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Leafwhisper Ode to Blooming

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東方葉萌舞 (とうほうようほうぶ)
Leafwhisper Ode to Blooming





v1.00a: August 31st, 2023


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player puzzle Danmaku shooting Game


Windows 7 and onward
DirectX9.0c and onward

Touhou Youhoubu(Leaf Dance) ~ Leafwhisper Ode to Blooming (東方葉萌舞 ~ Leafwhisper Ode to Blooming) is a vertical danmaku shooting fangame developed and published by Ryann1908, developer of games such as Unstable and Unimaginable Power and Autocatalysis of Unrecognizable Katzenjammer. It was developed for the Bullet Hell Artistry 7 event in Bullet Hell Engines — a Discord server dedicated to the discussion and development of bullet hell games/engines —, a danmaku contest with the theme of the 7th edition being "to implement a mechanic taken from a genre other than danmaku in a danmaku game".


The gameplay of the game features Marisa Kirisame as the protagonist and derives directly from that of scene games, with an added strategy layer from the Plants vs. Zombies series.

There are 3 acts in the game (alongside a tutorial level) that require the player to bring into the act planted or equipped shrubs, with the objective of defeating enemies in the background plane while dodging the usual Touhou danmaku in the above plane. These shrubs can be obtained in a shop within the game's main menu, with the use of seeds, of which can be gathered during gameplay by defeating enemies. Equipped shrubs are used as an additional shot type for the player, while planted shrubs are responsible for dealing with the background enemies.

Shrub list and description.  
Shrub image Shrub name Shrub description Shrub upgrade levels
LOtBEarth.png Verdantia Seraphlora The basic plant.
Nothing much special, but packs decent strength at high levels.
10% > 10%
LOtBWater.png Etheria Aquaroot The water plant.
Splish splash! A little weak, but splashes enemies in area.
23% > 30%
LOtBFire.png Euphoric Emberbloom The fire plant.
Ferocious, but small ranged. Great damage but weak reach.
14% > 13%
LOtBIce.png Celestia Crystalily The ice plant.
Good penetration when planted, but with a small range. Has a circular range when equipped.
19% > 8%
LOtBPoison.png Mystical Shadowvine The poison plant.
Poisons all lanes when planted, and leaves a trail of poison behind when equipped.
25% > 20%
LOtBLightning.png Luminous Glowfern The lightning plant.
A strong thunder penetrates ahead when equipped and planted, but weakens when planted.
25% > 32%
LOtBWind.png Whispering Willowspire The wind plant.
Slows enemies down when planted, and has incredible reach when equipped.
16% > 20%
LOtBMetal.png Arcane Shimmerthorn The metal plant.
Quite dull, but is a heavy tank. Pretty destructive on single targets.
15% > 25%


  • The following text is the game's prologue:

Amidst the transition between spring and summer, a proliferation of mysterious magical shrubs has taken hold of Gensokyo. As the fearless magician Marisa Kirisame, it's up to you to unravel the secrets behind these bewitching plants and protect the land from an unprecedented threat.


Leafwhisper Ode to Blooming features 9 music tracks, composed by talented musicians Spectral Nexus, Plazzap, Compound, PumpkinPielex, Roka Enzaki and Benji_Tunez.

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