Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom/Gameplay/Strategy/Stage 2

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(Note that these strategies are meant for lunatic, but should still work on lower difficulties, and when I say '200 graze', I mean enough graze to get the life piece.)

Routes taken from Amana's LNN.

1st Stage Portion[edit]

First Chapter[edit]

Move to the right to kill the fairies that'll spawn there, then move to the left. The stage icon will show up, position yourself a bit above it. Stream the next group of fairies by moving down and right.

Second Chapter[edit]

All the bullets shot in this chapter are aimed. As Reimu and Sanae, you can stream at the bottom and get 200 graze because of the homing, but with other shots, you will most likely have to do some misdirects.

Third Chapter[edit]

As Reimu, you can stand somewhere on the right bottom side of the screen, and not move to dodge everything. Other shots can do this too, as you're shooting and kill the middle two fairies.

Midboss: Ringo[edit]


Aimed mentos, with lanes of small blue round bullets. The main problem here is that a mento can completely block off your lane, and you'll be in for pain. Because of this, it's advantageous to switch lanes and stream the aimed mentos slowly. Note that this attack can get somewhat harder if Ringo is low on the screen. Getting 200 graze should be fairly easy.

2nd Stage Portion[edit]

Fourth Chapter[edit]

The fairies that come in from the top corners of the screen alternate, and if you need graze, you can leave them alive for a short while. However, if you don't kill them, the screen goes wild. After that is more streaming akin to the second chapter, but some big fairies shooting the pattern from the third chapter will appear. Getting 200 graze should be fairly easy.

Fifth Chapter[edit]

Start this chapter on the left side and kill the big fairy then move to the right and kill that fairy as well. Your shots will also take care of the small fairies before they shoot. After 4 seconds or so move to the left of the middle of the screen when two more big fairies come, and slowly stream to the right. That way you'll have to dodge less rice lanes from the fairies.

Boss: Ringo[edit]

First Nonspell[edit]

Ringo's nonspells are known for being tough, and they are. On lower difficulties, you can run in a lane and not have to switch, but on hard and above, you'll need to make some tight dodges. It gets pretty tough if she moves low.

Rabbit Sign "Berry Berry Dango"[edit]

The pattern of the pinkish-white pellets are the same, and so are the MoF style dark pellets. The only random thing in this spell is Ringo's movement. Getting 200 graze on this spell is pretty easy. Yay micrododging!

Second Nonspell[edit]

Uh oh. This nonspell is really dependent on movement. Ringo can move in 2 ways on each wave, and depending on how she moves, you can either stick in one lane for most of a wave, or you'll be doing more tight dodges. Good luck with this attack if she moves low.

Rabbit Sign "Dango Influence"[edit]

Do you hear that graze? Because I sure can! Ringo shoots super dense rings of pellets, then shoots a few mentos, pushing out the pellets and turning into bullets once they hit the sides of the screen. Bullets come from all directions in this attack, and the rings will wall you if you don't move up in time. Getting 200 graze on this spell is a piece of cake. Note that the mentos shot are aimed (you can misdirect them), but the bullets that spawn upon hitting a wall aren't.

Third Nonspell[edit]

This is arguably the easiest attack in the boss fight. This time, she shoots aimed mentos at you, along with the standard lanes of bullets.

Moon-Viewing Saké "Lunatic September"[edit]

More micrododging, hooray! Reimu's small hitbox makes a difference once again. Luckily, the bullets are slow, so you have time to read them. Getting 200 graze on this spell is easy.