Time and Dark Orb of the Canopy
20F: Mirror of Darkness, Magatama of Darkness

Elemental Affinities Ailment Resistances
Malignut Eater's Shadow 112 1128000 YOU BST ONI × × × × ×
Poison Wasp's Shadow 116 1888200 HUM FLY INS
Paralyzing Wasp's Shadow 118 2008200 HUM FLY INS × × × × × ×
Kraken's Shadow 120 1940000 HUM YOU AQA ×
Orchid's Shadow 122 880000 PNT AQA INO × × × × × ×
Demonic Eye's Shadow 124 2224000 PNT ONI × × ×
Knowledge's Shadow 126 2780000 GST ONI × × × ×
Azure Giant's Shadow 128 2584400 HUM ONI × ×
Black Goddess's Shadow 130 1666666 ONI OTH × × × × ×
Dark Orb of Forward Time 132 1960000 INO ONI OTH × × ×
Dark Orb of Reverse Time 132 1180000 INO ONI OTH × × × × ×
Dark Orb of Canopy 132 1280000 INO ONI OTH × × × × × ×
Mirror of Darkness 134 1488000 ONI DVN ×
Magatama of Darkness 136 1588660 ONI DVN ×
  • In Plus Disk, Black Goddess's Shadow had her HP buffed to 1666666 from 1266666.

These bosses are mostly the same as the first time, just much, much stronger. Their attacks and resistances are also changed slightly. The Poison Wasp's Shadow, Azure Giant's Shadow and Knowledge's Shadow stand out as being particularly difficult. These are the changes between the Enhanced Bosses and their normal versions.

  • Malignut Eater's shadow is weak to Silence but resistant to Dark and debuff. It also gains "Poison", a single-target Nature attack that inflicts Poison.
  • Poison Wasp's Shadow is highly resistant to debuff.
  • Kraken's Shadow is weak to Paralysis but immune to debuff. It loses its normal "Attack" and Storm of Blue Rain but gains "Poison", a single-target Nature attack that inflicts Poison.
  • Orchid's Shadow is immune to Poison and resistant to Shock. It may use Shell Melter to drop its defensive stats by 10000.
  • Demonic Eye's Shadow is weak to debuff instead of very weak to it, making it harder to debuff it.
  • Knowledge's Shadow is neutral to Shock and weak to Silence.
  • Azure Giant's Shadow is neutral to debuff instead of resistant to it.
  • Black Goddess's Shadow is weak to Heavy and Terror, neutral to Shock and immune to Silence.
  • Dark Orb of Reverse Time is immune to Death and Dark Orb of the Canopy is resistant to Paralysis instead of immune to it and both will cast Detonation, which will reduce the casters HP to 1 and deal damage to your party based on the lost HP, if one of them is the only orb left.
  • Magatama of Darkness gains HP regeneration and it is immune to debuff. It increases its SPD by 64 every turn.
  • The Mirror of Darkness is now heavily resistant to Fire, Cold, Wind and Nature and it is resistant to Physical instead of heavily resistant. It is very weak to Silence. It increases its MAG by 600 every turn.

The following is (currently) a tip for preparing for the Enhanced Bosses.

  • Grind at 20F Depth, which gives a hefty amount of EXP, until your Level are at around 150 or more.
  • Your Library Points should be at around your level.
  • Farm more equipment at the extra areas. There are a few good items there. Look at Keine's Bestiary if you don't know what to get.
  • If you want to fight the postgame bosses at challenge Level, you can de-level at the shrine. Note that you don't have to delevel your Level Up Bonuses, you can still keep the excess with no penalty. OR you can kick some of your party members out until your party average level is at the challenge level. You can do this at the Human Village by pressing A at the character you want to remove.

Should you be feeling lazy, Malignut Eater's Shadow and The two Wasp's Shadow are both vulnerable to instant death. With Reisen, Demonic Eye's Shadow and Azure Giant's Shadow are vulnerable too.

Once you've beaten all 12, you can attempt the Enhanced Boss Rush on the west side of the final boss's area on 20F.

Renko and Maribel[edit]

You can now recruit Renko and Maribel. To recruit Renko, you must defeat Shredding Amnesieri, Aria-Singing Toruastory and Staring Igmaruji. Shredding can be found on 16F, by the FOE. Aria-Singing is found on 17F, past the rock by the waypoint that requires you to have defeated 6 Enhanced Bosses. Staring is found on 18F, past the rock by the end waypoint that requires you to have defeated all 12 Enhanced Bosses. Once you've defeated all three, you can access the previously inaccessable area on 16F and find Renko. Once you have Renko, Maribel can be found on 11F, on the far north end.

Enhanced Ame-no-Murakumo[edit]

HP Level Recommendation EXP Money Drop
Affinities Resistances
Avatar - Ame-no-Murakumo 4500000 200+ 0 0 None
Affinities Resistances
Ame-no-Murakumo's Right Arm 2500000
Affinities Resistances
Ame-no-Murakumo's Left Arm 2000000

NOTE: Even though the boss icon still labeled the boss level as level 100. The Avatar - Ame-no-Murakumo's level will be at 170 and its arms will be at 160. You can still receive bonuses from taking on it at the challenged level though.

The battle starts exactly the same as its normal version but it is impervious to all damage until it gets a turn. After it gains a turn, it will be replaced by Avatar - Ame-no-Murakumo, Ame-no-Murakumo's Right Arm and Ame-no-Murakumo's Left Arm. Unlike The Great "C" battle, the summoned bosses do not have invulnerabilities.

Ame-no-Murakumo's Right Arm mostly attacks you with "Storm" elemental spells that you have already seen before. Its powerful spell among those moves is Space Compression for multi-target non-elemental attack. Its annoying spells are Shredder which removes all of your buff, Oracle of Eternal Heaven and Earth which remove debuffs and ailments inflicted on its allies and GravitonWall which buffs all of its allies' stats except Speed by 50%. If you deal enough damage to it, it will concentrate and cast a powerful multi-target elemental spell such as Flowing Hellfire, Wild Dance of Freezing Mist, Great Tree that Descended From The Sky as Fire, Cold and Spirit spell respectively or Shining Arrows From The Sky (Multi-target Spirit spell that can inflict Shock) next turn. It has very high Defense but low Mind. Its weakness to Silence can be used to lower its Mind even further and reduces the damage from its Magic attacks.

Ame-no-Murakumo's Left Arm is a pure supporter. It can cast Golden Protection to buff all allies' defensive stats by 50%, Azure Shining Light for all-stats debuff, Destroy Magic (which seems to always target your main attackers) or Black Universe. Its most annoying spell is Time Space Warp which randomly switch your front party members but it uses up its timebar. Its another annoying move is Oracle of Sacred Mirror Dedication which heals all of its allies for 500k. So, the left arm must be killed first. Its weakness to Paralysis is must be exploited to prevent the left arm from healing others and do anything worse. It has very high Mind but low Defense.

Both arms should be killed before moving on Avatar - Ame-no-Murakumo as either survived arm will cast Second Coming of The Divine Sword to revive the center one back.

Avatar - Ame-no-Murakumo mostly attacks you with a variety of Physical and Spirit attacks such as Ame-no-Murakumo's Slash, Godly Scarlet Gold Slash, which is basically an upgraded Ame-no-Murakumo's Slash but weaker than True Ame-no-Murakumo's Slash, which it doesn't have in this version. It also has Yakumo's Futsu No Mitama No Tsurugi and Severing Flash which is absurdly powerful due to its insanely high ATK, capable of dealing damage around ~30000. It also has one Fire, Wind, Nature and Mystic attack each with three different status effect moves: Daze for Shock and Paralyze for, obviously, Paralysis, Leg sweep for multi-target Shock and Void Flash Claw for multi-target Terror and Death. It also has Shredding's Max HP reduction move. After you deal a certain amount of damage, it will concentrate and use Ame-no-Murakumo's Wild Dance for multi-target Spirit attack next turn which will one-hit kill anyone without sky-high HP, Defense or Spirit resistance. If it is the only one left, it gains a new move; Protecting Light From The Heavens which will steals buffs and debuffs from one of your front party member, debuff all stats of your party members and use one of its attacks immediately. The buffs it steals expires after it attacks though.

The key to winning this fight is debuffs. It will give you a better chance to survive the attacks. Try your best to kill both arms as quickly as possible because their support abilities will hinder you from doing much. None of the three bosses have any elemental resistance or weakness so prepare and bring in your best party. After you have have defeated the Enhanced Ame-no-Murakumo. You will gain an achievement and you will also get Godly Sword Ame-no-Murakumo, a sub-equipment which increases all of your stats by 160%. You can also go to 21F and press all 4 four switches again to refight the Enhanced Ame-no-Murakumo but you will not get anything other than Gems and Training Manual.

Once you have defeated the Enhanced Ame-no-Murakumo, you have officially completed Labyrinth of Touhou 2 postgame. Congratulations! After defeating the Enhanced Ame-no-Murakumo the first time, the New Game + option will also include Renko and Maribel.