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Labyrinth of Touhou 2/Misc

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This page includes some Miscellaneous information about the game and its mechanics, and also some tips and tricks for new players.

Tips and Tricks

  • At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose whether you want to play on Hard mode, which limits your library levels to 1.2x your character's level and doesn't let you fight bosses if any of your party members is above the boss's Challenge Level; this choice is permanent and cannot be changed until you beat the main game, so make sure to consider the choice carefully.
  • Since a boss's Challenge Level is compared against your party's average level, you can use characters above the Challenge Level and still be able to get the extra rewards by having less than 12 party members (exception are main game bosses when you're playing on Hard mode).
  • Don't neglect your Library Levels. For the non-affinity stats, Library Levels should ideally be all kept around 1x to 1.2x the character's level (the only stat you can ignore is whichever offensive stat the character doesn't use).
  • Buffs, debuffs and ailments can all make a difficult boss much, much easier, particularly if the boss is susceptible to both debuffs and ailments. So it's generally a good idea to have a few characters that can do those in your team; buffers in particular are pretty much indispensable. Ailments like PAR, SHK and DTH are also very good for sweeping random encounters.
  • For skills which increase stats or give you passive buffs, the term "All Stats" generally refers only to the five main stats (ATK, DEF, MAG, MND and SPD), with HP also being included with equipmment or skills that increase all base stats. Other stats like ACC, EVA or MP aren't included unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Different sources of stat increase/decrease stack multiplicatively with each other (e.g. an enemy inflicted with TRR, SIL and a 50% MND debuff would have its MND reduced by 77% in total).
  • Characters in the back recover HP and MP every time they get a turn based on their SPD. This means that if a character has a SPD buff when they're swapped to the back they'll recover HP/MP faster (and viceversa, they'll recover slower if they had a SPD debuff). While you won't always have the luxury to apply SPD buffs before swapping a character to the back, it's something worth keeping in mind.
  • Synergy skills like "Team 9" work even if the user of the skill is in the back, so if for example Cirno is in the back and has the skill learned and Wriggle is in the front, the skill will activate and grant Cirno extra stats. While boosts to offensive/defensive stats are useless in the back, the boost to SPD will make they get turns faster and thus regenerate HP/MP more quickly.
  • It's worth noting that wounded characters will only lose TP if they're at the front at the end of a battle, so you can swap a character that has been heavily wounded to the back right before finishing the last enemy to prevent them losing a lot of TP. Though note that characters that have been defeated will lose TP regardless.
  • Since ailment duration doesn't stack, there's no reason to constantly have someone like Wriggle spam their ailment inflicting spells. Once an ailment has been inflicted, you can just switch the character out (or have them do other stuff) until the ailment duration runs low to inflict it again; the exception would be a boss that's highly resistant to the ailment, where you may not be able to reliably reapply the ailment when you need it.
  • Characters with the Instant Attack skill (Chen, Momiji and Mystia) can be utilized to "refresh" a character's ATB: swap out a character that just attacked with the Instant Attacker, and then the Instant Attacker switches themselves out for the original character, essentially restoring the character's ATB up to 7500. Abusing this can make battles flow much faster, just remember that Instant Attack costs 1 TP per use.
  • For Skill Points:
    • In general, if you're not sure about how to spend your Skill Points, a good rule to follow is: Passive Skills > Stat Boosting Skills > Spell Cards.
    • Passive Skills tend to provide the most powerful effects, sometimes completely changing a character's play style, so they tend to be first priority. That said, there are plenty of niche skills that are very situational (e.g. Two-Way Curse), those can be safely ignored unless you know beforehand they're gonna come in handy for your next battle(s).
    • Spell Cards are last because increasing their level only gives a 5% damage boost per level, which is fairly small; that said, this does not apply for spell cards that have other effects that scale with level, most notably buffing Spells which get stronger buffs with level, for characters that focus on support, maxing these spells then becomes top priority instead (this also applies to most ailment and debuff inflicting spells).
  • About equipment:
    • Equipment bonuses are additive with each other and with levelup bonuses, this means that stacking bonuses into a single stat gives diminishing returns. This is particularly worth taking into account for attackers, since it means that going with 2 offensive + 1 defensive equipment will signficantly increase their survivability without decreasing their offensive potential that much compared to a full offensive loadout.
    • Unique effects like "increased damage when using attacks of a particular element" do not stack even if you equip multiple copies of the same piece of equipment. Said effects are also not affected by Maintenance or similar skills.
  • About subclasses:
    • The subclasses based around de/buffs and ailments (Enhancer, Hexer and Toxicologist) are mainly good at empowering characters that already have those in their base kit; the subclasses' spellcards are usually very underwhelming, and unless you desperately need them it's usually not very worth it to use a character that isn't inherently good at support with them.
    • Row Attack Enhancement from the Warrior and Sorcerer subclasses shouldn't be looked down upon; it's a 30% damage boost at max level, which is a very significant bonus. Row spellcards also have a tendency to have very good formulas, so plenty of characters can make good Warriors/Sorcerers based on Row Attack Enhancement alone.
    • Herbalist is a fantastic support class due to Herb of Awakening's damage boost, +36% damage at max level for 2 attacks is huge, and goes particularly well with powerful nukers. The class is pretty much good on anyone with free turns to spend.
    • It's always good to try to have a Strategist on your front line, the passive bonuses are just too good to pass up, particularly the reduced buff decay; tanks and tanky supports are generally the best choices for the class, since they tend to stick around on the front most of the time.
    • If you're not sure which subclass to take for a character, Monk and Transcendent are generally good choices to fall back upon, since Monk's passives are great and Transcendent's extra stats are always helpful.
  • While it's good to experiment with different characters (particularly on a first playthrough), past the main game it eventually becomes necessary to focus on a limited team, since you simply won't have the resources to keep up too many characters at once. Settle on a balanced team and remember that if someone isn't quite pulling their weight, Tomes of Reincarnation exist to allow you to easily swap to a different character.
  • The enemies in the postgame are known to have massively bloated DEF and MND, making attackers who don't have heavy defense piercing nearly useless against them (it also doesn't help that most postgame recommendation levels are overall somewhat too low most of the time). Thankfully, this is not the case in Plus Disk.
  • While this is never plainly stated, each character has an MP cap, this is equal to twice their base MP stat at level 1.
  • Affinities in the library cannot be increased beyond level 100, giving the character up to twice their base affinity to any particular element.
  • All "Boost" effects (such as Grand Incantation and Herb of Awakening) affect both damage and healing, so depending on the situation, they can be used to boost the power of a healing spell. It's also worth noting that all Boost effects overwrite eachother. Form Change will not consume Boost effects, but all other actions will.
  • Effects that require the user to be hit by an enemy attack, such as counters, Shou's Bishamonten's Wrath, or Akyuu's Invincibility will only activate if the attack actually dealt damage, if it just deals 0 damage they won't activate (a few of them may even require at least 2 damage). They also won't activate if the attack misses.
  • An interesting Easter Egg happens if a character equips a Cypress Stick as their Main Equipment and then a Bone Stake, Happy Hat and Bludgeon (in that order) as their Sub Equipment: they'll gain +50% to all stats, +50 to all elemental affinities and +20 to all ailment resistances.
  • Some notes for Plus Disk:
    • It should be kept in mind that as affinities become greater (due to library and equipment), DEF and MND become less and less relevant (since enemies' damage scales much quicker to deal with the increased affinities). By late Plus Disk, DEF and MND are pretty much dump stats, and tanks should focus entirely on HP.
      • This also makes Quartz Charms a fantastic equipment by late Plus Disk, since they grant a % damage reduction.
    • On a similar note, SPD eventually becomes less and less relevant as levels go higher, since characters gain ATB so fast that SPD doesn't make that much of a difference anymore. Though this is mainly an issue in the very last few fights in Plus Disk; it does make the Efficient Formation Change type skills pointless halfway into Plus Disk though.
    • Due to all the sources of base stat boosting present in Plus Disk, the stat gap between characters is reduced significantly; this essentially results in a massive benefit for characters with low base stats but high levelling rates (such as Chen), while hurting those with high stats but low levelling rates (like Remilia); this also applies to library costs.

Item Drop Rate Bonus

There's a hidden feature where enemy drop chance increases when your party average level is lower than the enemy's level, this is calculated as such:

  • Define x as: Average Party Level / Enemy Level
    • Average Party Level is shown in the top right of the menu.
    • Enemy Level is not Challenge Level, it's the actual level of the enemy in combat.
  • Define Cap Bonus as: (1 - x) * 1000 / 3
  • Define Lv Bonus as: (1 - x) * 12 * Enemy Level
  • The game then takes whichever of the two Bonuses is lower to calculate increased drop chance: Base Drop Chance * (100 + Bonus) / 100
    • Due to how each Bonus is defined, Lv Bonus will be used for any enemy that's level 27 or lower, while Cap Bonus will be used instead for any enemy that's level 28 or higher.
    • Maximum Drop Rate Bonus is 333% (4.33 times the base drop rate).
  • If the Bonuses are negative (i.e. x is equal or bigger than 1), they're rounded up to 0.

This applies to all enemies, so it can be good to take it into account when aiming for a specific drop from a floor mob or boss.

BP Requirements

BP (short for Battle Points), are a somewhat hidden stat that increases as your characters fight battles. There are a few characters whose recruitment events can only be triggered if a different character has enough BP, this lists all the characters that have such BP requirements:

  • Utsuho, Wriggle: 120 BP.
  • Cirno, Nitori, Chen: 200 BP.
  • Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya, Remilia: 300 BP.
  • Minoriko, Komachi, Nazrin: 400 BP.

Provided you want to actually recruit all characters (which eventually becomes necessary to advance in the Plus Disk content), these characters have to be added to your party at some point (even if only temporarily) so you can reach the necessary BP requirements.

Parsee's Large Box and Small Box

Parsee's Large Box and Small Box spellcard has a special effect where it has a chance to deal 3 times its usual damage; the following lists, in order, how said chance is calculated:

  • Base chance is 20%.
  • Currently unknown condition: +6%.
  • Missing HP bonus: +((100 - Current HP%)/3)%.
    • Current HP% is rounded down.
  • If >1 enemy left: +8%.
  • For each debuff or ailment in an ally: +2%.
    • Considers all allies in party of 12, chance is added for each debuff and each ailment on each character.
  • For each debuff or ailment on target: +4%.
  • If Jealousy Bomber is learned: Multiply final chance by 1.5x (result is rounded down).

The Missing HP bonus can in fact go into the negatives if you use Eirin to overheal Parsee, potentially resulting in a lowered or even negative chance (and thus causing the 3x damage to never proc); that said, if you Overheal Parsee enough, the chance becomes so negative it ends up looping back into the positives and resulting in a guaranteed chance of 3x damage.

Spellcards and Status stacking

The way equipment and skills that give a chance to inflict a certain status effect stack with spellcards that already inflict the respective status is rather inconsistent, with spells that stack both chance and strength/duration of the status with the ones from equipment and skills, spells that only stack strength but not chance (and the reverse), and spells that don't stack either, the following lists the spells in the 3 last categories (anything not listed here stacks both strength and chance); obviously, SHK and DTH-inflicting spells can only stack chance:

  • Spellcards that only stack ailment duration with skills/equipment, but not chance: Diamond Blizzard, Poisonous Moth's Dark Dance, Trip Wire, Lunatic Red Eyes, Gas Woven Orb, Light Dragon's Sigh, Star Sword Apologetics, Wandering Sin, Galaxy Stop.
  • Spellcards that only stack ailment chance with skills/equipment, but not duration: Karakasa Suprising Flash, A Rainy Night's Ghost Story, Astronomical Entombing, Staff of *Destruction*.
  • Spellcards that don't stack neither ailment duration nor chance with skills/equipment: Higekiri's Cursed Arm, Diving Waltz of the Raijuu, Mind Starmine, Mad Dance on Medoteko.
  • Wriggle's Poison Touch counter stacks ailment duration with skills/equipment, but not chance.
  • Meiling's Roc-Killing Fist doesn't stack ailment duration with skills/equipment.
  • Sakuya's Private Square is a special case, it's guaranteed to be inflicted no matter what, the initial duration is fixed and cannot be reduced or increased in any way (except for levelling Private Square itself and the Sakuya's World skill).
  • Suika's Art of Oni Binding is rather unique in that the PAR it inflicts stacks with other PAR effects (instead of overwritting only when it's stronger).

On that note, main equipment that gives a chance to inflict ailments are 20% chance for PSN/HVY/TRR/SIL and 8% for PAR/SHK/DTH. Meanwhile the skills are 25% for all (not accounting for certain Awakening skills). In both cases, the duration is 5000.

About spellcard formulas

  • Spellcards have a basic (% of user offensive stat) - (% of target defensive stat) formula, which is then multiplied by a multiplier; the multiplier then increases by 5% for every spellcard level past 1 (which is what makes the spell do 5% more damage per level); the increase is additive, so for example increasing a spell to level 9 will boost its damage by 40%.
    • As a sidenote, the multiplier never goes below its original value at level 1, which means that spellcards at level 1 and level 0 (used by Satori) actually deal the same damage.
  • For the character pages, spellcard formulas are simplified, with the multiplier already applied; while simplifying them this way generally doesn't cause any problems, there are a few exceptions:
    • Piercing Attack (and Greater Piercing Attack) uses the base formula before the multiplier is applied to decide the damage an attack deals, which means it's not possible to calculate how much damage your piercing attacks will do with the simplified formulas.
    • Komachi's awakening skill, "Shinigami's Scythe" adds a % of her MAG to her physical spells and a % of her ATK to her magical one, this % is added to the base formula, which means it's also affected by the multiplier. This means that the damage the skill adds at max level is more than a simple 80% ATK/MAG.

Piercing Attack

Since as stated above the damage from Piercing Attacks cannot be calculated with the simplified formulas, the following lists the Piercing Attack formulas for all the spells usable by characters with said skill.

  • The formulas are listed for Piercing Attack SLv 2, for level 1 just half the values, and for Greater Piercing Attack multiply them by 1.5.
  • For Normal Attack, multiply the formula by 1.3x if Enhanced Normal Attack has been learned.
  • Shield Bash's added DEF factor scales based on spell level, so unlike all the other spells its Piercing Attack damage will vary based on spell levels.
Piercing Attack Formulas
Spell Piercing Attack SLv 2
Normal Attack 40% ATK or MAG
Moonlight Ray 72% MAG
Misdirection 26.4% ATK
Killing Doll 35.2% ATK
Soul Sculpture 49.6% ATK + 16% MAG
Spear the Gungnir 60% ATK
Bad Lady Scramble 56% ATK
Hungry Tiger 60% ATK
Radiant Treasure Gun 40% ATK
Dazzling Gold 51.2% ATK + 19.2% MAG
Shield Bash 48% ATK + 16% DEF (SLv 5)
Puncturing Thrust 44% ATK
Iron Mountain Charge 48% ATK
Severing Flash 44% ATK
Explosive Flame Sword 60% ATK
Penetrator 48% MAG
Aspiration Surge 56% MAG
All Hexer and Toxicologist spells 40% MAG
Moon Shadow Flash 52% ATK
Samidare Slash 62% ATK
Southern Cross 48% MAG
Execution 62% MAG
Assassination Sword 32% ATK
Oracle's Talisman 36% MAG
Ame-no-Murakumo Slash 56.8% ATK
Start of Heavenly Demise 75.2% MAG
Dragon God's Sigh 50% (ATK+MAG)
Vorpal Blade 61.6% ATK
Mana Storm 56% MAG
Sword of Light 48% (ATK+MAG)
Staff of *Destruction* 32% (ATK+MAG)

Levelup and Library formulas

The experience cost for each levelup and the money cost for each stat in the library increases with each levelup. Every character has a multiplier for the final exp or money cost that is used in the formula. As a result, some characters level easier than others, but the cost always increases exponentially.

The exp required for the next level is given by the formula: (level+1) * (level*8 + 20) * multiplier

The money required for increasing a standard stat in the library is given by the formula: a = floor((level+2)*2.5) * multiplier; b = floor(a / 112) * level; final cost = a + b

The money required for increasing an affinity stat is given by the formula: floor((level+4) * 1200 * (1.04 ^ level) / 100) * multiplier

About Ailment/Debuff related boosts

There are multiple skills in the game that boost your damage when an enemy is inflicted with an ailment or debuff, that said, some of them will work even on the attack that caused the ailment/debuff itself, they are the following: Lunar Sage's Wisdom, Terror Unto Death, Cursed Hina Doll.

Other boosting skills such as Final Blow will need the ailment to already be inflicted on the enemy when the user attacks for them to take effect.

On that note, for ailments that reduce enemy stats like SIL or HVY, the damage of the attack that inflicted it will be calculated without considering the ailment's stat reduction. That said, spells that get a damage boost when the target is suffering from an ailment such as Bedside Ancestors will get the boost even if they cause the ailment.

Enemy Targeting

  • All targetable characters (or enemies, in case of mode E) are given a score. A random value between 0 and the sum of the scores minus 1 is generated and used to pick a target. There are 5 modes used to assign scores to targets:
    • Mode A-Favor Left-most Character: This mode favors the left-most character. It gives scores as follows (going from the leftmost slot to the rightmost one): 60, 30, 10, 3.
    • Mode B-Any Character: All slots are given a score of 20 with this mode, giving everyone an equal chance of being targeted.
    • Mode C (unused)-Favor Right-most Character: This mode is somewhat the opposite of Mode A. It gives scores as follows (going from the leftmost slot to the rightmost one): 10, 20, 30, 40.
    • Mode D-First Character Available: No score is given to any character in this mode. Instead, the first targetable character starting from the left will be automatically selected.
    • Mode E-Any Enemy: This is used when targeting the enemy's group. Each active enemy has a score of 20, giving any one enemy an equal chance of being targeted.
  • Dead characters have a score of 0 and thus won't be picked.
  • The Guardian's Frontline Guard skill doubles a character's score, increasing the chance of them getting targeted.

As an example, if Mode A is being used, the third slot character is dead and the leftmost character has Frontline Guard, the scores would end up like this: 120, 30, 0, 3. Then the enemy rolls a random number between 0 and 152, if it lands on 0-119 the 1st character from the left will get picked, 120-149 for the 2nd, and 150-152 for the 4th. This can also be seen as (120/153)% chance of the 1st slot getting targeted, (30/153)% for the 2nd, and (3/153)% for the 4th.

Plus Disk changes

A WIP list of all changes between the latest version of the base game (1.203) and the latest version of Plus Disk (1.107).

  • Characters:
    • Reimu:
      • Main Character: Reimu : Can no longer buff ACC and EVA.
    • Youmu: All her spellcards can now go up to level 9.
      • Gets a new skill: Sword Spirit.
    • Kogasa:
      • MP recovery 2 -> 8
      • Gets 2 new skills: Waterproof Ghost Umbrella and Astonishing Ghost Umbrella.
    • Cirno:
      • Diamond Blizzard: 6000 PAR -> (5500+250*SLv) PAR.
      • White Album: Buffs DEF/MND by 50% -> (50+SLv*4)%
      • Gets a new skill: Blizzard Blowout.
    • Komachi:
      • MAG growth 6.4 -> 8.0
      • Ferriage in the Deep Fog: [180% ATK - 90% T.DEF] -> [250% ATK - 125% T.DEF] / DTH rate (33+3*SLv)% -> (34+6*SLv)%
    • Nitori:
      • Super Scope 3D: [625% ATK - 125% T.DEF] -> [552.25% ATK - 117.5% T.DEF]
    • Parsee:
      • Grudge Returning: TRR 9000 -> 14000
    • Aya:
      • Wind God's Fan: [121% ATK - 55% T.DEF] -> [169% ATK - 65% T.DEF]
      • Divine Grandson's Advent: Cost 5MP -> 6MP / Target timebar is set at (10000*SLv) -> (5000+5000*SLv)
    • Mystia: All her offensive spellcards can now go up to level 7.
      • Silent Singing Voice: Stat increase per SIL unit 5% -> 10%
    • Nazrin:
      • Gets 2 new skills: Bishamonten's Protection: MAG, and Bishamonten's Protection: SPD
    • Hina:
      • Misfortune God's Biorhythm: Debuff rate (96+4*SLv)% -> (87+3*SLv)%
    • Rin: All her spellcards can now go up to level 7.
      • Cat's Walk: [100% ATK - 50% T.DEF] -> [132.25% ATK - 57.5% T.DEF] / Delay 90% -> 84%
      • Blazing Wheel: Delay 0% -> 30%
    • Utsuho:
      • Giga Flare: [153.76% MAG - 6.2% T.MND] -> [243.36% MAG - 7.8% T.MND] / Cost 8MP -> 10MP / Delay 24% -> 18%
      • Intense Nuclear Reaction: [153.76% MAG - 62% T.MND] -> [184.8% MAG - 70% T.MND]
      • Hell's Tokamak: [180% MAG - 100% T.MND] -> [211.2% MAG - 120% T.MND]
    • Yuugi:
      • Supernatural Phenomenon: [192% ATK - 60% T.DEF] -> [249% ATK - 75% T.DEF]
      • Knockout in Three Steps: [260% ATK - 65% T.DEF] -> [375% ATK - 37.5% T.DEF] / Delay 10% -> 0%
    • Meiling:
      • Gets a new skill: China Qigong
    • Alice: All her spellcards can now go up to level 7.
      • Artful Sacrifice: ACC +0 -> ACC +10
      • Hanged Hourai Doll: ACC +0 -> ACC +10
      • Gets a new skill: Enhanced Doll Mobility.
    • Patchouli : All her spellcards can now go up to level 7.
    • Eirin:
      • Hourai Elixir: Delay 40% -> (34+3*SLv)%
    • Reisen:
      • Gas-Woven Orb: Delay 50% -> 66%
    • Sanae : All her offensive spellcards can now go up to level 9.
    • Iku:
      • SPD growth 7.0 -> 9.4
      • Magic Counter: [100% MAG - 50% T.MND] -> [156.25% MAG - 62.5% T.MND]
      • Gets a new skill: Lightning Fish
    • Suika:
      • Throwing Atlas: [361% ATK - 95% T.DEF] -> [324% ATK - 90% T.DEF]
    • Ran: All her offensive spellcards can now go up to level 7.
      • Gets a new skill: Shikigami Defense
    • Remilia: Spear the Gungnir can now go up to level 9.
      • ATK growth 15.0 -> 16.0 / DEF growth 9.8 -> 11.4 / MND growth 9.6 -> 11.2
    • Sakuya:
      • Misdirection: Delay 55% -> 80%
      • Gets a new skill: Jack the Ludo Bile.
    • Suwako:
      • Mishaguji-sama: [231% MAG - 76% T.DEF] -> [249.28% MAG - 82% T.DEF]
    • Tenshi:
      • World Creation Press: gets an ATK debuff.
      • Violent Motherland: gets a MAG and SPD debuff.
      • Keystone Formation: 10% DEF/MND buff -> 7% All stat buff
      • Gets a new skill: Enduring Celestial
    • Flandre:
      • SPD growth 10.5 -> 10.0
      • Starbow Break: [328% ATK - 82% T.DEF] -> [328% ATK - 66% T.DEF] / Delay 48% -> 55%
      • Forbidden Fruit: [484% MAG - 110% T.MND] -> [576% MAG - 120% T.MND] / Cost 7MP -> 9MP / Delay 44% -> 48%
      • Laveatein: [432%(ATK + MAG) - 120% T.DEF] -> [299.52%(ATK + MAG) - 96% T.DEF] / Cost 12MP -> 13MP / Reduces frontliners' ATB by 24% -> 20%
    • Byakuren:
      • All Sutra skills: 14% -> 12%
      • Skanda's Legs: SPD buff (11+SLv)% -> (14+SLv*2)% / No longer states the buff gets higher if she kills an enemy
      • Sutra - Duplicating Chant: Overwrites target's de/buffs with Byakuren's -> Applies a buff equal to (36+SLv*4)% of Byakuren's buffs
    • Eiki: All her spellcards can now go up to level 9.
      • Trial of the Ten Kings: All stat debuff (-8-2*SLv)% -> (-4-2*SLv)%
      • Wandering Sin: Status rate (46+4*SLv)% -> (47+3*SLv)%
    • Maribel:
      • Overflowing Unnatural Power: Current HP loss (70-5*SLv)% -> (75-5*SLv)%
  • Skills:
    • Overheat: Damage boost reduced to 15% (down from 20%) per stack. Now caps at 5 stacks, instead of stacking indefinitely.
    • Extra Attack: Cost increased from 7 to 12 Skill Points per level, extra spells are no longer free and now cost half of the original spell's MP cost (not activating if the user doesn't have enough MP), subclass spells have lower activation rate (2/3 of the base chance).
    • Instant Attack: now also costs 1 TP per activation, not activating if the user doesn't have enough TP.
    • Adversity: description changed to specify that it also triggers with debuffs.
    • Myouren Temple Personnel: Originally copied Byakuren's current buffs, now the user gets Byakuren's Sutra effects.
  • Subclasses:
    • Guardian:
      • Shield Bash: Cost 4MP -> 6MP
    • Monk:
      • Puncturing Thrust: Cost 3MP -> 5MP
      • Iron Mountain Charge: Cost 4MP -> 5MP
      • Fast Dash: Activation chance 50% -> 40%
    • Warrior:
      • Severing Flash: [98% ATK - 70% T.DEF] -> [154% ATK - 70% T.DEF] / Cost 4MP -> 5MP
      • Explosive Flame Sword: [237.16% ATK - 77% T.DEF] -> [225% ATK - 75% T.DEF] / Cost 4MP -> 6MP
    • Sorcerer:
      • Aspiration Surge: Cost 3MP -> 5MP
    • Healer:
      • Prayer of Recovery: [60% (ATK + MAG)] -> [36% (ATK + MAG)]
    • Magician:
      • Magic Circuit: Delay 66% -> (57+3*SLv)%
    • Gambler:
      • High Stakes: Damage increases by (SLv * 30)% -> (SLv * 12)%
      • All or Nothing: Damage increases by (SLv * 15)% -> (SLv * 8)%
    • Diva:
      • Rhythmic Dance: Increases ATB by (SLv * 1000) -> (SLv * 750) / Delay 75% -> 25%
      • Dance of the Cochlea: Decreases ATB by (SLv * 1000) -> (SLv * 750) / Delay 75% -> 25%
  • Foes:
    • Shadow Cat: -100 MAG (300 -> 200)
    • Coral Gem: +150 FIR (200 -> 350)
    • Ooze: +100 MAG (48 -> 148)
    • Tree's Aquatic Dweller: -50 PHY (150 -> 100)
    • Dark Carapace Fish: -312 Money (2200 -> 1888)
    • Poisonous Sea Slug: -220 Money (2400 -> 2180)
    • Skull Eater: -30 Money (1800 -> 1770)
    • Siren of Silence: +10000 HP (31140 -> 41140) / +68 ATK/MAG (660 -> 728) / +400 MND (2000 -> 2400) / +4 SPD (148 -> 152) / +15 EVA (1 -> 16)
    • Giant Tree: +180 ATK (1200 -> 1380) / +100 MAG (900 -> 1000)
    • Burning Hell's Lava Dragon: +500 ATK (4500 -> 5000) / +440 MAG (3900 -> 4340)
    • Taur Magician: +34880 HP (288000 -> 322880) / +180 ATK (1800 -> 1980) / +1200 MAG (7000 -> 8200) / +4000 MND (20000 -> 24000) / +24 SPD (256 -> 280)
    • Alice's Doll - Physical Type: +60 PAR (40 -> 100) / +40 DTH (40 -> 80)
    • Black Goddess of Fertility: +400 ATK/MAG (4000 -> 4400)
    • Magatama of the High God: -450 ATK (6200 -> 5750)
    • Black Goddess's Shadow: +400000 HP (1266666 -> 1666666) / +1800 ATK/MAG (13800 -> 15600)
  • Bugs: As mentioned in the relevant subpage, pretty much all bugs present in the base game were fixed (though there are some that still remain).
  • QoL and Other:
    • Movement speed inside the tree is tripled.
    • The minimap now has more distinct icons, making switches, gates and rocks more easily identifiable.
    • The game now indicates how effective an attack will be (i.e. how weak they are to the attack's element) when selecting the target.
    • The effects of the special items that increase post-battle rewards (Money-Growing Tree, Mr. Midnight Oil Set, Items Discovery Weekly) have been increased to 2%.
    • The artist reviewed and made some changes to most of the characters portraits.
    • You can now level up 10 levels at a time in the Shrine by keeping A pressed, and 100 at a time with S.
    • You can now increase library levels 10 levels at a time by keeping A pressed.
    • Equipment bonuses are now shown in blue text to differentiate them from their description.
    • Main Equipment Dark Will got its translation changed to Dark Determination.
    • Sub Equipment Kazu's Amulet, Flipskirt Dagger, and AJC Warhead got their translations changed to Kazu's Defense, Cuckri, and AGC Warhead respectively.
    • Skill Lively and Healthy translation changed to Giving You Wings.
    • Skills Ability to Read the Moon and Ability to Read the Stars translations changed to Moon Reading and Star Reading.
    • Enemy "Alice's Doll - Support Type" got their translation changed to " Alice's Doll - Physical Type".
    • Enemy "Guardian of the Crystals" and its "Dreadful Elemental Crystals" got their translations changed to "Elemental Crystal Guardian" and just "Elemental Crystals".