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This page only contains songs exclusive to this CD.

Track 1[edit]

夜のデンデラ野を逝く (lit. "Dying in the Dendera Fields in the Night")

Track 2[edit]

少女秘封倶楽部 (lit. "Girls' Secret Sealing Club")

Track 4[edit]

古の冥界寺 (lit. Ancient Temple in the Netherworld)

Track 6[edit]

魔術師メリー (lit. "Merry, the Magician")

Track 7[edit]

月の妖鳥、化猫の幻 (lit. "Strange Bird of the Moon, Illusion of Mysterious Cat")

Track 8[edit]

過去の花 ~ Fairy of Flower (lit. "Flower of Past Days ~ Fairy of Flower")

Also featured on[edit]

Track 9[edit]

魔法少女十字軍 (lit. "Magical Girl's Crusade")

Also featured on[edit]

Track 11[edit]

幻想の永遠祭 (lit. Illusionary Eternal Festival)