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Lily White

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Lily White
ɾiɾiː ho̞ɰᵝa̠ito̞ (♫)
Lily White
Lily White depicted in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.
Fairy Herald of Spring
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Announcing that spring has come


Herald of spring


Wherever spring is starting to arrive, unknown

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Lily White (リリーホワイト Rirī Howaito) is a fairy that heralds the coming of spring. She first appeared as the 4th stage midboss of Perfect Cherry Blossom, then as a special generic enermy in Phantasmagoria of Flower View and a common midboss in Fairy Wars, each time announcing spring has arrived.

General Information


Announcing that spring has come

Lily is able to announce that spring has come. Although it's unclear what it concretely does, by something that she does, Gensokyo's residents are made to feel the actual feeling of spring's arrival which makes her very popular by florists. It seems like she is able to provide impetus for flowers and other plants to bloom, and in chapter 8 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity, there was also a depiction where the place she passed by instantly became spring.

She can still attack with such ability, but it's mostly due to excitement about the spring and she's not very aggressive. Though, it's advised not to stay around when she attacks. On the other hand however, she has a good relation with all the humans. She doesn't seem willing to attack even if they catch her. Likewise, humans don't see her as a threat, but rather as a symbol of good luck.

Background Information


In Perfect Cherry Blossom, Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Fairy Wars, Lily has green eyes, long blond hair and a pair of white feathered wings. In most stages, her hat and dress are white, with a red wave pattern outlining the edges.

A full portrait of Lily can be seen in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense. There, it's shown that she wears a caplet.

In the stage of Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu of Phantasmagoria of Flower View, her hat and dress are black, with a red wave pattern outlining the edges. The wave pattern is yellow in Fairy Wars.

Lily's Appearances


Perfect Cherry Blossom

In the middle of stage 4 in Perfect Cherry Blossom, Lily only wanted to announce spring with danmaku.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Lily in PoFV

During Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Lily reappears many times to announce spring, being a special type of general enemy. She'll randomly appear on the screen if a fight has gone on for a long time, appearing on both players' fields simultaneously. It seems her idea of announcing spring is via a dense cloud of danmaku thrown at the player at exactly the worst moment before she leaves, but at least she's trying to do her job the best she can think of. An EX Attacks appears if she's defeated and she will re-appear. Even ZUN says this is "annoying".


Lily in FW
Lily in HM
Fairy Wars

Other than announcing spring as a common midboss shooting danmaku at Cirno, Lily White doesn't have much to tell or do. She will also dress in black.

Hopeless Masquerade

Lily made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum, Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum and Youkai Tanuki Forest stage. On all stages, she is seen floating and cheering. However, no "Lily Black" can be seen.


Strange and Bright Nature Deity

In Strange and Bright Nature Deity, she's credited with the power to bring spring to an area the instant she passes by.

Lily Black

Lily Black in PoFV
Lily Black in FW
Lily cosplaying in PoFV (L) and FW (R)

At Phantasmagoria of Flower View there was a fairy just like Lily White in the stage of Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu. Fans first thought of a second character and named her "Lily Black". Later on however, ZUN has stated in a Livestream that the fairies and Lily White in Eiki's stage in Phantasmagoria of Flower View are all simply cosplaying as the yama, and specifically states that there was never an individual "Lily Black" to start with.[Ref. Needed]

This Lily Black later appeared again in both Fairy Wars and Chapter 9 of Silent Sinner in Blue, where the latter again raised questions, as both Lily White and Lily Black appeared in the same image. It's possible that either Aki★Eda didn't know that those two were meant to be the same characters, ZUN didn't notice that particular scene or ZUN let it pass because it was too late to make changes.


Additional Information

  • Beerko has been seen to also say "Spring has come!"


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