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When urban legends were manifesting in Gensokyo,

a rumour started to spread that "Apollo never went to the Moon".



At the same time, a metallic spider appeared around the mountain.

The spider appeared to be slowly wandering around.

霊夢 「で、変な機械って?」

Reimu: "So, what's this weird machine you mentioned?"

早苗 「あれは朝靄の立ちこめる出でした」

Sanae: "It happened when the morning mist was still covering the mountain."



It had a form with no imperfections, unbecoming of any other beast or monster.

Mist faded away and the trees withered in the places where the spider passed by.

霊夢 「蜘蛛みたぃな機械って事?」

Reimu: "So, a machine that looked like a spider?"

早苗 「チラッと見かけただけでしたが、妖怪の見間運いとかではないです」

Sanae: "I only caught a glimpse of it, but it definitely wasn't just some youkai that I mistook."

霊夢 「河童の道具かなぁ」

Reimu: "Maybe it's one of the kappa's tools..."



Once the machine passed by, there were no signs of life.

Tengu flew in the sky overhead, but for some reason, they paid no attention to the spider.
As the foothills came into the spider's view, it slowly clambered down the cliffside.

早苗 「どうしても気になることがあるのよ。

Sanae: "This is definitely interesting. I can't imagine that its appearance is just a coincidence."

そわそわする早苗。 Sanae began to grow restless.

霊夢 「なんなのよ、じれったいなぁ」

Reimu: "What is it? It's kind of irritating."

早苗 「あれはキュリオシティそっくりだったわ」

Sanae: "That thing looked just like Curiosity."

――永遠亭。 Eientei.

輝夜 「来るときが来たわね」

Kaguya: "Seems the time has come for them to arrive."

永琳 「どうされますか?」

Eirin: "What shall we do?"

輝夜 「そんなの決まってるじゃない。

Kaguya: "That's obvious, isn't it?
I already prepared myself."

当然の答えに満足する。 A natural and satisfying answer.

永琳 「彼奴が動くと言う事は、人聞達では到底太刀打ち出来ないでしょう。



Eirin: "If they're making a move, no human will possibly be able to compete with them.

However, if we were to make any move, we'd fall right into the enemy's hands.

What's more, the youkai of Earth likely can't even interfere to begin with."

輝夜 「ではどうすれば」

Kaguya: "So what do we do?"

永琳 「この為に良い薬を作りました。

Eirin: "I made some medicine for just the occasion.
Get Reisen to deliver this to the shrine maiden and her friends."

――魔法の森にある魔理沙の家。 —Marisa's house, in the Forest of Magic


The seven Occult Balls that had suddenly appeared.

Marisa had been investigating just what one of the balls had been;
The ball of the Lunar Capital, to be precise.

魔理沙 「どうゃら、都市伝説騒ぎはこいつが

Marisa: "Looks like this thing was somehow the cause
of that while urban legend uproar, but..."

途方に暮れていたとき、そこに現われたのは月の兎、鈴仙だった。 As she sat bewildered, the moon rabbit Reisen appeared there.


—The metallic spider's march of purification cannot be stopped.

The trees wither before one's eyes. Not one blade of grass was left in the spider's tracks.
When Gensokyo is completely purified, it will be transformed into a perfect world.


Into a beautiful planet with no life on it...

 Story   Reimu's Scenario
 Marisa's Scenario
 Sanae's Scenario
 Reisen's Scenario