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The game has 4 characters, each possessing only 1 shot type. Their unfocused and focused shots are modeled after previous shot types. In this game, bombs are hard to come by, since bomb pieces are only obtained after reaching the maximum amount of lives (The stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 mid-bosses drop bombs upon dying). If you die, you lose 0.50 power and drop 7 small power items. All extends (except one in extra) come from life pieces. Note that unlike in DDC, upon meeting the requirements for a life piece, you are immediately given a life piece, without having to go and pick it up.

Shot Type Review[edit]


Unfocused Shot: Homing Amulet

Focused Shot: Persuasion Needle

This shot is basically ReimuB from DDC, but the needles are EVEN MORE SPREAD. For unknown reasons, the amulets deal more damage than the needles up close. The homing makes stages a great deal easier. In this game, Reimu also has a smaller hitbox, which greatly helps on cards with tight dodging. She's also the go-to shot for No Bomb and No Miss No Bomb runs.

Spell Card: Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal"[edit]

This bomb is the same as ReimuB's in DDC. Summons 8 exploding light spheres that initially rotate about Reimu and then fly off to hit enemies. The spheres still have hitboxes while they're rotating, so if you release the bomb while near the enemy, you can squeeze out more damage. It's hard to effectively graze with this bomb compared to Sanae's.


Unfocused Shot: Illusion Laser

Focused Shot: Magic Missile

This shot is basically MarisaB from DDC, but with MarisaA's bomb, and the focused shot doesn't drop power items. She is objectively the worst shot in the game. While she has the best damage output, her bomb is very inferior to Sanae's and Reisen's, making her worse than Sanae and Reisen, and she doesn't have a small hitbox, making her worse than Reimu.

Spell Card: Love Sign "Master Spark"[edit]

This bomb is the same as MarisaA's in DDC, but white, and wider. It shoots a huge wide laser in front of you. This bomb is very strong and also covers most of the screen. However, your speed drops sharply while you're using it, and you can't fire your normal shots. Moving to the left or right also adjusts the angle of the master spark. A neat quirk with this bomb is that by using it above a boss, and moving down near the boss, you can graze bullets that spawn there, which the Touhou community affectionately refers to as "buttgrazing".


Unfocused Shot: Cobalt Spread

Focused Shot: Sky Serpent

This shot is a mixture of SanaeA and SanaeB in UFO, giving Sanae her focused and unfocused shots respectively. Sanae's main selling point is her bomb, which allows you to easily obtain life pieces by grazing. The semi-homing helps on stages, like with Reimu.

Spell Card: Frog Sign "Wily Toad"[edit]

This bomb is the same as SanaeB's in UFO. Upon bombing, 3 circles will spawn around Sanae and stay in that location. A few seconds later, it expands to cover the whole screen, dealing lots of damage. Note that the bomb has a hitbox before it explodes, meaning that it can kill enemies or do more damage to bosses by using the bomb at close proximity. What's notable about this bomb is that during the period before it explodes, you are invicible, meaning you can fly to wherever the bullets are and easily get the 200 or more graze required to get a life piece. It is arguably the most over-powered bomb in the game.


Unfocused Shot: Lunatic Gun

Focused Shot: Mind Wave

This is the first game in which Reisen is a playable shot, and as such, she has no previous shottypes to compare to. Her unfocused shot shoots bullets in a semi-spread formation forward, and her focused shot is similar to Reimu's, but with piercing, and narrower. The one thing that makes her an extremely good shot is her bomb. Reisen's bomb is SERIOUSLY BROKEN to the point where it can turn most hard patterns into a joke. She is the go-to shot for first clears because of this. She also grazes more from lasers.

Spell Card: "Barrier Wave (Evil Undulation)"[edit]

Upon activating the bomb, 3 shields appear around Reisen. Her hitbox and graze box are also enlarged when this happens, the latter allowing you to graze more bullets. When a shield is hit, the bullets around Reisen are deleted, her hitbox shrinks, and she is given a brief period of invincibility. Once there are no shields left, the bomb is over. Note that you cannot activate another bomb while you have shields active. Because of the 3 shields, you can end up tanking most spells by standing directly under the boss, taking hits as you do so. The only bad side to this bomb is that because the period of invincibility is brief, Reisen's shields can quickly deplete.

Extra Information[edit]

There is a table here going into more detail about the shot's damage outputs, but be warned, it's in Chinese.