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The Lunar Capital was frozen in order to defend it against Junko's attack. The moon's people were evacuated to the Dream World. However, the people of the moon would never have thought that their reality would be switched with a dream.
 そして永琳の奇策によって、人間達が月の都の危機を救う事となった。 月の都が救われれば、月の民も都に戻り、幻想郷への侵略を止める筈である。 And thanks to Eirin's ingenious plan, the humans were able to save the Lunar Capital from peril. Once the Lunar Capital was saved, the people of the moon should return to the real capital, and their invasion of Gensokyo should also have stopped.
 これは一体どういう事だろうか? 月の民に騙されたのだろうか?
But the invasion of Gensokyo did not stop.
What is the meaning of this? Were we being deceived by the people of the moon?


The rabbits of the moon began to feel that something was somehow wrong.

"Isn't the Lunar Capital we're in right now a fake?"
"Didn't the real capital already get destroyed?"

Such rumors began to spread.
 このままでは真相がバレて大騒ぎになる、と思ったサグメは決心して地上に 降り立ち、いつぞやの人間達に調査を依頼した。 At this rate, the truth would be discovered and send the capital into chaos. Thinking this, Sagume decided to descend to earth and ask the humans to help investigate.


"If you let me say, I came here directly, thinking that what's happening to the people of the moon is starting to go in reverse.

Apparently, a strong force that keeps the moon's people in the dream world is moving.
This must be the trump card of that despicable Junko.

But as a denizen of the moon, I can't act, so I'd like to ask you to help investigate."
For the humans, the invasion of Gensokyo cannot be let to happen.
Thus, they once again flew into the dream world.