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Layla Prismriver

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Unknown, at least capable of conjuring poltergeists.




Formerly lived in a mansion in the Outside World that is now called the Ruined Western Mansion

Official Games

Layla Prismriver (レイラ・プリズムリバー Reira purizumuribā) was the fourth daughter of the Prismriver family. When the family was orphaned, she didn't want to leave the mansion that held so many of her memories, so she made poltergeists that resembled her sisters before vanishing along with the mansion.

General Information[edit]

Layla was only briefly mentioned in the Prismriver Sisters' official profile of Perfect Cherry Blossom. She currently has no official portrait.

Layla was originally from the Outside World. It was said that Layla's father was a merchant and count. Due to the accident happened on their father involving the magic item from Gensokyo, she and the rest of the Prismriver Sisters were orphaned and went their separate ways. Layla stayed at the mansion as it held so many memories.[1][2]


Conjure the Poltergeist

Layla's ability to conjure the Poltergeists came from the accident her father got involved. Using her powers, she conjured poltergeists resembles the looks of her older sisters, then vanished along with the mansion and the poltergeists. Eventually she and the other sisters passed away, but the three poltergeists still "live" at the mansion, which is now located in Gensokyo and known as the Ruined Western Mansion.

Character Design[edit]


There is no official English spelling of her name. However, there are various ways to romanize her name. One way is Layla Prismriver (レイラ・プリズムリバー). The word Layla comes from the Arabic word for "night". It can be also spelled into Leila which is a French language.


Count Prismriver[edit]

As a Father of Prismriver Sisters, he is a rich merchant and a count. He got involved in tragic accident, in which left the Prismriver Sisters orphaned.

Prismriver Sisters[edit]

She is the one who conjured the poltergeists that is based on her sisters.

Additional information[edit]

  • Layla is one of the few characters in the Touhou Project known to be deceased without a known spirit or ghost form.


Despite only being briefly mentioned with no official artwork, Layla has become notorious enough that she has her own fanart. The most common depiction of her has long, green, wavy hair and green eyes with a purple dress, which bears the resemblance of the other Prismriver Sisters.[3] It's unknown if ZUN's aware of this depiction. However of course, illustrations and characteristics of Layla may vary; some are completely different to the above description of Layla, such as this image.

  • Layla is commonly assumed to have become a poltergeist and to have settled in Gensokyo, still living in the Ruined Western Mansion with the Prismriver Sisters.
  • She is commonly depicted in fanart together with the Prismriver Sisters.

Official Sources[edit]