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Letty Whiterock

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ɽeteː howaitoɽoku (♫)
Letty Whiterock
Letty Whiterock
Letty Whiterock in Perfect Cherry Blossom
What Winter Left Behind
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Manipulation of chill

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"Does it even make sense? I was having so much fun playing around in the snow, and thought I'd tease the human that showed up just a bit, that's all."
Letty Whiterock to Aya Shameimaru (Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red)

Letty Whiterock (レティ・ホワイトロック Reti Howaitorokku) is a yuki-onna only seen during winter with the ability to manipulate chill. She first appeared as the stage 1 boss of Perfect Cherry Blossom.

General Information


Manipulation of chill

Letty possesses the ability to strengthen the "winter" that exists in the natural world (as opposed to an ability to create blizzards or make snow fall). According to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, since this is equivalent to an ability that manipulates the winter within nature, she possesses tremendous power according to the environment, but she is pretty much powerless outside of winter. By lowering the temperature, humans become less capable of activity, and lose their fighting spirit. Furthermore, since it is not a physical attack, it is impossible to completely avoid it, the only effective countermeasures being to the extent of wearing thick clothing.[1]

According to ZUN, if she was to show her full power compared to her strength shown in Perfect Cherry Blossom, it would cause an incident.[2]


The winter season is Letty's only period of activity. Outside of winter, she hides away in places out of reach from the sunlight, staying in a state of inactivity.[3]

Official Profiles

Official Profiles
Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt
Letty Whiterock PCB  ○冬の忘れ物






What Winter Left Behind

Letty Whiterock

Stage 1 boss. A youkai of the winter season who can be found in places without heat. She possess the ability to manipulate chill.

Letty is happiest during winter. She gets in the way of Reimu and her companions because they threaten to put an end to her time of greatest happiness.

However, Letty and her fellow winter spirits as well as sufferers of hay fever know well that spring, a season of depression, comes every year. She accepts that fact and never attacks players seriously.

When spring comes, she will disappear to unknown whereabouts.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 6
寒符「リンガリングコールド」 Cold Sign "Lingering Cold" PCB St. 1: E/N/H/L
冬符「フラワーウィザラウェイ」 Winter Sign "Flower Wither Away" PCB
St. 1: E/N
白符「アンデュレイションレイ」 White Sign "Undulation Ray" PCB St. 1: H
怪符「テーブルターニング」 Mystic Sign "Table-Turning" PCB St. 1: L
寒符「コールドスナップ」 Cold Sign "Cold Snap" StB
St. 2
冬符「ノーザンウイナー」 Winter Sign "Northern Winner" StB St. 2

Character Design

Illustration of Letty in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense


Her full name is Letty Whiterock (レティ・ホワイトロック). Letty's name and personality are based on the character Letitia "Letty" Blacklock from Agatha Christie's book "A Murder is Announced".


In Perfect Cherry Blossom, Letty has lavender eyes and curly lavender hair. She wears a blue and white dress with a white apron in front of it, as well as a white cap and a nearly transparent cape. At the top of her skirt that is a golden lapel resembling the alchemical symbol for silver. She was described by ZUN as being "fairly tall."[4] In Hopeless Masquerade, she is seen with white trousers.


Perfect Cherry Blossom
Letty's sprite in PCB

Letty appears as the stage 1 boss, challenged by the player character as the probable cause of the unending winter incident. Though she is defeated easily, she was not at fault, and the player moves on.

In Reimu's scenario, Reimu is complaining about the cold when Letty shows up and says she will help her have an "eternal deep sleep". Reimu still complains about the cold and defeats Letty.

Marisa is lost and encounters Letty. Marisa suggests that winter should be the season where you sleep beneath the cherry trees, and Letty says she also wants to sleep for a long time due to the long winter. Marisa then defeats Letty and moves on.

Sakuya is searching for the mastermind behind the incident but encounters Letty, who states she is the mastermind. Sakuya defeats her and continues to search for the real mastermind.

Letty makes cameo appearances in the start of chapters of various print works, signifying the start of winter.

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Aya finds Letty Whiterock who just had been, for no apparent reason, beaten up by a human and left buried in the snow. They talk about the long winter, and Aya suspects her as the culprit. Letty attempts to explain the fine details of her abilities and the hardships of her life, but fails to earn Aya's sympathy in the end.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

Hieda no Akyuu writes an in-universe encyclopedic article on Letty as part of the Gensokyo Chronicle.




Additional Information

  • In her interview with Aya, Letty states that she hibernates in summer. However, she was seen with other youkai during the events of Hopeless Masquerade, which took place in summer.
  • Dying while trapped or buried in snow, usually on a mountain, is a common death for humans who become yuki-onna. Letty's information in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red may be a reference to this.


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